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  1. Jason Norris

    Need advise on Pio vs. Panny. Buying this week

    I have my choices narrowed to two at this point. First is the Pioneer PDP-6070HD (60") and second is the Panasonic TH-58PX600U (58"). I have looked at these units in stores and like them both. What it actually boiled down to was I like the all black look of the Pio frame versus the silver and...
  2. Jason Norris

    connecting DVD to HDTV

    Right now I have my DVD video out hooked into the receiver and then piped into the HDTV regular imput (not HD imput). The wire I am using is a very cheap wire with RCA ends. My DVD has an S-Video output and my TV has an S-Video imput but my Kenwood receiver does not. I'm not sure what S-Video...
  3. Jason Norris

    Just got a new system. What do you think?

    Hi all. This is my first post and I'm new to HT. I just purchased a new system and I wanted to see what you think. I wasn't looking for a killer system: Mitsu WS-55809 55" Wide Screen Paradigm PDR10 Sub Paradigm CC70 Center Speaker Paradigm Cinema 90 sides Bose double cubes for rear...