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  1. JasonSTR

    Your Opinion for a rookie

    awesome setup :)
  2. JasonSTR

    good online home theater store

    I like crutchfield for the sam reasons ryan :)
  3. JasonSTR

    PC Gamer has questions about HTPC(help please!)

    Thx alot guys, its worth investigating for me. Thx for the links and the kind, quick replys both of you :D
  4. JasonSTR

    PC Gamer has questions about HTPC(help please!)

    Ive been PC gaming for sometime now and its now that time for me to upgrade my PC. Ive recently become very intrested in HT and have already begun learning all I can about it. Im currently intrested in toshiba's big screen DLP televisions and I have a couple questions about them. 1.My first...
  5. JasonSTR

    Theme Theaters

    Darren you wouldnt go so far as to call it phenominal?!!! Dude i would!!! ;) Its spectacular! Maybe thats just the sci-fi geek in me talking tho :b. That star wars one is amazing as well, wish they had more photos of it tho :frowning: Star wars just happens to be my fave sci fi movie ever...
  6. JasonSTR

    Still a bit confused about HDCP

    Thx for clearing that up vince :D
  7. JasonSTR

    what's the big difference?????

    *drools all over his shirt*
  8. JasonSTR

    $400 Sub Face-off: SVS PB10-ISD Takes On a Few Competitors

    Thx wayne! I learned Alot from this :D