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  1. Blaine_M

    Veneer question

    I used a 20 mil paper backed veneer when I built my tower and center speakers. I'm now wanting to build the rear surrounds to match and I found a place where I can get the same species of veneer for significantly lower price, but it is 10 mil. Is there a problem with using a 10 mil veneer in...
  2. Blaine_M

    Feedback Destroyer...or something else

    I was thinking of getting a Behringer Feedback Destroyer to use as a paramentric EQ for my sub. Are there any performance drawbacks of using something like this instead of say, the onix R-Des, or the Velodyne SMS-1?
  3. Blaine_M

    SVS PB-12 ISD/v......just got mine....

    I previously had an SVS PB-10 and decided to upgrade to the SVS PB-12 ISD/v. I just got mine last week and all I can say is WOW! The PB-10 is amazing for a 10 inch driver, but the PB-12 ISD/v surpassed all expectations I had jumping up from the 10 to the 12. Anyone considering the upgrade should...
  4. Blaine_M

    FS: SVS PB-10 ISD in excellent condition (BLACK)

    I am selling a black SVS PB-10 ISD that is excellent condition. It is just over a year old and will have the remaining warranty left out to 3 years which does transfer to the new owner. It is not a B-Stock sub, I bought this new from SVS and it has been used in a 50/50 music/home theater...
  5. Blaine_M

    WTB : SVS PB-12 ISD or 20-39Pci

    I'm looking to buy one of either of the SVS subs mentioned above. Looking for something that is at least an 8 on the audiogon rating scale.
  6. Blaine_M

    Bass Trap question

    I'm looking to build a couple of bass traps this weekend. Most of the DIY sites I've seen always show them round. My question is do they need to be round? Can I make them square instead, or is there a reason they are round? Thanks......
  7. Blaine_M

    Just completed my GR-Research AV-3's

    I must say they sound excellent (even in my crappy room, which is next on my list of things go fix), although I'm not completely done evaluating them yet. I've been more than happy with the project results and Danny at GR-Research is a HUGE help before, during, and after the project. I can send...
  8. Blaine_M

    Panasonic Digital Receiver question

    On the current digital models from Panasonic, like the SA-XR55K, what are the crossover setting options for the subwoofer? Are they selectable numbers or does it go off of a pre-set setting based off of the speaker size setting? Thanks to anyone who knows...... Never mind guys....I found it on...
  9. Blaine_M

    Wood Veneer...who's done it?

    I will be purchasing some thin/flexible wood veneer soon to finish some tower speakers I'm building. Some questions I have for anyone who might know.... 1. I'll put the veneer on the backs and top of the towers first so I'll have fewer visible seams from the front. My first question is how do...
  10. Blaine_M

    Paradigm Studio 20 vs Totem Mite

    I've been debating between these two. Anyone have any suggestions? Infortunately I can't listen to the Mites, I'm just going off of someone's opinion who has a pair.....
  11. Blaine_M

    GR-Research question for John Garcia

    John, From reading this forum it seems you really like the A/V-2's. I'm currently debating on buying a pair of Paradigm Studio 20's, or building a pair of AV-1's. I use them in a setup that is about 60-40 movies to music. Do you have an opinion on which would be the best route to go? (I do...
  12. Blaine_M

    B&W center speaker question

    I've currently got a CC6 for a center. It seems lately that it just doesn't have the volume output I would like when I turn movies up a little (not overly loud though). Anyway, will the larger current 600 series model be a drastic improvement, or is it not worth the upgrade?
  13. Blaine_M

    XM Antannae location

    I have a question on the antennae location for an XM radio in a car. I'm considering the Roady2 and I'd like to place the antennae low on the dash, by the edge of the windshield on the side where the FM antennae is for the car stereo. A friend of mine did this for a while in his car and he said...
  14. Blaine_M

    My Svs Pb-10 Is Coming Today!

