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  1. Bill Blank

    Professional TV Calibration

    Worth the $$? Looking for opinions from anyone who's had their TV calibrated by a professional. Would you do it again? Bill
  2. Bill Blank

    Ps2 Flip Top?

    Anyone invest in a flip-top cover for the PS2 that allows you to play import games? A guy at work swears by it. Bill
  3. Bill Blank

    Sub $1k CD Players

    I've had my Rega Planet 2000 for over two years now and was curious if there might be something that better suits me out there now. The models I'm looking at are: Arcam DiVA CD73T Rotel RCD-1072 Does anyone have experience with either of them? I listen mainly to rock (60's - present) and...
  4. Bill Blank

    DVE user calibration vs. ISF

    How much of a difference should I expect between how my TV looks now, calibrate by myself using DVE and a full-blown ISF calibration? Also, how the heck do I know what services I should have done? Bill
  5. Bill Blank

    The Beatles - Let It Be

    Will we EVER see an official release of this film on DVD? Why is this the only Beatle movie that has remained unreleased? Do the surviving Beatles not want it out for some reason? Bill
  6. Bill Blank

    Joining the SVS Club

    I pulled the trigger on a PC+ 20/39 this morning. It should arrive sometime next week. Any tips/trick for setting the unit up? My associated equipment: Rotel RSP-1066 Pre/Pro Rotel RMB-1075 Power Amp Rega Planet 2000 CD Player Denon DVD-2900 Universal Player Paradigm Reference Studio...
  7. Bill Blank

    SVS Lovers

    Please list what sub you had prior to buying your SVS and what SVS you ended up buying and why. I'm debating whether or not to go from my Velodyne CT-120 to an SVS PC+ 20-39. Thanks, Bill
  8. Bill Blank

    Paradigm Reference Series Pricing

    Does anyone know what the USD suggested retail price and street price would be for: Studio 100 v3 Studio 20 v3 Studio CC-470 v3 Thanks, Bill
  9. Bill Blank

    Best video cable for PS2 / HDTV combo

    Anyone out there feel the MonsterCable component cables are the best available? I picked up a pair off of Ebay but they didn't work so I had to return them. It seems Monster's aren't built too well as there are always tons up on Ebay. Right now I'm using Pelican's S-video with an Acoustic...
  10. Bill Blank

    Monster Cable Component PS2 problem

    I just got a used pair of Monster's component cables off of Ebay and the red seems dead. I swapped it with another component input and it's still not right so I know it's the cables. It's hooked up to my Mitsu ws-55411 tv. Any thoughts or am I right that the red cable went bad? Bill
  11. Bill Blank

    WRC 2 Extreme

    Will this game ever make it to the PS2 in the US?? It seems to have fallen off of the map here. Bill
  12. Bill Blank

    Toshiba 42H82 vs. 42HDX82

    Hey everyone! My buddy just found out how much he's getting back for taxes and the wife's letting him get his HDTV finally! He's narrowed it down to either of these two models. The 42h82 can be had for $1499 from Sears, the 42HDX82 for $1899 from Tweeter. Looking at the detailed specs...
  13. Bill Blank

    Downgrade speakers?

    I often wonder if my speakers are a bit overkill for the rest of my system. I've been considering a "downgrade" move to Paradigm's Reference line. Tell me what you think: System: Mitsu WS-55411 HD-Ready TV Rotel RSP-1066 PRe/Pro Rotel RMB-1075 Power Amp Rega Planet 2000 CD Player...
  14. Bill Blank

    Calling all Mitsu WS-55411 Owners...

    ...my set arrives tomorrow!! What's the first thing I should do? I had planned on tweaking it as much as possible using the S&V Home Theater Setup DVD and getting it professionally calibrated sometime after the new year. I'll be using it with Comcasts' Digital Cable/HD service and a Panasonic...
  15. Bill Blank

    DVD players withOUT DD/DTS Processing

    It continues to puzzle me as to why almost all DVD players still incorporate surround processors into their machines. By now, the vast majority of buyers of DVD players fall into two camps: Those that own a Reciever/Pre-Pro with processing built in. Those that have no interest in HT and just...
  16. Bill Blank

    Multi-channel cables

    Does anyone make multi-channel preamp-->power amp cables or am I stuck buying 3 pairs and having one left over? Thanks, Bill