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  1. Jerry Almeida

    Ja'mie on HBO

    Is anyone watching this show? I was suprised to see that a search for Chris Lilley and his previous shows didn't come up with more hits on this forum. I think he's really funny and when I heard about the show I thought he might be going to the well one too many times with his Ja'mie...
  2. Jerry Almeida

    Halloween Costumes?

    I have a party to go to this year and I can't decide what to dress up as. I'm looking to get inspired by HTF members. What are you dressing up as?
  3. Jerry Almeida


    I updated the link. LINK So where can I buy one of their hats?
  4. Jerry Almeida

    Xbox 360 locking up

    Well, after hearing all of the horror stories about the "bad" 360 consoles, I can now say that I'm one of those stories. I bought by 360 on 3/28 and it started freezing up on my a few weeks ago. I'm now at the point to where it rarely even gets past the 360 logo when you first turn it on. I...
  5. Jerry Almeida

    Name my Softball Team

    Looking for creative/funny names for my co-ed softball team. We're all employees of Tampa General Hospital and work in the IT department. Don't let me down HTF! :D
  6. Jerry Almeida

    Plane Crashed After Wing Fell Off

    I don't intend to be insensitive to the victims of this tragedy, but the headline just screams, Duh! NTSB Says Plane Crashed After Wing Fell Off
  7. Jerry Almeida

    Man Unknowingly Drives 3 Miles with Half a Body Through His Windshield

    From the local news in my area. LINK
  8. Jerry Almeida

    Are you an online cheater?

    Interesting little article about online cheating. I'm interested in knowing how you guys feel about it. I know plenty of people on both sides of the argument. I for one find it extremely frustrating and hate it. I don't do it. From getting cheap wins in NFL2K5 to spawn camping in Ghost...
  9. Jerry Almeida

    What to do in Indianapolis?

    I'll be in Indianapolis for a few days this month and I'm wondering if anyone can offer up any suggestions on things to do. I'll be in the downtown area. Thanks
  10. Jerry Almeida

    Jeff Probst ranks the Survivor seasons

    Link Some good stuff here if you're a Survivor fan. Just to get you interested, ". . . yes, somebody tried to smuggle something up their anus." Read to find out more. :D
  11. Jerry Almeida

    Heading to Cooperstown for Induction Weekend.

    I'm planning on going to the Baseball Hall of Fame for Induction Weekend in July. Looking for any information/recommendations from folks who have been. I've already booked my flight and room. I'm staying at the Baseball Town Motel. It says they're 2 doors down from the actual HoF. I'm sure...
  12. Jerry Almeida

    Interesting new game

    Just heard about this so I apologize if it has already been mentioned. It supposed to be a party game, but I guess it could also be a "solo" game too. :b
  13. Jerry Almeida

    Anyone want to cuddle?

    Seems a little weird to me. Link
  14. Jerry Almeida

    American Casino

    I've seen the thread on "Casino", but nothing on "American Casino". I'm really hooked on this show, but unfortunately it seems as though they've stopped taping for the time being due to the death of the VP.
  15. Jerry Almeida

    That's one big wiener!

    link Sorry, no pictures. :D So, for those of us who have been fortunate enough to have Chicago Style Hot Dogs and New York Style, ie Nathan's, Grays Papaya. Which do you prefer? I like Chicago Style Hot Dogs the best, but I'm biased because I'm from Chicago.
  16. Jerry Almeida

    New, Low-Carb Coke

    New Coke Anyone try this yet? I'm wondering if really does taste just like regular coke. If it does, then couldn't they just get rid of regular coke? Is anyone really going to say, "I want all of my sugar!". OK, queue all the folks who "want all of their sugar". :D
  17. Jerry Almeida

    The Great American Western

    I recently purchased this box set for my dad for Father's Day. Before I give it to him I want to know what movies are actually in the set. I've googled this set up and down and even looked on DVD Profiler, no luck. Can anyone help me find out what movies are included in the set? It's a 20...
  18. Jerry Almeida

    ESPN NFL 2K5 for $19.99

    Anyone else have more information on this? I checked ebworld and they have it priced for $19.99. Here's the only article I've found. Link
  19. Jerry Almeida

    Interest-Only Loans?

    Anyone ever use this option before when buying a house? I've done quite a bit of reading on it and feel like I've got a decent handle on it. However, I'd also like to hear about any experiences the folks at HTF have had with them. Thanks
  20. Jerry Almeida

    Can someone explain what the scam is on this Ebay item?

    I did a quick search here at HTF, and it doesn't look like this has been brought up. There's a person on ebay selling a "175" Television". I guess it's some sort of projector, but in the details it looks like all you get is a couple of lens's and a VCD. Obviously this is some sort of cheap...
  21. Jerry Almeida

    Need help from any Microsoft Gurus

    I need to be able to duplicate the following Novell Command from a DOS promt on a Microsoft Server. CAPTURE CR=filename I know that NET USE is the command to capture, but it won't allow me to capture to a file. I need the output of a report from a DOS application to print to text file...
  22. Jerry Almeida

    Anyone own The Bride With White Hair DVD?

    If so, then you know that are trailers to a few other movies on the DVD. Could you tell me the names of those movies? I'm specifically looking for the name of the movie about a restaurant owner who uses "mysterious" meat in his dishes. ;) Thanks in advance.
  23. Jerry Almeida

    Any boat owners out there?

    My dad and I are looking into buying a boat. It's most likely going to be used, so I was wondering if I could get some tips on what we should look out for. I was also wondering if anyone could recommend some good web sites to get this kind of information as well. Thanks, Jerry
  24. Jerry Almeida

    Will this multi-switch amplify my signal?

    It's the RCA Distribution Multi-Switch (D6530) Link Removed Sorry if this is a dumb question but I need help. Currently my home set up is, (1)dual lnb satellite, (1)sony ultimate tv receiver, and (1)standard rca satellite receiver. A while ago I purchased a multi-switch from radioshack...
  25. Jerry Almeida

    Murder in Small Town X

    Does anyone have any comments on the final episode? I liked the show, and thought it put an entertaining twist on the same old reality show. I liked the way we discovered who the killer was, it was creepy. I hope this show gets picked up for another season. A reunion show would be nice too.