    How sad is it that I am taking 1/2 day off today to play with my new toy?
  15. Blaine_M

    Hooking up a Beringer Parametric EQ

    I just bought a Beringer EQ. I was planning on plugging it into a switched outlet on the back of my receiver, but I just relized that the power cord for the EQ is a 3prong and the switched outlets on the back of my receiver is 2 prong, what can I do to have this so the EQ turns on when my...
  16. Blaine_M

    Sub EQ question - ULTRA-Q PRO Model EQ - Anyone tried it....

    I have read a lot of people talking about the BFD, but has anyone tried this unit - ULTRA-Q PRO Model EQ made by the same company?
  17. Blaine_M

    Specs for Marantz SR-5500/SR-4500

    Where can I find specs on these two new models?????
  18. Blaine_M

    SVS 20-39PCi compared to Outlaw LFM-1

    How do these two stack up against each other? I've heard nothing but good things about both, not sure which would be the best fit for me. I'll be replacing an Energy E:XL-10. The size and space of the unit does not matter to me. I want the best sound, not necesarily the most volume...if that...
  19. Blaine_M

    SVS 20-39PCi Who's got one

    If you have one what do you think? If I get one I'll be replacing an Energy E:XL10 I believe is the model number.
  20. Blaine_M

    Temerature controlled DC switch

    I want to put a small ventilation system in my entertainment center, I would like to be able to only have the fan run when the internal temperature hits a certain level. Is there such unit that can control a small computer type brushless fan like that? Oops, my subject should have said AC...
  21. Blaine_M

    Accoustic help in my theater room

    I posted this in the DIY forum, thought I'd try here as well. I'm trying to make accoustic improvements to my room. My wife won't let me put accoustic pannels or anything like that on the walls. She will be adding curtains to the room soon. I was thinking about building my own 'diffusor' using...
  22. Blaine_M

    Room Treatments

    I'm trying to make accoustic improvements to my room. My wife won't let me put accoustic pannels or anything like that on the walls. She will be addign curtains to the room soon. I was thinking about building my own 'diffusor' using fiberglass insulation. What are the accoustic properties of...
  23. Blaine_M

    To bi-wire or not to bi-wire - your opinion?

    I'm looking for some opinions on bi-wiring, is it better to bi-wire or not?
  24. Blaine_M

    Question betwen Denon CD changers

    This is probably a dumb question, but I'm debating between the DCM 280 and the DCM 380. The only difference appears to be the DA converters, one is an 18 bit the other a 20 bit. If I plan on using the Coax digital output, does that matter to me? Won't I be using the DA converters in my stereo...
  25. Blaine_M

    What to do with my trade in credit at local dealer....

    To make a long story short, I've got $100 credit at my local dealer where I get a lot of my stuff. I've got all the hardware I want, or at least that I can afford. What if any little things are there that I can purchase to improve my system? I've got decent interconnects, I was thinking of...
  26. Blaine_M

    WANTED - B&W DM602 either S2 or S3

    I am looking for a pair of black 602's that are in excellent condition, either S2 or S3. Please email me at [email protected] if you happen to have a pair you would be willing to sell. I guess I'd be interested in 603's as well if someone has a nice pair of those to sell.
  27. Blaine_M

    B&W DM602's, anyone got em?

    If so what do you think? I'm selling my old MB Quart Domain 30's and replacing them with this speaker, that's the plan anyway. I'm looking for more midrange than what the quarts produced. Looking at the specs they should blow away the quarts in the lower end midrange. Anyway, just looking for...
  28. Blaine_M

    Is 6.1 worth it for me?????

    Here's my setup, I've got B&W fronts, rears and center with an Energy sub and a Marantz 5400 receiver. I've been debating the addition of the rear center my main problem is the room. My house has a family room that opens up to a dinette, which then turns into the kitchen, seems to be popular...
  29. Blaine_M

    CD audio - which input to use

    I've will be getting a Denon DVD-910 DVD player and a Marantz 5400 receiver. For the best stereo cd-audio sound should I run through my coax digital, or a good pair of analog rca's?
  30. Blaine_M

    Denon DVD 1200

    Is the 1200 any good?