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  1. KamyarB


    Man I hope so... i have been waiting to see this film again for many years! I can't wait if this is true! Kamyar
  2. KamyarB

    DVD Review HTF Review: Event Horizon Special Collector's Edition (Recommended)

    I look forward to this dvd. Great film! I'm surprised alot of people hated it. Thanks for the review. K
  3. KamyarB

    Summer of Sam.....Any chance of a SE???

    I agree! I have been holding back on this title. Great film with great actors! I Hope it will come out again soon.
  4. KamyarB

    Thin Man Collection Finally

    Excellent news! I have been waiting for this set for a while. William Powell is great in this series. Thanks for the news! K
  5. KamyarB

    Warners Film Noir Collection 2 & Point Blank on 07/05/05

    Excellent! Can't wait for this set...... Looking forward to seeing Dillinger again... K
  6. KamyarB

    Dead DVD Titles!

    My Criterion Collection dvd of Federico Fellini's AMARCORD doesn't run anymore. I have tried it on 4 different players, and i don't see any damage to the disk. K
  7. KamyarB

    New Rocky DVD Anthology? See POST #191 on UPDATE for those who did not receive bonus disc

    No mention on specs! just the High Def transfer is mentioned. I am also surprised we have not heard anything yet, fingers crossed we'll get a great package!
  8. KamyarB

    New Rocky DVD Anthology? See POST #191 on UPDATE for those who did not receive bonus disc

    By the way this is a Region 1 release of Walking Tall! (as is the ad for Rocky!)
  9. KamyarB

    New Rocky DVD Anthology? See POST #191 on UPDATE for those who did not receive bonus disc

    Yeah i am also looking forward to this! So far i have only purchased the original Rocky (1)! Hopefully we will have some more news soon! Kamyar
  10. KamyarB

    New Rocky DVD Anthology? See POST #191 on UPDATE for those who did not receive bonus disc

    I just received yesterday the Walking Tall dvd (With the Rock) and inside was the following ad: Coming Soon! the new Rocky DVD Anthology includes High Definition transfers of all 5 Rocky Films! on DVD December 14, 2004! Sounds like good news! Has anyone heard any more details? Nothing...
  11. KamyarB

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Monster

    Thanks for your review Michael! I missed this at the Theatre, but i look forward to seeing it on DVD.
  12. KamyarB

    After Hours - great extras too

    Excellent! I have been waiting for After Hours to come out on DVD for ages. Can't wait to hear the commentary!
  13. KamyarB

    DVD Review HTF Review: Out of Time - Special Edition

    Looking forward to picking this one up! Thanks for the review Jason.
  14. KamyarB

    Information about westerns?

    Todd, If my history is correct the Battle of Little Big Horn was Custer's last stand. Therefore most movies about Custer would be your best bet! Here are a few: -- Custer of the West (1968) -- Little Big Man (as you mentioned) -- Classic American Indian Movies: Sitting Bull/Cry...
  15. KamyarB

    Black Pirate on DVD?

    It would also be great to see "The Black Knight" (1954) with Alan Ladd.
  16. KamyarB

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Back To Bataan (RECOMMENDED).

    Thanks for the review Herb! I plan on picking this one up. I like the cover art as well.
  17. KamyarB

    DVD Review HTF Review: Peter Pan (Recommended)

    Sounds good, i'll go for a blind purchase! Thanks for the review!
  18. KamyarB

    Criterion blind buys

    Hi Ben, you might want to also check out the following: My Man Godfrey The Vanishing Amarcord Shock Corridor These are some good ones!
  19. KamyarB

    Marx Bros. Collection-Worth a blind buy?

    I just saw A Day at the Races the other day on Satelite, can't wait to see it on DVD again! The quality was very good, so i'm assumming the dvd will also be very good!
  20. KamyarB

    The Lost Boys 2 Disc Special Edition - Region 1 - Announced

    I'm glad that i waited for this one... looks like a good Special Edition! Kamyar;)
  21. KamyarB

    Peter Jackson & Crew talk ROTK Extended Edition DVD and much more

    I'm looking forward to the extended cut as well, can't wait! Thanks for your post! Kamyar
  22. KamyarB

    New Warner SEs Coming in May!

    This is Great news! I have been waiting for this title for a long time. I read this over at DVD Times! http://www.dvdtimes.co.uk/content.php?contentid=10555 It will be the complete and uncut 182 minute widescreen version, but i didn't see any info on Audio. Bonus features include...
  23. KamyarB

    Your Top 10 Horror DVD's

    Hello, A good friend of mine is publishing a new book on Horror Poster Art which will be part of a series of genre-based books. It offers a visually rich selection of poster designs from around the world. They are still in the process of selecting which films will be included in the book...
  24. KamyarB

    John Ritter's death reminds me of how many superb TV MOVIES need to be released...

    Also Harold Robbins 'The Pirate'(1978) would be great to have. I can't even find this on VHS! Kamyar
  25. KamyarB

    HTF & DVD ETC. MAGAZINE POLL: "The Top 10 Videos you can't get on DVD"

    1. Villa Rides (1968) 2. Taras Bulba 3. Knights of the round table 4. Ivanhoe 5. Black Night (1954) 6. El Cid 7. Salaam Cinema (Iran) 8. The Haunting (1963) 9. Flame and the Arrow 10. Charlie Chan collection ;)
  26. KamyarB

    Who Would Purchase the 14 Classic Rathbone Sherlock Holmes' Films on DVD?

    I love all his movies... he was the best Sherlock too date!:emoji_thumbsup: I would have no hesitation in purchasing all 14 pictures. K
  27. KamyarB

    HTF REVIEW: "Time After Time" (with screenshots)

    Great review Ron, It is a very good movie, i can't wait to get my copy in the mail! :emoji_thumbsup: K
  28. KamyarB

    Hard Day's Night-Official Specs

    I was out shopping today and i saw a Hard Day's Night DVD Region 2 for sale in a local store. The dvd cover was in Dutch but the language is in English with the option of Dutch subtitles. I noticed that it was also in DTS 5.1! Does anyone know if the region 1 DVD will also be in DTS or only...
  29. KamyarB

    VCD Photoalbum Software?

    Thanks That's great! K :)