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  1. Mike Wladyka

    It has begun

    Click Me Only 8995 more versions to go.
  2. Mike Wladyka

    Another Car Diagnosis Thread.

    Hey guys, just wondering if you could help me figure out what or if is wrong with my car. It is 2000 ford zx2. There is a noise coming from the engine area. It sounds like a hole in the exhaust, but I not sure it is because I just had the exhaust replaced about a year ago and the noise...
  3. Mike Wladyka

    Why does the camera add 10 lbs?

    Does anybody know if there is any science behind this?
  4. Mike Wladyka

    Anyone got World Championship Poker for Xbox?

    Just wondering if anybody's got this game and xbox live, so that we could have a HTF poker game or two.
  5. Mike Wladyka

    Halo 2 stats program

    Here is program that allows you to get stats from all your halo 2 games played. It also allows from data export to access or excel. BTW, there program was written by The Product. So I am certain he would be open to suggestions if you have any...
  6. Mike Wladyka

    Set Phasers to Stun

    http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmp...energy_weapons At the same Air Force Research Laboratory in New Mexico, researchers working with Raytheon Co. have developed a weapon called the Active Denial System, which repels adversaries by heating the water molecules in their skin with microwave...
  7. Mike Wladyka

    my handwriting looks like

    crap. i was writing on the back of some test samples today and i realized how hard it was to make nice looking letters and numbers. it looks like handwriting from a little kid that is just learning how to write, and i am printing, i can't even begin to imagine what my cursive looks like or...
  8. Mike Wladyka

    Friday Afternoon Time Waster

    http://addictinggames.com/helicopter.html have fun...my best is 950
  9. Mike Wladyka

    TV through vcr, no sound, help

    Hey Guys, this seems like a noob question, so i am posting it in basics... edit: no wonder i can't figure this out, i don't even know what section i am posting things! i have my cable run into a vcr through coax, then audio out to receiver, but i get no sound...the vcr only has 1...
  10. Mike Wladyka

    My BenQ 6200 review

    well, i got my 6200 a week ago, and have been enjoying it ever since. so here is my review...if you have any questions after you have read the review, i will try to answer them to the best of my ability. Review Agenda: Connectivity, Setup & Tweak Ability, Colors, Black Level, Screendoor...
  11. Mike Wladyka

    I got to meet the president today....

    So President George W. Bush, visited my workplace in good ole Cleveland, Ohio. I got to shake his hand and had a couple minute group chat with him. Regardless of how i feel about his politics, i thought it was pretty cool to meet him. Got me to thinking about what famous people have any of...
  12. Mike Wladyka

    Cheapest Kill in Halo?

    Hey Guys, Which do you think is the cheapest way to kill someone during multiplayer Halo? Me and buddy were debating this earlier. our debate was between these 2 ways. 1. Being Invisible and killing someone...god i wish you could turn that crap off 2. Using the rocket launcher to kill...
  13. Mike Wladyka

    Take that Atkins

    http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmp.../carbs_diet_dc this is pretty interesting, i am sure this will spur some more studies about high carb diets, just when atkins is in every restaurant
  14. Mike Wladyka

    Here's how i spent my $2K, and thanks

    First of all, i would like to say thank you to the people in this forum for all of the info, it really is a great resource. Now on to what i bought: Speakers: Paradigm Monitor 7's, cc370, mini-monitor's Receiver: HK7200 and i got all of this for $2000, which was my budget. i...
  15. Mike Wladyka

    Should I be happy or sad? (long)

    So i have been listening to a bunch of speakers lately from differents brands and different models from each brand. Now, i can tell differences from brand to brand, telling differences within some brands is much harder for me. I will use paradigm as an example. I listened to the 7's and was...
  16. Mike Wladyka

    2 channel amps

    So pretty much i am driving myself crazy with all of the possiblities for a home theater system...i have been toying with the possiblity of a two channel amp for mains which i don't have (studio 40's or 60's, or something i haven't heard yet). I have been searching and can't find much pricing...
  17. Mike Wladyka

    paradigm question regarding surround choice

    So here are the questions i would like to be answered..oh yeah and some background info. I was set on getting some monitor 7's, but then i saw a deal at the only paradigm store which had some b-stock studio v2's. Of course i just had to check it out because they had some awesome deals...i...
  18. Mike Wladyka

    the universe is a soccer ball?

    http://www.space.com/scienceastronom...er_031008.html anyone else buying into this?
  19. Mike Wladyka

    Scan Lines and Resolution?

    Can someone explain to me how these relate to each other? How does a projector with resolution of 800x600 project a 720p signal? Does each scan line get 1.11 pixels? Is that even possible? How?
  20. Mike Wladyka

    Pioneer Elite 55txi

    Hey Guys, I was just wondering some thoughts on this receiver...will it be a good match for paradigm monitor line? does it really put out 100W x 7? My other choice for receiver would be an HK? Which is better IYO? i have heard the HK but not the pioneer, but that will change soon...so i can't...
  21. Mike Wladyka

    Did My brother get a good deal on his hot dog?

    So, I was at the NEC invitational on saturday with my brother and he bought hot dog for $4.25 and a 20oz pop for another $3.50...is this a good deal? How much would you pay for a hot dog and a pop?
  22. Mike Wladyka

    Speaker performance in a enterntainment unit?

    Hey Guys...you are so helpful with all my questions so here is another one... I am planning to get monitor 7's/cc370/minimonitors from paradigm (like i had to tell you that they are from paradigm:D ) If i build an entertainment unit (i like to build things), and i build in speaker...
  23. Mike Wladyka

    Directors Best Movie or TV martial artist?

    Well that's got to be jean claude van damme...yeah right...he is the bose of martial arts:D Actually it is got to be Jet Li
  24. Mike Wladyka

    What is the deal with Speaker Sensitivity?

    Using a 91db speaker at 1 meter, To my understanding (not sure if this is right) that if you put enough power for a 100db into a speaker that the sensitivity is the output, in this case 91db at 1 meter. Is this right? If so, what happens to all the lost power? where are the ineffiencies in the...
  25. Mike Wladyka

    Thermodynamics: Engineer vs. Physics

    Hey Guys anyone else want to join in? This is going to be a thermo debate started by me and edwin_c Hey Edwin_C, i hope that you are going to be in this just for the fun of technical debates... ok, so my background is this: B.S. Chemical Engineering 2002, Cleveland State University...
  26. Mike Wladyka

    How much would this paradigm setup cost me?

    Hi Guys, It is my first day being a member, however i have browsed the forum for a few weeks now... I am thinking of going with Monitor 9's CC370 4 Mini monitor's Receiver will probably be HK 525 I think that i will add a sub a little bit later, once the first speaker purchase...