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  1. Bill Blank

    Gran Turismo to support 480p & 1080i?

    On Sony US' offical site they've got it as sometime in March: http://www.us.playstation.com/games.aspx?id=SCUS-97328 Bill
  2. Bill Blank

    Gran Turismo to support 480p & 1080i?

    Matt, A preview of the Japanese version from the folks at GameSpot confirms that there IS indeed an option for 480p or 1080i with a capable display and cables. It would appear that it is not a true 1080i picture but upscaled from 480i but that it still looks better than 480i, depending on...
  3. Bill Blank

    Gran Turismo to support 480p & 1080i?

    I've also heard that it's just upscaling from 1080i to wither 480p or 1080i, whichever the user selects. It sounds fantastic, even if it's only upscaling, but I'll wait for official reviews before getting too excited. Anyone heard of a narrower time frame than Q1 2005??? Bill
  4. Bill Blank

    Gran Turismo to support 480p & 1080i?

    I've heard that all gameplay will be in 480i only as that's the best they could do in order to fit all of the cars/tracks onto one 8.5GB DVD. To my knowledge the PS2 does not have the ability to output anything higher than 480p. I began reading the thread at IGN but many appear to be...
  5. Bill Blank

    Paradigm Studio 60's Owners

    Your system's sound should blow away your local theater's. Perhaps you have something set incorrectly in your receiver? What speakers did you have before? Bill
  6. Bill Blank

    Paradigm Studio 60's Owners

    Did the drop happen when going from the game's menu to the gameplay itself? Often the volume of music/effects changes or can be changed in the game's settings menu. Have you experienced this with movies or music? Bill
  7. Bill Blank

    Spider-Man 2 DVD Reviews - when?

    I picked up the Superbit version at Best Buy ($14.99) this weekend and will be using as demo material, it looks and sounds that good IMO. Bill
  8. Bill Blank

    Denon DVD-2900 + DVD+R

    I have not had a problem so far (knock on wood) with any of the following formats playing: DVD-R DVD-RW DVD+R DVD+RW DVD-Audio SACD DVD-Video CD There have been threads about the 2900 being picky with brand of media but I think there's more to it than that. I've used Prodisc, Ritek...
  9. Bill Blank

    My compliments to SVS

    I've been very impressed with my SVS but even more impressed with their customer service. The latter is very important to me when it comes to anything, let alone audio equipment, and I haven't been let down. Glad to hear you're getting more of the same from them. Bill
  10. Bill Blank

    Compare your amp/receiver to a brand of car.

    Rotel RMB-1075 = Subaru WRX High performance for the dollar. Bill
  11. Bill Blank

    2910 Vs. 2900

    Who wants to trade a black for a silver??? My 2900 hasn't had problems with any media, store-bought or burned, that I've thrown at it. It has played EVERY disc I've ever put in it from CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, SACD, DVD-A... I've been very pleased with it. Bill
  12. Bill Blank

    Paradigm Monitor vs. Studio

    In terms of what you can expect to pay: 10% right off the bat. 15% with a little effort on your part 20%+ with a lot of negotiating on your part Use the fact that you're willing to buy the receiver from them rather than Tweeter to help, as well as your intent to upgrade to the Studio...
  13. Bill Blank

    Help with Decision - XBox vs PS2

    So I might as well get the Monster Gamelink 400 and an optical cable. I need the Monster over the Microsoft because it's a longer length (10' which I need, compared to 6') Thanks for the info!
  14. Bill Blank

    Help with Decision - XBox vs PS2

    Carlo, I was under the impression that the Microsoft HD Pack didn't come with video or audio cables. You're saying it does in fact come with component video cables? I still don't undertand what's inside the pack that allows it to pass an HD image as opposed to just using the Monster...
  15. Bill Blank

    Help with Decision - XBox vs PS2

    I'm also confused about the XBOX HD Pack. If Monster sells a component Gamelink like that for the PS2 I should be able to get 480p to my TV without the HD Pack. With the HD Pack it appears I'm required to buy it AND traditional A/V cables to connect to the TV. What does the HD Pack have in it...
  16. Bill Blank

    Professional TV Calibration

    Worth the $$? Looking for opinions from anyone who's had their TV calibrated by a professional. Would you do it again? Bill
  17. Bill Blank

    Just wanted to share my theater

    Chris, Nice theater and very nice website! The effort you put into both shows. Bill
  18. Bill Blank

    Paradigm Studo 100's Ver.3 Back Baby!!

    Poor guy...that's quite a compromise.:frowning:
  19. Bill Blank

    Paradigm Studo 100's Ver.3 Back Baby!!

    Steve, Way to go sacrificing to help your bro out! Congrats on getting your system back at what I assume is an improvement from your previous. I lived with a full Vienna Acoustics setup for around 2 years. They're very nice speakers but over time I just found them to be uninvolving...
  20. Bill Blank

    Cat5 Speaker Cable

  21. Bill Blank

    Cat5 Speaker Cable

    I might try this: CAT5E 25pr Bill
  22. Bill Blank

    To bi-wire or not to bi-wire - your opinion?

    Blaine, Just curious if you tried a single run to your terminals with the jumper plate in place vs. with a wire jumper in place? Bill
  23. Bill Blank

    Experience with the Rives callibaration Cd

    Drew, I've had my copy for months and it takes the RS meter to another level with it's corrected test tones. I begin by calibrating levels using my pre/pro's internal pink noise, matching the levels of all five speakers to each other and then to the sub. I then set my mains to LARGE...
  24. Bill Blank

    Wahoo! SVS addressing the $400 market...PB10-ISD coming

    Congrats Ron and everyone else at SVS! I'm sure this is going to live up to the SVS name. What I found to be damn cool is the availability of the RS meter! I know it was one of my top recommendations on the owner survey! It's good to see a lot of other people thought so as well and that SVS...
  25. Bill Blank

    ESPN NFL 2K5 for $19.99

    I picked it up over the weekend for PS2. I have never owned a Madden game, or NFL football for that matter but have played them. I usually pick up EA's NCAA Football every other year. At $20 I decided to take the plunge since I wouldn't be buying NCAA this year. I've played 4 games, one...
  26. Bill Blank

    Measuring Frequency in Subs

    Eric, The reason for simply noting the volume setting on your pre/pro is so that you know, should you ever want to come back to testing, immediately what frequency to go to. It also helps if you make changes to your equipment, speaker placement, or listener location to see what a difference...
  27. Bill Blank

    Measuring Frequency in Subs

    I use Rives Audio Test CD2. It has 1/3 octave tones down to 20Hz that are already corrected for the errors in the Radio Shack sound level meter. In order to get a true reference of how low your sub is going it'a level must first be matched to that of you mains using pink/white noise. You must...
  28. Bill Blank

    Ps2 Flip Top?

    Anyone invest in a flip-top cover for the PS2 that allows you to play import games? A guy at work swears by it. Bill
  29. Bill Blank

    Sub $1k CD Players

    Richard, Interesting...so the difference wasn't enough for you to warrant spending $200 more? I'll never buy another NAD CD Player. I've had bad experiences with a C520 then the C521 they sent as a replacement. Their disc players (CD&DVD) are notorious for quality problems but I do love...
  30. Bill Blank

    Sub $1k CD Players

    I've had my Rega Planet 2000 for over two years now and was curious if there might be something that better suits me out there now. The models I'm looking at are: Arcam DiVA CD73T Rotel RCD-1072 Does anyone have experience with either of them? I listen mainly to rock (60's - present) and...