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  1. MattGentry

    42' - 47' LCD (Under $1000) - Advice Needed

    My new question, upon looking over the various Samsungs (thank you for those suggestions virp), is in regards to 120 Hz. Is it as necessary a technology as one may be led to believe? Or, rather; in a real-world setting, is it something that I should have, given the amount of watching I will...
  2. MattGentry

    42' - 47' LCD (Under $1000) - Advice Needed

    Upon some research, I quickly realized that it was going to be tough to do, based upon the price point. So, I've expanded my pricing to $1500. I also am open to a 40' Samsung, as what I've seen thus far, in regards to the Samsung, has been quite nice. Thank you for the reply, and I look...
  3. MattGentry

    42' - 47' LCD (Under $1000) - Advice Needed

    I have decided that now is the time. Time for me to upgrade from my current 27' Sony CRT to an LCD. So, I thought I'd come here first, and see what advice could be given to me. I am looking for either a 42' or a 47', and am looking to spend somewhere in the realm of $1000 or less. I'm looking...
  4. MattGentry

    ER season 11 thread

    I'll have to agree. Although, should he become CR, it could make for some interesting stories. I mean, having a chief resident whom no one respects, and is a failure at the job could prove for a rather compelling dynamic...
  5. MattGentry

    Weekly RoundUp 4/26/2005

    After having quit my job two weeks ago, money is a little tight... However, there is no force on this Earth that will keep me from getting TMNT: Season Two. I've been awaiting this one for months.
  6. MattGentry

    Stacked (Fox) - cast changes already?

    As far as I am aware, Najimy was never a part of the show. She was never shown in the previews that I have seen, nor has she been mentioned anywhere as being part of the cast. You're probably just mixing her up with Marissa Jaret Winokur, another actress who looks similar at a glance, and is...
  7. MattGentry

    South Park Season 9

    Don't forget Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.
  8. MattGentry

    Weekly RoundUp 3/29/05

    Thank you, as usual. Lone Gunmen Apollo 13 I will more than likely pick up Hook and The Truman Show at Best Buy, not only to bask in the glow of the 2 for $15 deal, but to also get my hands on a copy of the Sin City DVD...
  9. MattGentry

    MSNBC presents Comedy March Madness

    Thanks. A lot of fun. Having some trouble with: Dumb and Dumber vs. Shaun of the Dead Ferris Bueller vs. Raising Arizona A few others, but those are some of my hardest.
  10. MattGentry

    Committed ongoing thread

    I too actually hope for renewal. It is one of the few shows left that I will actually take the time to watch consistantly. While not the greatest show by any means, it is a solid half-hour, and one that I would like to see come back. "From the mouths of clowns..."
  11. MattGentry

    Weekly RoundUp 3/15/05

    Alfie (Yes, I enjoyed it. [Family Guy]Wanna fight about it?[/Family Guy]) Farscape The Incredibles Star Trek: First Contact Miss Congeniality (Perhaps.)
  12. MattGentry

    Weekly RoundUp 3/8/05

    (Once again, an invaluable resource...) Friends: Season Nine Ladder 49 (blind buy) The Ring: Collectors Set (I'm unsure on this one - I already own the original release. Any reviews on this one yet?) (And I've changed my bookmarks as well. I was unaware of that as well.)
  13. MattGentry

    Weekly RoundUp 3/1/05

    Mike, once again, thank you for the RoundUp. Quite the useful resource... For the second week in a row, nothing for me. Probably for the best, considering the amount of purchasing I'll be doing in the upcoming weeks.
  14. MattGentry

    Weekly RoundUp 2/22/05

    Thanks for the RoundUp Mike. As always, good stuff. Nothing for me this week. Maybe Heat, but seeing as how I've never seen it, I'll probably skip it this time around. This will be the first week nothing came out that I wanted to buy. I quite like the feeling...
  15. MattGentry

    *** Official CONSTANTINE Discussion Thread

    Did anyone else absolutely hate Shia LeBouf's character? I don't know, something about his acting was just annoying to me...
  16. MattGentry

