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  1. Keith Mickunas

    Need new amp for passive subs

    I have a pair of SVS 16-46CS+ subs that I've been running off a Samson S1000 amp for the past 5 years. Well tonight I noticed that the amp was indicating the protection circuit was tripped for one of the amps and power is definitely not being sent to the sub. I removed all connections to the amp...
  2. Keith Mickunas

    Questions about Toshiba HD-A2 and older equipment

    I have an older Mits HD TV without HDMI and my receiver is a Yamaha RX-V1 that also lacks HDMI. How much of the A2 can I actually use? Will I get HD-DVDs in 1080i? What about SD with the newest flash? Also, what do I do with the audio? I currently use a Yamaha DVD player that supports SACD...
  3. Keith Mickunas

    Strange noise from my subs - not ground loop

    I just finished installing my 12.3 upgrades, and I get a slight noise out of the subs when they are hooked up. It sounds almost like air coming out of a vent. It's very soft, and constant. I have two 16-46CS+ subs hooked to a Samson 1000 amp. I haven't heard this sound before, granted you...
  4. Keith Mickunas

    Questions about SVS Plus 12.3 Upgrade

    I'm curious about the SVS Plus 12.3 Series Woofer Upgrade. I wasn't monitoring the forums closely enough when this came out and totally missed it. I have a pair of 16-46 CS-Plus subs with a Samson S1000 that I bought in 2002 and use them each with one port plugged. With the BFD I get a pretty...
  5. Keith Mickunas

    RX-V1 DSPs not working

    Earlier today all was well, then this evening when I turned on my system to my Tivo, no sound. I checked out various settings, and could only get audio through the 6-channel input. I unplugged it and let it sit for a while, and I could get analog sources to play with the effects turned off...
  6. Keith Mickunas

    Windows updates download location

    I need to download all the Win ME updates to take with me to my parents house so I don't have to download it all on their dial-up. Anybody know where on MS's site this stuff is?
  7. Keith Mickunas

    Good Barbeque in Salina KS?

    Sometime this weekend I'll be driving from KC to Salina to see a movie and I'm wondering if anybody has some recommendations on some good barbeque out that way. I know the good stuff in KC, I just figure if I'm heading out that way I ought to check out the locals.
  8. Keith Mickunas

    How to get gum off a carpeted floor mat?

    Any suggestions? I'm sure by the end of work today my car is going to have a nice cinnamony smell in it. It's quite a mess at the moment, and I don't have time to deal with it until later today. Fortunately it's only on the mat.
  9. Keith Mickunas

    Looking to get a bike

    So once again I have decided to turn to the HTF After Hours Lounge for some buying advice. I've been wanting to get a bicycle for a while now, and I've decided to do some research but frankly I don't know where to start. I'm looking mainly for something to ride around the neighborhood on just...
  10. Keith Mickunas

    Johnny Ramone is dying from cancer

    The story is here Ramones are one of my favorite bands, and with two of the core members gone, little is left. Damn this sucks.
  11. Keith Mickunas

    24: Day 3 - 4/20/04 - Hour 19

    They just had to do it. Just when the show was getting good, they had to revert to one of their old tricks: Putting Kim in danger. All I can say is it better involve a tight t-shirt, because isn't that the only reason she's on the show?
  12. Keith Mickunas

    South Park 4/14 - Poor Butters

    I'm beginning to wonder if Butters is one of TV's most tragic characters. Let's look at what we know of him: 1. His mother attempted to kill him when she found out his father is gay. 2. He's been continually rejected by society which has forced him into a life of evil. 3. He almost lost an...
  13. Keith Mickunas

    Help, I got something nasty on my car.

    While washing my car the other day I found that I got something all over it that won't come off. It's mostly on the hood, with some down the sides, and my guess is it's oil. I've got a silver car, less than a year old, and it's got little black/brown spots all over. They're very tiny and hard to...
  14. Keith Mickunas

    Missed bleep on The Daily Show - 2/26/04

    So did anyone else hear this? Jon Stewart clearly said f***er after one of the news stories. I've set up my Tivo to pick up the morning showing to see if it's still on there. It's not a live show though, so I'm surprised the censors missed it and I expect it'll still be there. I wonder if the...
  15. Keith Mickunas

    24: Day 3 - 2/24/04 - Hour 15

    "Complex problems sometimes have the simplest solutions." You just gotta love Sherry this season. Jack got another good kill today, and he tortured someone, that makes for a good episode. Does anybody else find it odd that Michelle went into the basement to pursue a potential terrorist...
  16. Keith Mickunas

