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  1. charles white

    Time to celebrate-New Simpsons Tonight!

    Don't forget, folks! Simpsons start their new season with the annual Treehouse of Horror episode! Let's hope for a much funnier season then the previous 2.
  2. charles white

    A&R decisions for Hi Rez Music discs

    Most of the users who post to this forum have some type of high resolution audio format in their systems. If not, there's no doubt that we are all audiophiles. I have just bought Earth Wind & Fire's Gratitude SACD this weekend and I was torn between buying that and similiar SACD That's The Way...
  3. charles white

    Yes Fragile DVD-A

    If someone can help on this, I would appreciate it. I have the Fragile DVD-A and on the back, it has a matrix chart about the available audio and video tracks. It has advanced high resolution stereo tracks recorded at 192Kbs/24-bit resolution. However, my player(the much unloved Pioneer DV-45A)...
  4. charles white

    Plagiarism in Music

    We all know the prime examples of plagiarism in pop music. Ray Parker Jr. copying note for note Huey Lewis's I want A New Drug for the Ghostbusters theme song or George Harrison borrowing Be My Baby for My Sweet Lord. But, I just heard Let's Work Together by Canned Heat, completely by accident...
  5. charles white

    DVD extra features

    I know I'm going to be drawn and quartered by the villagers here but I must say it. For some movies, I don't need the trailers, deleted scenes and accompanying music videos on the disc nor spread over 2 discs. I just want the movie in anamorphic, choice of DTS or DD and maybe a single...
  6. charles white

    CD Remix & Remastering

    I have a question to all members of the Forum. Does it matter to you, as a listener, if the CD selection has been re-mastered or re-mixed from its original form? I ask this question because I was watching The Screensavers on TechTV and they had a segment with Eddy Kramer, Jimi Hendrix's...