    Weekly RoundUp 2/15/05

    Angel: Season Five Donnie Darko: DC Half Baked Oh, and I'd love to be able to buy Angel: Season Five, and get $10 off both Seasons Three and Four (which I have yet to get). (Thanks for the RoundUp, as usual. Always a great reference tool for me.)
  17. MattGentry

    Joey ongoing thread

    A less-than-stellar episode, 'though still good. The best part was when Michael went over to the lonely heart's club of women, and said he was only over there because his uncle had sent him over. "Ooh, is he coming over?" "No, it's only me I'm all you get!"
  18. MattGentry

    Weekly RoundUp 2/1/05

    Thanks again, as usual. Great post, and one that I always rely on... Anyways, a lighter-than-average week for me (thankfully). After last week (Predator 2, Sky Captain, Mean Creek, Superman: S1, Batman: V2, MacGyver: S1 - plus various other discs), I'm glad to have a slow one. This week...
  19. MattGentry

    Monk Season 3.5 (now with Natalie, no mo' Sharona) ongoing thread

    The candle wax was a really bad miss. My mom picked it up, and she hardly pays attention to the TV. And I too thought Adrian was going to start panicking ('though, I knew something was going to happen when he brought out his weapon - the candle), but was pleasantly surprised when he began to...
  20. MattGentry

    Weekly RoundUp 1/25/05

    Already pre-ordered: Batman V2 Superman V1 Predator 2 MacGyver S1 SNL: Jimmy Fallon Still undecided on Sky Captain, Mean Creek, and October Sky. (Edit: Forgot to thank you both for the RoundUp. Helps me out quite a lot every week...)
  21. MattGentry

    Ed season 1 to be shown on TBS (merged)

    NO! My VCR didn't do the automatic Daylight's Savings Time reset it is supposed to do. So I missed. I can't believe I missed it...
  22. MattGentry

    Weekly RoundUp 1/18/05

    I really must echo the sentiments of everyone earlier... The new layout is simply great. Very nice job. For me: Cellular Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars Farscape: Starburst Volume 2 Aladdin 2-pack Friday Night Lights (maybe - worth a blind buy?)
  23. MattGentry

    SNL 1-15-2005 Topher Grace

    The monologue wasn't bad, but the entire episode as a whole was. Hardball was decent, only for the fact that Forte does a funny Miller bit.
  24. MattGentry

    Gargoyles DVD news

    From what I can see, it's currently sitting right about #1000 on Amazon's DVD Sales Rank.
  25. MattGentry

    Simpson lip sync on SNL

    The people didn't pay to see the entertainment provided by the singers, they paid to see the football game. How about the next time someone goes to see your daughter/sister/brother, etc in a school performance, they get up and begin "booing" if they didn't like it? Most people are simply...
  26. MattGentry

    Simpson lip sync on SNL

    Yes, her performance was bad. However, I'm certain a lot of that can be attributed to the horrid sound system that was used. Kelly Clarkson's mic didn't even work at first, and then, when she received a second mic, the volume was hardly audible. Her backup singers were clearer and sounded better...
  27. MattGentry

    Ed season 1 to be shown on TBS (merged)

    You, Patrick Sun, are a god among mere mortals. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Alright VCR, let's do this...
  28. MattGentry

    Track the Films You Watch (2005)

    2005 Film List First time viewings in BOLD Rating System is as follows: 5.0 - 4 = A 3.9 - 3 = B 2.9 - 2 = C 1.9 - 1 = D 0.9 - 0 = F 01/01/05 The Phantom of the Opera (2004) - 3.0 Sideways - 3.6 The Machinist - 2.9 01/03/05 Following - 4.1 01/07/05 Harold and Kumar...
  29. MattGentry

    *** Official OCEAN'S TWELVE Discussion Thread

    Am I the only one who thought that the real reason the sequel didn't work as much was because they focused too much on Zeta-Jones's character? It detracted quite a bit away from the crew and made it feel less "fun." I don't know. Just not as good as the first...
  30. MattGentry

    Scrubs (season 4) ongoing thread

    Ah, tonight's Scrubs - what can I say? I've been a bit disappointed with the last few rounds of Scrubs (get it - rounds... like a doctor mak - fine, I won't give up my day job), tonight's episode gave me renewed faith. Very hilarious...