    HTML question - default attributes

    Can anybody tell me where to find out what the default for attributes for various HTML elements are? I'm working on my resume and am trying to do it in HTML. I'm using Homesite 5 and writing everything in HTML 4.01 using stylesheets. I'd like to change the appearance of some of the headers and...
  17. Keith Mickunas

    24: Day 3 - 2/10/04 - Hour 13

    Things seem to be getting interested. Now Sherry has a body count, gotta love that. I used to hate her, but now I'm so glad they brought her character back. That was just plain cold and ruthless. I don't trust the wife to keep her mouth shut though, she was pretty upset. I hope the security...
  18. Keith Mickunas

    Tripping the Rift - starts March 4th on Sci-Fi

    I just saw a commercial for it. It's about time. For those who don't know about it, a few years ago Sci-Fi showed a short film of Tripping the Rift and there's been talk of a series for some time now. I've really been looking forward to it because the short was great. It's a bizarre animated...
  19. Keith Mickunas

    Captain Kangaroo has died

    Here's the story. He'll be missed.
  20. Keith Mickunas

    Weather Alert! The Earth has left it's orbit.

  21. Keith Mickunas

    Star Wars quote help needed

    All right, there's enough Star Wars geeks on here this shouldn't take to long. I'm looking for a series of quotes from the original during the attack on the Death Star. It's some radio chatter between two people looking for Luke during the battle. It's something along the lines of "Red 5 report...
  22. Keith Mickunas

    Math help needed, a little trig and geometry I think

    I'm trying to solve a problem for work. Here's what I'm dealing with in generic terms: I've got two points, P1 = x1,y1 and P2 = x2,y2. Obviously I know the distance between those, lets call that d1. I'm trying to set find a third point called P3 = x3,y3. I'm given d2, the distance between...
  23. Keith Mickunas

    I'm a winner!

    I received this today: ---------------------------------- LUCKYDAY INTERNATIONAL. (ACCREDITED LICENSED AGENT LUCKY DAY INTERNATIONAL) Ref. Nnumbe: 132/716/4001 Batch Number: 508900527-NL77 Sir/Madam We are pleased to inform you of the result of the Lottery Winners International programs...
  24. Keith Mickunas

    My friend wants a 36"ish tube, looking for 16:9, need advice

    He's wanting to stay under $2k. He likes the Sony KV-36HS510 but it's 4:3. I'm trying to convince him he needs 16:9 and should go the extra mile. Currently he doesn't have any HD sources, but he will soon. He's also going to be playing DVDs and PS2 on it. So any recommendations on TV in this...
  25. Keith Mickunas

    OTA HD reception in DFW - advice needed

    Is there anything special I need to know about the DFW HD channels? Saturday I'm getting a Dish 6000 receiver with the OTA adapter installed, so I'll finally be diving into HD. I live in Wylie, which is in the NE part of the metroplex, basically just east of Plano. I have a south facing house...
  26. Keith Mickunas

    Question about cooling fans

    I'm wondering if anybody knows how the 3-wire cooling fans that are pretty much standard work. I see that some are rated at different RPMs and CFMs. Who controls how fast the fan goes, the MB or the fan itself? If I replace the fan in a PC with one that is faster or quieter, or whatever my goal...
  27. Keith Mickunas

    Hooking MP3 player to Pontiac head unit

    I'm looking at getting a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP with their premium audio system. The system consists of 9 speakers, an external amp, and the head unit has a 6 cd in dash changer. It works with the heads-up-display and steering wheel controls, so I don't want to change out the head unit. But...
  28. Keith Mickunas

    FS: Malata DVD-N996

    I bought it a bit over 2 years ago from avdeals.com. It has the latest firmware. It had some heat problems in progressive mode which was common to some of these players, so I drilled some holes in the top cover, otherwise its in excellent condition. I have all the documentation, box, etc...
  29. Keith Mickunas

    Futuruma with 2 Benders - who's seen it?

    Yesterday the good old Tivo caught an episode of Futurama I haven't seen before. It was on TBS at 1pm I think. Anyways the story involved the characters going to "Pastorama" which was a 20th Century amusement park. There they met another bending unit, I think his name was Folder, and he was just...
  30. Keith Mickunas

    Lyric question: Dixie Chicks' Truth No. 2

    Can anyone tell me what