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  1. Pete_Jr

    Bose are sold!! Now what 5.0 system to buy?

    My room is ~ 12x15 12 being the distance from me to the viewing area. I was using 501's and Bose video speakers as center and surround so almost anything would be an upgrade. I already have a HSU sub which will stay as part of this setup. Now I'm looking for something between $500-1000. I...
  2. Pete_Jr

    FS: Denon AVR-4800 and HSU VTF-2

    Receiver is in Mint condition. Comes with manual, remote, and electrical cord. Asking $550 shipped to anywhere in the U.S.. Only used for watching movies, I'm the original owner now for around 5 yrs. Sub comes with electrical cord and manual. Original owner for 4 yrs now. Both receiver and...
  3. Pete_Jr

    Using Just the Sub and the TV speakers

    I finally sold my crappy Bose and will be without speakers for awhile. In the meantime I thought I would still use just the Sub I kept(HSU) to give the TV speakers a little pep. Not sure how to adjust for the volume. I calibrated it with a sound meter to 80db but it seems to loud and...
  4. Pete_Jr

    New DVD player to match new TV

    I have had my Sony 30" WS HD TV now for a yr and finally going to hook a DVD player up to it. I have a Sony DVP-7000 1st generation player which has been great but not sure if it will be the best for the HDTV. I am assuming progressive scan is the way to go and I'm not ready to plunge into...
  5. Pete_Jr

    Denon 4800 AVR

    I have had this receiver for a few years now and was wondering if I should run my component hookup through it then to the tv. Right now I have been running it straight from the DVD to TV. What is the pros and cons of this? Also is this unit getting to be to old? Probably going to run a 5.1 setup...
  6. Pete_Jr

    Toshiba TW56F80

    I have had this TV now for around 10 yrs. I'm looking to sell it locally and was just wondering what a starting price would be. I know you can get TV's now for 1000 or even less but just curious what I should put it in the paper for. The picture is still nice and some minor wear on the screen...
  7. Pete_Jr

    Best Dvd Recorder for my needs?

    The main reason for a recorder is, my wife wants to tape stuff that she has taped on our SA 8000 to DVD so she can bring it to school and use it in class. Also the TV a HD Sony 30" is in our bedroom does not yet have a DVD player so I would like the PQ of the player to be somewhat nice and I'm...
  8. Pete_Jr

    Sony KV-30HS420 owners and your settings?

    Well I just bought my first HDTV from BB and you guessed it, the Sony KV-30HS420 with free stand. Have it set up for a bedroom TV and is probably around 8ft from my viewing position. Most viewing will probably be at night with some viewing during the day but with the blinds for the windows...
  9. Pete_Jr

    New Bedroom TV HDTV or not?

    Well wife gave me the OK for a new TV in the bedroom. Now she doesn't want to spend alot. Probably a 27in or bigger. Now me I would like to get a HDTV to see what all the fuss is about but they are around 600-800 and that is almost double what she will want to spend. Will a normal TV be the...
  10. Pete_Jr

    Worth Upgrading these movies?

    Well I have been very busy working out of town for the last 7 months in NYC(Boilermaker)can you say cha ching!! Anyways, have been out of the loop for awhile and I'm looking at my dvd collection and I have some old titles in there and was wondering if there were better copies out and are they...
  11. Pete_Jr

    Building new home speaker wire question?

    Well they start digging my hole for the basement a week from Monday so I still have some time for research and answers. I am right now just looking to run some wire in my living room for my surround speakers so I don't have to run the wire across the floor or through the basement. I'm not...
  12. Pete_Jr

    Time Warner Explorer 8000 in HOUSE

    Well after reading alot of posts here and the Tivo community I decided to give Time Warners Explorer 8000 a try. I wanted to get DirectTivo but the wife likes to tape local stations and there was no way to do it and didn't want to shell out the bucks for a SA Tivo so I decided with the 8000...
  13. Pete_Jr

    DirectTV with Tivo and local channels?

    Ok, wife tells me VCR is not recording and chews tapes now. Fix it she says!! Well I could buy a cheap new one or ask for some expert advice here on directivo. I have been reading about DTV and find nothing but good things. I don't do the bills but our local cable(Time Warner) is around $40...
  14. Pete_Jr

    Wife's dvd list for christmas!!

    Well, she gave me the list and really don't see any that I would enjoy. Still I would like to know if any other versions are due out soon. Pretty Woman, The American President, Philadelphia, Shag, You've Got Mail!! Thanks Pete
  15. Pete_Jr

    Usual Suspects SE 2 different boxes?

    I just sent the wife down to Walmart to pick this DVD up and when she returned I was a little confused. The cover is sort of like the older version but does say its the special edition and has all the extras I thought it would have. The front picture and the back of the case are different from...
  16. Pete_Jr

    Are my Bose no good?

    I have had these for about 8 yrs now and when I finally got the money for them I thought I was king sh!t. I have the 501's series V for the mains and 3 VS-100's for the center and surrounds. I just purchased a HSU VTF-2 at the beginning of the year and have a Denon 4800 receiver to power all of...
  17. Pete_Jr

    DTS-ES Matrix vs. Discrete?

    Is there a big difference? Do both have 2 SB speakers or 1? Can the normal everyday person tell the difference when watching in either format? Thanks Pete
  18. Pete_Jr

    Denon 4800 receiver

    Just bought this last year and notice that the 4802 came out not to long after. I am very pleased with this receiver but was wondering about the DTS-ES? I have read in reviews and my manual that it is DTS-ES compatible. So what does this mean and how do I acheive it? Any help would be...
  19. Pete_Jr

    Hsu VTF-2 users help newbie

    Well this is my first home theater sub and hopefully my last for awhile. I just received it yesterday and only had little time to play around with it. I have a few questions I hope some of you can answer. First, I noticed when I set the Level of the sub using my Denon 4800 test tone it is a...
  20. Pete_Jr

    Test Tone w/sub and SPL meter

    I just received my first subwoofer ever today and I'm very excited to get it to the right level. I have the Denon 4800 and when I use the test tone for the sub it is some very low rumbling and the needle on the meter is moving all around. I can't get it to give an accurate reading like the...
  21. Pete_Jr

    Denon 4800 Surround EX

    I know you need an additional amp for the 2 surround backs but can you use an old receiver to do the job? Or do you have to buy an amp like the Denon POA-5200? If you can use an old receiver(Sony 110Watt Dolby Surround)How would I hook it up? Also without the back surrounds hooked up do you...