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  1. Steven_Jobe

    Samsung/Akai 42" or Sony 30"

    I've cut my decision on TV's down to basically these two. I want widescreen and as big as I can get for $800 or $900. I can get the Samsung 42" RPTV for $800 or the Sony 30" Widescreen for $900. I know Sony's are reliable and look great but the Samsung does as well but I'm unsure of the...
  2. Steven_Jobe

    Do I need 720p???

    Well I've already posted a thread asking about the Samsung/Akai 42" TV's and how good/reliable they are and now have a new question. These TV's don't support 720p and I'm wondering if I really need it? I watch my HD broadcasts in 1080i and am not sure of anything I'd need in 720p. Is 720p...
  3. Steven_Jobe

    Samsung/Akai 42" HDTV

    Well I've been looking at small sets lately but have decided to go bigger and spend more. I am wondering if anyone knows anything about the Akai and/or Samsung 42" HDTV sets and how good/reliable they are? It's either that or the 30" Sony direct view set(which I love, not a fan of rear...
  4. Steven_Jobe

    Help Buying New Tv!!!!!!!

    Ok, I've been doing research for a while and looking around and am not sure what I should do. There is a new 27" Sony HDTV that just came out, and it being the 4th of July weekend I can get it for $647 compared to the normal $749. But I'm unsure of what to do.... Should I spring for the Sony...
  5. Steven_Jobe

    Need Help Buying 27" Tv

    I'm in the market for a 27" TV. First I'm unsure as to whether I should spend the money on an HD set right now or wait until they're cheaper and/or better in the 27" range(please don't feed me the typical everything is going to HD in a few years because it has been confirmed that analogue TV's...
  6. Steven_Jobe

    New Sony KV27HS420 and other 27"hdtv's

    Well my first question would be reguarding the Sony KV27HS420 which is supposedly Sony's new 27" HDTV. Does anyone have any info on this TV? I have seen nothing about it on Sony's website or anywhere else for that matter except for at onecall.com. Is it supposed to come out soon and does anyone...
  7. Steven_Jobe

    Zenith C27V36 27" HDTV, good deal or not?

    I went to my local Circuit City today and found this TV as an open box item. I knew the guy helping me and he told me that it was a display item for about 4 months. It hasn't been to service or anything so he said it's in good,(I know him well and trust him)working condition. The normal price...
  8. Steven_Jobe

    AVIA vs Video Essentials, which one?

    I've personally never used either of these callibration disks. However I've heard many good reviews of using them and the outstanding performance enhancement they provide. So my question is, which is better and/or which do you people prefer and why?