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  1. LanieParker

    American Idol Season 4

    Carrie: Wow was she way off tonight. Her vocals were so bad and that song was a bad choice. Eek! Bo: Yeah, he did absolutely nothing for me tonight. Bad choice of songs for him to do. He struggled with some of the notes and it wasn't pretty. Vonzelle: Again, she has done a great job...
  2. LanieParker

    What would you do? (horror related)

    I'd sew myself a really big dog suit and then I wouldn't have to worry about being eaten ..... they'd just ignore me and go about looking for humans. On a more serious note, our house isn't the most protective place as far as shelter goes... lots of glass. I mean our sunroom is pretty much...
  3. LanieParker

    tired of the cosmetic revolution

    I think you turned left when you should have turned right, Ryan. Going from one extreme, like telling woman that they shouldn't change their bodies and the way they look, because it doesn't do anything overall and they are fine the way they are, to telling one colleague that she needs to lose...
  4. LanieParker

    Lady botches US anthem at a hockey game

    She is only human and people make mistakes. Let's move on.
  5. LanieParker

    Should this be allowed in High School?

    Back when I was in H.S I would have probably raised a stink about not being able to wear my vagina button. I was very into contraversy, whether or not it had a purpose. Now, if my daughter was in this situation, I would probably ask her what her motives are behind the button and if she really...
  6. LanieParker

    Grey's Anatomy ongoing thread

    wonderful episode. I gasped when they pulled that towel out of the woman. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN? Talk about lawsuit. I cannot even imagine something like that happening to me. It amazes me that for 5 years she had that in her. It amazed me even more when Burke came clean to help defend Grey...
  7. LanieParker

    Police hand-cuff 5 year old girl at school

    First of all, the incident goes back farther than the video shows. The teachers tried dealing with her reasonably in the classroom where it all started. The teacher got down to her level to try and defuse the situation and once it was made cleat that the girl would not cooperate with the teacher...
  8. LanieParker

    Police hand-cuff 5 year old girl at school

    http://www.sptimes.com/2005/04/22/So...olice_ha.shtml Here is one of the articles I read. Still looking for others. I don't think what the school did or what the police did was out of line. This little girl obviously has issues and they did what they needed to do.
  9. LanieParker

    Police hand-cuff 5 year old girl at school

    http://www.sptimesphotos.com/video/office.html Apparently, the mother is in talks to sue the school. There is an article, but I can't seem to find the whole thing..... Admin, I just realized my title for this thread looks odd.... is it possible to change it to say police handcuff 5 year...
  10. LanieParker

    Survivor Palau: Season 10

    That's messed up about Janu making sure she would be on the jury.... frankly I think they shouldn't allow quitters on the jury. That's just my opinion though.
  11. LanieParker

    Survivor Palau: Season 10

    I agree. I thought the whole tribal council seemed engineered and shady. Jeff was very much leading Janu to quit. As much as I want Steph to stay in the game, I think they should have let it play out the way it would have if they voted. There is going to be some major plotting in the next...
  12. LanieParker

    How to get odor out of fabric without washing?

    Are they removable. because if they are you can place them in a mesh bag and wash them that way. Just make sure to tie them tightly in the bag so they can't get frayed or ravelled. Otherwise, my suggestion to you would be to use, Neutra-air. It's an aerosol spray that honestly works better...
  13. LanieParker

    ALIAS season 4 ongoing thread (merged)

    Wha????? Good episode. Can't wait for next weeks. Finally it is getting back on track. By the way, what was on the back of Nadia's jacket in the scene where they entered the wharehouse/building? It looked like wings or something. I didn't tape it so I can't go back and look.
  14. LanieParker

    American Idol Season 4

    Well, I'm still not sure why Constantine is still there, but I'm glad Anwar is gone. I think it was pretty slick of Bo to stand between the group, instead of picking who he thought was bottom three. That's actually all the show I saw. I was flipping back and forth between that and Alias...
  15. LanieParker

    Nintendo A Capella

    http://gprime.net/video.php/nintendothemesacappella Very clever indeed! They did a great job and I recognized all the songs.
  16. LanieParker

    So, what is the difference between creepy and scary?

    Scary to me is like, jump out of your seat, grab hold of something scary. Halloween, Aliens, The Thing are all movies I would say are scary. Creepy to me are movies like The Sixth Sense, The Others, The Ring, The Grudge... where there are paranormal and unexplainable events that occur...
  17. LanieParker

    Grey's Anatomy ongoing thread

    Yeah, she is HOT! I have some great pictures that I found of her from a Maxim shoot. OMG..... drool!
  18. LanieParker

    American Idol Season 4

    Patrick, I love that you call Constantine Velveeta! So true!
  19. LanieParker

    American Idol Season 4

    Carrie had no personality on stage tonight. She sort of scared me tonight with her weird faces. Her song bored me and she hit some pretty sour notes in that song. Constantine...eek! Anwar sounds the same all the time. Anthony is really out of his league. Scott, I thought did well...
  20. LanieParker

    Online DVD Rentals?

    Does netflix carry tv on dvd? That to me would make it worthwhile. Right now we are doing the blockbuster thing (not online. The biggest problem for me is they don't have a HUGE selection and their tv on dvd is really slim pickings. I've been wanting to rent Felicity and 24, but they...
  21. LanieParker

    *** Official SAHARA Discussion Thread

    ROTFLMAO! I spit orange juice out my nose, seriously! This movie does nothing for me. No interest in it at all. I felt that way about National Treasure too. I like Steve Zahn though, too bad he is in this movie.
  22. LanieParker

    Encroaching Neighbor

    I think your best bet would be to talk to them about it calmly and see if they are not willing to stay off your property. After that, it's fair game to get authorities involved. We live out in a rural area and have one close neighbor. They are fabulous neighbors. The husband even taught me...
  23. LanieParker

    Help me figure out a 30th birthday gift for my lady! Please:)

    Is she a girly girl or a tomboy? That would help alot to know. Maybe instead of buying anything really major just take her out for a night on the town. *hijack* I am so looking forward to turning 30 (I'm 28 now). I'm weird that way though. As far as gift giving goes, I love anything my...
  24. LanieParker

    *** Official SIN CITY Discussion Thread

    That's it! Thank you! Man, that was bugging me. I didn't realize he was yellow though, he looked orange to me.
  25. LanieParker

    *** Official SIN CITY Discussion Thread

    Interesting film. I am not at all familar with the comics (graphic novels, whatever), but I thought the film was okay. Some of the scenes were a bit intense for me and some parts of the film didn't make sense to me. Very interesting the way it was filmed. The black and white with color thrown...
  26. LanieParker

    Grey's Anatomy ongoing thread

    Aboslutely loved last nights episode. Probably the best episode so far. I really love how Christina is starting to "get it". The doctor who stuck her with the scrub nurse was definitely trying to get her to learn a few things. Her character is by far my favorite. Britney Whissper.... lol...
  27. LanieParker

    Who prefers to shower at night?

    Both. I shower at night because I don't want to bring any dirt or whatever into my bed with me at night. I also shower in the morning just to feel extra clean and to wake me up. SO let me ask you this... if you don't shower at night after a long day of work or whatever, how often do you wash...
  28. LanieParker

    The Amityville Horror (2005) Review

    I saw the making of it on E the other night...it looks as bad as the review says it is.
  29. LanieParker

    Directors Most Painful Movie Death Scene

    The scene in Meet Joe Black.... the one that involves the bus and Brad pitt. That one was not only painful to watch, but it sure as hell caught me by suprise.
  30. LanieParker

    Survivor Palau: Season 10

    Looking forward to tonights ep.