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  1. Brian Schucher

    WTB: Harmony 880

    looking for new or used.. email me at [email protected] Thanks
  2. Brian Schucher

    Cable DVR question

    Hiya folks.. have a question for ya. I used to have a stand alone Tivo and now have a cable company DVR that I just hate the guide on. IS there anyway for me to use some kind of pc based DVR with my cable co. and still have some of the recording features such as recording two diff shows at once...
  3. Brian Schucher

    Sirius and XM equipment and IPOD Adapter

    OK folks. heres what I have: XM Direct Tuner: 25.00 XM Direct Adapter for Alpine head unit: 25.00 ALpine KCA 420i Ipod Adapter: 50.00 Sirius Alpine Direct Tuner: 50.00 NO boxes for any of it but will pack nicely. Paypal preffered.. Please PM or email at [email protected]
  4. Brian Schucher

    New Polk In-walls

    Hiya folks. I have somne inwall speaks for sale. The first is a brand new pair of RC85i 8" inwall speakers. The box has been damaged (my dog chewed on the carton) but the speakers are completely as new. Also have a new TC265i speaker that can be used a center channel. PLease see Polks website...
  5. Brian Schucher

    Jabra Bluetooth headet (new)

    Hiya Folks.. Selling a brand new unopened Jabra BT500 BlueTooth headset... 75.00 shipped (firm). Paypal prefered. Feel free to pm or email.
  6. Brian Schucher

    Zenith DVB 318 upscaling DVD player

    Have this for sale in perfect condition. This player upconverts over component outputs. have remote but unsure of box at this time (have to check). 125.00 shipped! Paypal prefered. Can check ebay feedback as HTnutz
  7. Brian Schucher

    Zenith Sat 520 DirecTV HD receiver

    I have this HD sat receiver for sale. I do not have the box but do have remote and manual... It is in fine condition and functions as it should.. 120.00 plus actuall shipping.. Paypal prefered.. Can check feedback on Ebay for HTnutz
  8. Brian Schucher

    Banana plugs

    hmmm... where is my text?
  9. Brian Schucher

    WTB: Cpl year old PC

    Hiya.. im looking for a really cheap barebones PC. P3 or AMD is fine. Under 200.00 Thanks....
  10. Brian Schucher

    WTB 17" LCD monitor

    Hiya... anyone looking to upgrade to a 19" LCD and want to sell their 17"? Not looking for anything expensive.. Thanks.. Brian
  11. Brian Schucher

    XM SkyFi Home Kit NEW

    Have a brand new sealed Skyfi home adapter kit..Hook that Skyfi up to your home system! 45.00 shipped.. Paypal
  12. Brian Schucher

    HTM MX800 Remote

    Hiya folks... some more clearing out. Selling a Home Theater Master MX800 RF Remote Control. I do not howevr have the complete box for it. Im gonna keep looking though. I have the box for the RF base though. 200.00 obo plus shipping. Also, still have a few items remaining from the toher...
  13. Brian Schucher

    Its all going!!!

    Well I have decided that the lack of use and the need for my garage back means im selling ALL my gear. SPEAKERS Onix Rocket Rosewood 550s MINT 500.00 SOLD! Onix Rocket Rosewood RSC200 MINT 450.00 SOLD! Onix Rocket Rosewood RSS300 MINT 450.00 SOLD! Parts Express IB 15 Subs (two) 75.00 per...
  14. Brian Schucher

    Panny L300u LCD Projector

    Hello.. Im selling my Panny L300U. It has 770 hours on it and always used in low lamp mode. It has NO dead pixels and NO dust blobs. Have all packing materials as well. It is in perfect shape. I also have the LONG THROW LENS ADAPTER for the 100,200,300,500 units. Im asking 900.00 for the PJ...
  15. Brian Schucher

    NAD C521i CD player

    This is basically brand new. It was put in the rack and hasnt been used more than twenty minutes total. Its in flawless as new condition. I dont have a link but a search for the above will yield some great reviews. Im selling because I just dont use the room that the unti is in. In fact, i might...
  16. Brian Schucher

    Speaker brackets Vogel

    Pair of never used Vogel VLB100 speaker mounting brackets. You can google them to see them since i dont wanna link to anothers store. They sell for around 50.00 Ill let em go for 30.00 Paypal please.. Thanks. Brian
  17. Brian Schucher

    Component Vid Switcher

    Selling a perfect AV TOOLBOX Model 5842 remote controlled component video and audio switcher. AVT-5842 Component Video Routing Switcher AVT-5842 Component Video Router is a 4-Input by 2-Output switcher that can be used for either YPbPr Progressive Scan Video or YCbCr Component Video, plus...
  18. Brian Schucher

    Momitsu V880 upconverting DVD player

    Momitsu V880 with LiteOn loader mod. This unit works perfectly. I did the loader mod when i first got the player though I hadnt had problems before that. $150.00 OBO plus shipping. Make me an offer. Paypal preferred.
  19. Brian Schucher

    Panasonic CP72 DVD Changer

    Selling a Panasonic CP72 DVD/DVD-A changer. The is the changer version of the RP82. Excellent condition. Have all but box but will pack well. 150.00 OBO. Paypal preferred. Thanks for looking
  20. Brian Schucher

    FS: Harmony 659

    Selling a Harmony 659. Used for about 10 seconds. I just dont have a use for it. $85.00 shipped. Please PM here. Thanx for looking
  21. Brian Schucher

    Vogel VLB100 speaker mounts

    Selling these wall mount speaker brackets. They are new in box. I bought them and found that I could not use them. see specs below. $38.00 shipped These speaker brackets hold up to 55 pounds each and offer a traditional screw-type clamping system. They rotate up and down and side to side so...
  22. Brian Schucher

    Samson S1000

    Selling a perfect condition Samson S1000 two channel amplifier. Have box and manual. 315.00 plus shipping.
  23. Brian Schucher

    Samson S700

    Have a perfect condition Samson S700 amplifier. Have box and manual. 250.00 plus shipping.
  24. Brian Schucher

    Lexicon DC2

    SOLD!! http://www.lexicon.com/products/overview.asp?ID=7
  25. Brian Schucher

    WTB: Decent CD player

    Im actually looking for a Sherwood Newcastle CD980 cd player. Others like Marantz and NAD also interested in though..Single disc only please. Thanx for looking.
  26. Brian Schucher

    DTV Eliptical dish triple LNB

    Selling an unopened triple LNB eliptical dish with integrated multiswitch.. 75.00 shipped in U.S.
  27. Brian Schucher

    WTB: Inexpensive DVD changer

    Hello all. Im looking for a cheap DVD/CD changer. If ya have one, let me know. Thanx
  28. Brian Schucher

    Bravo D1

    I have a Bravo D1 for sale. Have box, remote, manual. 120.00 Plus shipping. Paypal preffered. Thanks for looking
  29. Brian Schucher

    Two SVS 20-39CS and Samson S700

    Selling the above items in the south Fla area only at this time. Im currently unable to ship them since i dont have boxes. Im looking into getting some though.. Looking for 800.00 for the set..Perfect condition..
  30. Brian Schucher

    Toshiba DST3000 HD STB

    I'm selling a used DST3000 in perfect working and cosmetic condition. It has latest updates and includes remote and manuals. Will include any cables as well. I "think" I still have the box but will have to check when I get home in the morning. Access card included though I suppose they will have...