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  1. Johnny_M

    RPTV Brighter in the center? Normal?

    Recently I started to notice my TV looks slightly brighter in the middle of the screen. Ive had it for about a year and never noticed it before. Its really only noticable with a black background and text. Is this normal for an RPTV? Johnny
  2. Johnny_M

    Why do people let their kids get Fat!!?!

    im sitting here at my computer looking out the front window when one of the little neighbor girls walks by. this kid must be 180 lbs!, and i am guessing shes about 10 years old! part of me wants to walk over their and slap the hell out of her parents. my guess is that they are big folks also...
  3. Johnny_M

    HDTV Antenna Recommendation

    Hey guys, I have directv and I called about HDTV and they said for local channel HDTV I would need an antenna. Well, I dont really want any other channels EXCEPT for local HDTV. Mainly for sports. So what do I need to look for antenna wise. I found this at best buy, would this do the job for...
  4. Johnny_M

    Need advice for UPS or Line Conditioner

    I'm in an old house and I have developed an irritating problem, I have a computer connected to my HT thru digital out for music playback, while playing music if ANY light in the house is turned on or off the music cuts out for about 2 seconds and then comes back. Im guessing theres a grounding...
  5. Johnny_M

    Strange Power Problem with Computer and Receiver

    Hey guys, I'm confused on this one and hoping for some help. I just ran a cable (50') from my computer to my receiver (coax) for the purpose of music listening. Heres the wierd part, while listening to music on this source, it sounds great, but if I switch a light on or off anywhere in the...
  6. Johnny_M

    RPTV Won't hold Convergence

    From what i understand this seems somewhat normal for these tvs but mine wont hold it for more than a couple days. I can spend several minutes adjusting it in the Service menu and get everything perfect, but by the next day or so its a little bit off again, not a great deal off, but enough to...
  7. Johnny_M

    Attention Home Renters.. do you have insurance?

    I recently moved into a 50 yr old house that I am renting and it got me thinking, with all this expensive HT stuff I have, and all my other expensive hobbies, I wonder if I should be setting up renters insurance. It's an old house so I worry about fires and things like that, but its a very quiet...
  8. Johnny_M

    Bored at work on a Saturday!! HELP!

    I work for apple tech support and damn is it slow today! I've been here almost 2 hours and haven't takin a call yet. I need something to do and the usual boredom killer websites aren't working today. i need some interesting "work-safe" sites to kill some time. any ideas? Johnny
  9. Johnny_M

    Good guide for Advanced TV Calibration?

    i mentioned this in another post but didnt get much of a response.. I have digital video essentials, but unless ive missed it, it doesnt cover much about geometry and how to go about adjusting it properly. is there a good guide somewhere that covers what each control in the geometry section...
  10. Johnny_M

    Question about Geometry Calibration

    I've spent the last couple hours adjusting the geometry on my RPTV thru the service menu. I've really got it just about the way I want it, but one thing: The top and bottom seem to bow inward slightly toward the middle, I dont see any adjustment to address this. What would that ajustment be...
  11. Johnny_M

    Dark Spots on inside of RPTV, should I take it apart?

    I have 3 little dark spots on the inside of my 42" samsung screen. they are not on the outside as cleaning does nothing. they are only visable in brighter scenes, but are always there under every input mode and are starting to bother me. I've been searching the forums and am guessing its dirt...
  12. Johnny_M

    Kenwood VR7080: EQ on DD but not on DTS?

    When i worked in the movie theater business DTS always sounded better to me over Dolby, but on my receiver dolby digital sounds MUCH better than dts. Is this normal? I have a kenwood vr7080 and it has a built in EQ system that I can adjust when listening to dolby digital, but with dts tracks it...
  13. Johnny_M

    Question about calibrating, db gets lower with 2 speakers playing

    I bought a Digital Video Essentials DVD and spent some time calibrating. This sure does help big time! the dvd player levels are no where near the same as when i calibrated with the internal test tones. but heres the odd thing thats happening... during the calibration it starts with the LEFT...
  14. Johnny_M

    Should I buy an HDTV Satalite Receiver?

    I have a widescreen HDTV projection TV. I also have DirecTV with the standard receiver. After moving they installed an HDTV compatable dish, so I priced receivers and I can get 1 for about 300. Is it worth it to have HDTV Direct TV? What am I going to get? Are there very many stations and...
  15. Johnny_M

    House Electical Problem, need advice to protect equipment

    This might be the wrong forum, if it is feel free to move it. I just moved into a new house, well actually its about a 30 yr old house. I noticed yestarday while the AC was running the lights occasionally flickered. Is my theater equipt at risk of damage? I have a pretty heavy duty surge...
  16. Johnny_M

    Surround Speakers, How high can I go?

    Ok, I've been reading the 4 million previous posts about this today, but I'm wondering if anyone has had much luck with high surround placement. The room I'm in is almost forcing me to place my 3 surrounds up near the ceiling. Theres a window and a fireplace in my way. So we're looking at about...
  17. Johnny_M

    large, small, or THX normal?

    I know this has been discussed MANY times. I've spent the last couple hours reading old posts about this. I think I understand the difference now between small and large setting on a receiver, small would be better since I have a powered sub to handle low frequencies. But whats the "THX Normal"...
  18. Johnny_M

    First post, newbie question about calibrating

    Hey guys, I've been reading through the forums for a few days now and learning as much as possible before posting, but I have a question about calibrating. I realize I need an SPL meter and will soon get one, but how important is a calibration disk? Can I use the recievers built in "test...