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  1. Brent Bridgeman

    My Favorite Year - Any news on Blu-Ray release?

    I still can't believe this fabulous film is still missing on blu-ray. Any news?
  2. Brent Bridgeman

    Bought new Mits WD-73742 - but shows 493 hours in service menu

    Just took delivery of a new Mits WD-73742 on Friday, 7/20. When I was setting it up, I noticed in the service menu that it had 493 hours on it already. I thought it may be a software glitch, but now I'm not so sure. Called Mitsubishi twice, and they said they can't trace a TV by the serial...
  3. Brent Bridgeman

    New Bob Mould "Body of Song"

    Man, I just saw that this had come out this week! Can't wait to pick it up. Has anyone else heard it yet? Supposed to be a more "traditional" Bob than on "Modulate". I'll probably try to pick it up on the way home tonight. I also bought tickets this morning to see him in Atlanta at the...
  4. Brent Bridgeman

    ***Official THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST Review Thread

    Hmmm....I think that last post was about 3/8 review and 5/8 tract. Mods?
  5. Brent Bridgeman

    Two red-push attenuators available

    I have two red-push attenuators available (one is by Yerringto, not sure about the other anymore). I recently got an ISF calibration done by Gregg Loewen of Lion Audio-Video Consultants (fantastic job, by the way), and don't need them for my Mits WS-65819 anymore. I'd be glad to send them to...
  6. Brent Bridgeman

    Who was at "Lawrence of Arabia" in Atlanta last night?

    Well, I finally got to see LOA in 70mm at the Fabulous Fox Theater, and it was everything I expected and more. Starting with the Mighty Mo (huge pipe organ) sing-a-long, to the Bugs Bunny cartoon ("Carrotblanca"), to the feature, it was a fun and nostalgic night. Got chills when they closed the...
  7. Brent Bridgeman

    Lawrence of Arabia in Atlanta, June 8th

    Woohoo! Finally! Lawrence of Arabia is coming to Atlanta at the Fox Theater on Sunday June 8th at 8:00 pm. Wish it was showing for a month so I could see it numerous times, but I'll happily take what I can get. This will be my first time seeing it on the big screen, and I can't wait. My wife...