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  1. PhillipC

    FS Onkyo TX-DS797 $450 SHIPPED!

    Hi Ed, Does it have preamp outputs? Phil
  2. PhillipC

    Paradigm Studio Setup (need ideas on different options)

    ArthurJ: I sent you a PM Phil
  3. PhillipC

    Complete Rotel set up. MINT !

    Hi David, How much just for the RSP-976?
  4. PhillipC

    Paradigm Studio 60/20 V.2 For Sale (Wood Veneer)

    Where in Alberta are you located?
  5. PhillipC

    Interesting Bryston Service Story....

    Hi guys, Just wanted to update you on my 9B-ST that had one channel not powering up. I was going to ship the whole amp in and had sent an e-amil to James Tanner with a description of the problem. With his help, I was able to see that a couple of fuses were gone, replaced those and they still...
  6. PhillipC

    Interesting Bryston Service Story....

    I hope I get the same service. I just bought a used 9B-ST and one of my channels does not light up when I power it on? Will let you know first hand how Bryston handles this
  7. PhillipC

    Setting center channel to "LARGE"

    Just wondering what everyone has their center channel set to? Would this be a good idea? I have Paradigm reference speakers all around and my Studio 100's are set to large only. I am running without a sub
  8. PhillipC

    Bryston 9B-ST vs. Sherbourn 5/5120

    Thanks guys...I was going that way as well
  9. PhillipC

    Bryston 9B-ST vs. Sherbourn 5/5120

    Which would you pick if you had a choice and why? A used 9B-ST that is about 2 years old or a brand new Sherbourn 5/5120 amp. Both would be priced about the same? Which is the better amp?
  10. PhillipC

    Rotel Owners News Alert: The 1066 Prepro is way undervalued!

    How about comparing a Rotel 1066 with a Lexicon dc-1 V4.0 for 2 channel sound? Which is better?
  11. PhillipC

    Rotel 1066 vs. Lexicon DC-1

    Currently have the Rotel 1066. Am considering buying a used Lexicon DC-1 V4.0. Which one is better? I've heard that the Lexicon is just awesome for movies. Since I listen to 2 channel more, which one is better for 2 channel listening?
  12. PhillipC

    Proud new owner of a Bryston 9BST

    Is this a ST or a SST amp?
  13. PhillipC

    Bryston 9bst vs 9bsst=worth the extra $?

    Has anyone compared the two head to head and there are no differences?
  14. PhillipC

    WTB: Interconnects (PreAMP to AMP)

    I have a pair of Cardas Golden Cross, a single Cardas Hexlink 5C and a pair of Cardas Hexlinks. Email me if interested. It will make for an awesome system!
  15. PhillipC

    Panasonic RP-56 upgrade???

    I am looking for a better picture quality
  16. PhillipC

    Panasonic RP-56 upgrade???

    I have been hearing about the Panasonic 82 DVD player or the Denon 1600. Just wondering if this would be an improvement over my Panasonic RP56?
  17. PhillipC

    Carver AV-705X

    I'd like to know if it's better than the current amps I have. Thanks for your opinions guys!
  18. PhillipC

    Best 2 Channel Amp for Around $1000

    I third that....3B-ST or 4B-ST if you can squeeze it
  19. PhillipC

    Carver AV-705X

    Thanks for your input Jerry. Can the Carver be bridged at all?
  20. PhillipC

    Carver AV-705X

    No one has any experience with this amp???
  21. PhillipC

    I am still choosing the righ amps, help...

    You could also try a Bryston powerpac 250 for your center channel as well
  22. PhillipC

    Carver AV-705X

    I am considering buying a used Carver AV-705X 5 channel amp. This would be replacing a Parasound HCA-1000 and a NAD C270 amp. Would the Carver be considered an upgrade? This would be for my Paradigm Reference center, side and back surrounds. Any input would be appreciated.
  23. PhillipC

    Weight of Panasonic RP-56DVD player

    How about the weight of an Arcam 72T CD player?
  24. PhillipC

    Weight of Panasonic RP-56DVD player

    Does anyone know the weight of a Panasonic RP-56 DVD player. I am looking to get some vibrapods for isolation and would like to know which ones to get. Thanks in advance
  25. PhillipC

    Former Denon AVR-3300 owners.....

    Major upgrade from the 3300 to the Rotel 1066. A lot better for movies and more so for music.
  26. PhillipC

    Find an AMp for my Maggie

    The Bryston 4B-SST would fit your needs nicely. Better than the 4B-ST
  27. PhillipC

    Amp for Paradigm Reference speakers???

    Yes I would be talking about the ADP surround dipoles
  28. PhillipC

    HELP!! Anthem PVA2 or Rotel RB-1070 ??

    I would go with the Rotel/Paradigm combo. I listened to an Anthem/Paradgim combo and thought the combo was a little harsh in the highs, especially when it got loud. Welcome to a fellow Edmontonian!
  29. PhillipC

    Amp for Paradigm Reference speakers???

    Brae: I am looking for an 2 channel amp for my Studio surround speakers I'm currently using a Parasound 1000A and a NAD C270. Just looking to upgrade from these two amps