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  1. Joshua_JO

    Anybody else still waiting on five free HD-DVD's?

    Still waiting for mine as well. I sent in for my 5 free BD's after I did for my HD-DVD's and I've already received them.
  2. Joshua_JO

    Best (and Worst?) TV of 2006

    You have to throw Studio 60 somewhere in those lists!
  3. Joshua_JO

    Friday Night Lights season 1 thread

    This show has probably easily become my favorite new show introduced in 2006.
  4. Joshua_JO

    SIRIUS tops 6M, goes Cash Flow Positive

    Actually, listening to NASCAR events on the radio really isn't that bad, and it's a major plus when you're on the road and you can't find the race on a local station. Also, Sirius is including in-car audio for 10 drivers during the races which I think is really cool.
  5. Joshua_JO

    Names something you discovered on Sirius

    My new favorite band Blue October. Without Sirius I would have probably never heard of them.
  6. Joshua_JO

    XM/Sirius in home antenna mounting

    Where can I find a list of cities with repeaters?
  7. Joshua_JO

    Improved Sirius Fidelity

    You guys are making me jealous, I used to have Sirius and then I got a convertible and there wasnt really a good place for it so I got rid of it. Now I'm getting a new car so I will be definitely getting it again. I can't wait!
  8. Joshua_JO

    Nip/Tuck Season 2

    Wow, I thought I was the only one who thought he resembled Jacko!
  9. Joshua_JO

    SIRIUS Major Lineup Change

    Do we really need an all Elvis channel?
  10. Joshua_JO

    Just when you thought Omarosa couldn't go any lower...

    She is truly one pathetic human being.
  11. Joshua_JO

    What type of oil?

    Run Away Now!!!! Seriously, keeping that car is not a good idea. And for what you would spend for Redline oil, thats almost a car payment!!! Not really, but that stuff is expensive. I suggest dumping that car as soon as possible.
  12. Joshua_JO

    The O.C. - ongoing thread

    "ETA: And who thinks this girl is hot? I hear teenage guys like her, but I can't see it. She has a face like a frog, the clothes and makeup the costume people put her in make her look like a clown (although that's probably not entirely her fault), and the girl is skin and bone. Not to put too...
  13. Joshua_JO

    Why are dvd sales so popular?

    I agree with the earlier poster, its the cost. You couldn't buy VHS movies as cheaply as you can DVD's. Plus when I rent a movie I usually forget to take it back on time therefore adding to the cost. By the time I'm done I could have bought it and come out cheaper!
  14. Joshua_JO

    The O.C. - ongoing thread

    Well, my TIVO season pass decided not to record this episode for some reason. Any reason why? This is the first time this has happened in 3 years. I need answers! Any idea of how I could still catch it
  15. Joshua_JO

    New Amazing Race?

    Great news, thanks for all the replys.
  16. Joshua_JO

    New Amazing Race?

    Any chance we'll see a new Amazing Race anytime soon?
  17. Joshua_JO

    Simpsons 1/25/04

    Marge-You lied to me! Homer- No I didn't, my mouth was just speaking fiction! Classic.
  18. Joshua_JO

    The O.C. - ongoing thread

    Does anyone know the name of the song they kept replaying on the last episode? Or was it just a tune made specifically for the show?
  19. Joshua_JO

    XM Goes Commercial Free!

    In regards of their being a sync problems with the NFL and listening to Sirius, all you will need to do is watch the game on any DVR/PVR and it will cause a delay and result in the video syncing with the audio. A guy at Sirius Backstage says he does this all the time for Fox News on tv/Sirius...
  20. Joshua_JO

    Nissan "The Run" Z DVD now available

    Tivo showed a clip of this recently, and then gave you an option of having the full DVD sent to you for free. I just received mine the other day=)
  21. Joshua_JO

    Question about Satellite Radio and its future applications

    If your really interested in receiving video in the car, I just saw the other day in Crutchfield, a satellite antenna that is basically flat and it goes on the roof of the car. Its big enough you would probably need an SUV though. It allows for Direct TV reception while the car is moving. It was...
  22. Joshua_JO

    SIRIUS Satellite Radio Reaches 200,000 Subscribers

    Great news for Sirius, but while 200000 is great, they are still a long way off!
  23. Joshua_JO

    SIRIUS Satellite Radio Reaches 200,000 Subscribers

    I know XM claimed to need 2 million to break even, does anyone know what the Sirius number is? -Josh
  24. Joshua_JO

    Goodbye XM Radio

    Hey Ron, Sirius seems to be really good about taking in customer feedback. I would definitely drop them a line about what you think about their 70's station.
  25. Joshua_JO

    New Sirius portable player?

    A review would be great, thanks. -Josh
  26. Joshua_JO

    New Sirius portable player?

    Has anyone tried out the new Kenwood portable Sirius player?