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  1. Mike^S

    I need help with my PB-10 ISD!

    Yep, dynamic compression limits the dynamic range. It makes the quiet parts seem louder (which is why you may think it makes it sound more dynamic) but it also decreases the volume of the loud scenes (explosions, etc...) Try this, disable dynamic compression, or turn it all the way down, and...
  2. Mike^S

    I need help with my PB-10 ISD!

    I think pants flapping occurs more around 25hz-30hz not 20hz and below.
  3. Mike^S

    I need help with my PB-10 ISD!

    I have my PB10 in the corner. If it sounds boomy, just turn it down a bit.
  4. Mike^S

    I need help with my PB-10 ISD!

    Here's a few ideas from a fellow PB10 owner (note these things would apply to any subwoofer. There's nothing wrong with the PB10 it's just that all subs have to be setup properly to perform their best). You must experiment with placement. Try putting the sub in your sitting position and then...
  5. Mike^S

    Frequency Response??

    I think when you add another source with the same volume and location, the overall spl increases by 6dB. Increasing the volume of a single source by 3dB requires double the power.
  6. Mike^S

    2 Outlaw LFM-1's vs SVS 20-39PC+

    I think Ron is saying that the PB12-ISD/2 will have stronger output than a 2039PC+. Two LFM's would have strong output as well, but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have quite the extension of the PB12-ISD/12. They roll off around 25Hz.
  7. Mike^S

    Safe to run satellites without sub?

    If you hear any distortion, then you need to turn it down. You could also try setting your speakers to "small" on your receiver.
  8. Mike^S

    Klipsch or Axiom?

    Well, I have a pair of Ascend Acoustics CBM-170s with an SVS PB10. I used to have a pair of Axiom m2i. Although I think the Ascends are better in some ways I wouldn't say that they spank the Axioms. Oh well, that's just me I guess.
  9. Mike^S

    Klipsch or Axiom?

    Care to list some of these brands that would "spank" them for less money?
  10. Mike^S

    Questions about Athenas!!

    Here you go: http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/volum...c1-7-2003.html
  11. Mike^S

    quick pb-10 in-room spl test post!

    At what dB do you start to get port noise at 20Hz? I'm using Test Tone Generator on my PC. I start getting port noise around 92-93dB at 20Hz. Can you test yours? I sit about three feet away from the sub. I don' see how you can get 110dB or even 100dB at 20Hz without massive port noise and...
  12. Mike^S

    quick pb-10 in-room spl test post!

    At what dB do you guys get port noise at 20Hz? I get port noise on my PB10 at 1 meter at 93 dB corrected corner loaded. Seems like I should do better than that no? If I go to the opposite corner of the room it does measure a couple dB higher. If I tried to get 110 dB, I think it would explode.
  13. Mike^S

    $600 Subwoofer Shoot-Out: SVS PB1-ISD vs. Hsu STF-3 – Test & Review

    Ed, Don't you think the PB-12/v might perform better than that? I mean it seems kind of a waste to release a new subwoofer if it only improves on the older model by a couple of dB at 20 Hz.
  14. Mike^S

    Cherry PB12-ULTRA/2 Pic Show

    WOOOWWWWWW!!!! :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup:
  15. Mike^S

    Velodyne DD18

    I'm confused. The maestro was 10dB louder at 18hz and you're sending it back?
  16. Mike^S

    NHT SW12 review

    Yup, I read it the day it came out. :D I wonder what happened to his Polk 505 review.
  17. Mike^S

    SVS PB-10 Decay time measurements

    Well that's why I wrote this. cof/ig said that the PB-10 sounded boomy to him and his evidence was his decay measurements. Well IMO, his evidence proves nothing. btw, I care about how things measure out. How it sounds and how it measures are closely related. In this case, however, even though...
  18. Mike^S

    SVS PB-10 Decay time measurements

    Hey guys, you know that review that IG/COF did on the PB-10? You know how he said that the decay time was slow and he proved it by showing his 30hz decay test and that it took 1.5 seconds to reach down to 37dB? Well you know what? I just tested my PB-10 and I can't hear anything at 37dB. In fact...
  19. Mike^S

    In an HT system, you don't HAVE to use a center channel *or* a subwoofer

    Watching movies without my sub would not be enjoyable. Even if my mains went down to 40hz, I would not be satisfied. Perhaps you may be, but you shouldn't speak for everyone. :thumbsdown:
  20. Mike^S

    UltimateAV Measures Rocket Speakers

    Nigel, you are one funny guy! You say you have no agenda and yet I see that you are going around and registering on different audio forums to post the same thing. No agenda? Ya right! I also love how you declare rocket speakers to be garbage and then when Craig makes a clear and logical...
  21. Mike^S

    Best SVS to give as a gift?

    With my PB-10, I get port noise at 20hz at 95dB and higher. I'm not trying to knock it. I wouldn't trade it for any other $400 subwoofer.
  22. Mike^S

    Best SVS to give as a gift?

    I have an SVS PB-10 and I have only heard it make port noise in two movies. First is "Frodo's Heart-Beat" scene in Lord of the Rings - ROTK. Second is at the end of Monster's Inc, when Mike does his comedy routine for the kid. I love my PB-10 but it is not entirely port-noise free.
  23. Mike^S

    Hooking up SVS PB10-ISD to Pioneer 1014

    So does it seem better now than one you first got it?
  24. Mike^S

    Hsu VTF2 vs. Adire Rava vs. Polk PSW505

    Ed, when's the review gonna be up? I've been checking Secrets every day and it's still not there. :frowning:
  25. Mike^S

    Monitor Silver Series / Paradigm Studio Series???

    Glad to hear it Mitch! What are you using for surrounds now? I hear the QS8s are awesome for HT.
  26. Mike^S

    Why is the 15" Titanic kit from Parts Express not getting attention?

    From what I hear it's a very good sub, very musical. But I think an SVS may go deeper.
  27. Mike^S

    What would a PB12-ISD/2 do in a small BEDROOM?

    I agree, that is more sub than you will ever need for that size room.
  28. Mike^S

    M&K 350 vs SVS PB12

    Hi Ed, just read your review on Secrets of the Krix Seismix. Very nice review with lots of technical info and measurements. :emoji_thumbsup: