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  1. CalvinCarr

    Balck Eyed Peas

    Someone please tell me the new females name in the group. I saw them on the Latin Grammy's last night and she is freaking hot.
  2. CalvinCarr

    Help with Sattelite

    I'm sick of my cable company and want to get a sattelite service. I have 2 requirements. 1) It must have Spanish channels because Mi suegra es Cubana and lives with us part of the time so Voom is out. 2) I also need it in 6 rooms.
  3. CalvinCarr

    Foreign Languages

    Does anyone know of and have used a good home study course for Spanish?
  4. CalvinCarr

    Pioneer VSX-59TXI

    Does anyone have any experience with this AVR? It list for $4500.00 and seems to have a lot of options. Does anyone know if the 160w x 7 is all channels driven? The thing weighs 68 lbs. so it seems beefy.
  5. CalvinCarr

    Powerful sub

    I have been looking at subs lately and have come across some with amps rated at 1200 watts and higher. Does anyone have one? Would you really need that much power? What is considered the lowest power output you would want for a typical HT?
  6. CalvinCarr

    Grado Sale

    I'm not sure where this goes but slickdeals.net has the following. Grado SR80 $76.50 [review] Lowest on Pricegrabber is $95. Grado SR60 $59.50 [review] Lowest on Pricegrabber is $75 Grado SR125 $127.50 [review] Lowest on Pricegrabber is $155. Are these good prices?
  7. CalvinCarr


    I want to get satellite service but don't want to get a box for each room. Someone recommended hooking the main box to my bedroom and use a remote to control it from the main room. Does anyone know of a good remote that goes through walls?
  8. CalvinCarr

    Will Work For Equipment

    Has anyone ever worked part time at say a Best Buy or something just to get the discount? I'm thinking about that for my next T.V. purchase since it's $5,500.
  9. CalvinCarr


    Does anyone have experience with the outlaw pre/pro combo's advertised?
  10. CalvinCarr

    Bose Alternative

    Here's the deal. My wife approved the Sony 60XBR950 LCD but she wants new speakers to go with it. Right now I'm rockin an older Sony STR545 with plans to upgrade to a new reciever in the 4K price range next year but only if I don't have to get a Bose system for her. My brother has one and she...
  11. CalvinCarr

    XBR950 Vs. WE610

    I have been looking at these 2 sets. My wife has agreed to the XBR950 LCD but when I looked at the WE610 the picture looks great too. The 610 is $1500.00 cheaper which I could use for other gear. Does anyone know what you get for the extra $1500.00 beside the built in tuner? From what I see I...
  12. CalvinCarr

    Best Material

    What is the best material for each speaker....Tweeter, Sub, etc...And what would be considered the best enclosure for each?
  13. CalvinCarr


    O.k. I finally had to look. I have been looking at some new speakers and saw the Swan Refrence package. The one with all the goodies and 2 subs. Are they really all that?
  14. CalvinCarr

    Worth the cost?

    I have been looking at the KDF60XBR950 for a couple of months now. I planned to buy it later this year. Now I see the KF60WE610 and it looks great but for $1500.00 less than the XBR. Is the XBR that much better? David Parrish I know you can help since you had the XBR....:)
  15. CalvinCarr

    Snell Speakers

    I listened to a pair of the XA75ps this weekend. Does anyone know anything about them?
  16. CalvinCarr

    DLP Technology

    I thought I read recently on here about DLP technology being phased out? Is this correct?
  17. CalvinCarr

    In ceiling speakers

    I have a room that is 15 X 13 open on one side going into the kitchen with 11 foot ceilings. I want to put surround speakers in the ceilings above the viewing couch. What is the best type or brand to get
  18. CalvinCarr

    Cable and antenna

    I need to run about 60 feet of sub woofer cable through the walls and ceiling. What cable should I use. Also do the Terk amplified antenna's really work?
  19. CalvinCarr

    Shopping for XBR950

    I went to Sound Advice to look at the XBR950. I asked all the normal questions and then asked the guy to show me a standard feed through their satelite. He played with it for 15 minutes before I finally got disgusted and left. He kept trying to put in a dvd sampler and saying this is what your...
  20. CalvinCarr

    Burn In Question

    I am still researching the 60XBR950. I watch a lot of ESPN and was wondering if the Bottom Line will burn in the screen if watched too much?
  21. CalvinCarr

    Sony help

    The Sony KDF-60XBR950 has an Integrated ATSC Tuner. Does this mean it will give me Hi Def pictures through cable without any other boxes?
  22. CalvinCarr

    Test tone for sub

    After a lot of reading here and looking at my manual I decided to check the test tone on my system. I have a Sony DE545. I have the fronts and rear set to small. I have a sony sub set at about 80hz and 3/4 power. When I hit the test tone button on my remote they all sound about the same until it...
  23. CalvinCarr

    Sony XBR950

    I'm getting ready to buy the 60". Any comments?
  24. CalvinCarr

    Reference levels

    I keep hearing this term. What does it mean?
  25. CalvinCarr

    New Reciever

    I'm thinking about getting the Sony 995 because of it's power and 2 room function. All of my other equipment and T.V. is Sony. What do you think?
  26. CalvinCarr

    Sub hookup

    Do I really need to hook my front towers through the sub? I want to put the sub on the oppisite side of the room and wonder if I really need to run all that cable?