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  1. Lyle_E

    Cylinder Subs and Animals (Cats)

    My wife likes her cats and the cats like sleeping on top of my Cylinder SUB. The Grill on top of my sub is now stretched and rattles from the weight of these animals... They only sleep on it when I am not home... Any tricks or ideas you would use to keep animals off when you are not around...
  2. Lyle_E

    Upconversion Question

    Not sure if this should be in recievers or here... If I am using a dvd player that upconverts via component and then route it to a reciever that upconverts also.. How would I set it up? Right now I have it upconvert to 720p and the reciever upconverts to 1080i.. will this cause issues? has...
  3. Lyle_E

    Hitachi Died! Need some help on research

    Do I need some help... My Story (the readers digest condensed version) (Rant Mode on) It was November 2001, I purchased a Hitachi Hitachi 43UWX10B 43" 16 x 9 HDTV. 2 years later, December 2003, The power supply blew out causing a quoted $1200.00 repair bill. Yes the warranty had expired...
  4. Lyle_E

    Directors Definitive scenes that showcase your sound and video?

    I know I do this once in awhile, Pull movies and play scenes that showcase my modest system. Sound: Pearl Harbor – scene 22 (first strike) Ice Age – Scene 1 (A squirrel’s life)…. Do you have a particular favorite that you use to showcase sound and what are they? What scenes would you...
  5. Lyle_E

    Test 1,2 sibilance sibalance

    http://home.earthlink.net/~elwe/home...e/dsc00023.jpg Color Choice Just testing some of the fine features at this here Great site Thank you all for the inspiration
  6. Lyle_E

    changing my look - opinions

    Ok after parking here for a few weeks and enjoying my lil home theater (setup before i discovered HTF™) I have viewed so many great HT setups. budget prevents upgrades to equipment at this time. So I am going to undertake a budget transformation to the current look. it is a small room that I...
  7. Lyle_E

    2 systems - 1 output question..

    I am an average Joe with a limited knowledge when it comes to audio equipment..... and a budget to match... I was thinking of a situation, but as I read further and gather more information, I think i grasp the idea behind Bi-amping, as I read in the primer (which I am still rooting around in)...
  8. Lyle_E

    Printing the primer

    Ok, before i go into information overload (too much information to absorb here - best information site on this subject i have found so far :emoji_thumbsup: ) Is there a basic print me format for the primer? so I can read anywhere? I am not going to use it for any kind of publication But I...
  9. Lyle_E

    Sub overkill?

    Is it possible to have to many Subs? I have a 10" and a 6" active and I have a 10" passive sub sitting in the other room that is not being used that I could hook up. feels like rumblevision but I dont want to overpower the audience (me) the room is small 16 x 10'6" and is soon to be closed...
  10. Lyle_E

    Your Opinion for a rookie

    Hello, and greetings. I just want to start out by saying "after poking around here for a few days and seeing photos of some of the systems, Day-ummmmmm Nice set-ups you folks have!" I am curious as to how well I did when I purchased my toddler home theatre system? I am a rookie when it comes...