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  1. Mark gas

    Quick Qusetion

    Thanx for the info. I want to run 4 fronts for a party. I think I will just run 2 pairs of speakers from the A terminals.
  2. Mark gas

    Quick Qusetion

    I want to hook up 4 speakers to my Yamaha R-xv 420 receiver, which setup would give nme more power? Option 1: Running all 4 speakers from the 2 main A channels @ 4 ohms. Option 2: Running 1 pair of speakers from the A main channels and a second set from the B Channels @ 8 ohms.
  3. Mark gas

    cheap subwoofer amplifier

    Yes it will.
  4. Mark gas

    New DIY sub: Death Star.

    The ultimate HT sub. So much power it can destroy planets. http://www.objectreality.co.uk/DeathStarPlans http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.d...MEWA%3AIT&rd=1
  5. Mark gas

    Looking for small but powerful 2 channel amp

    linear power is finished. check out the new amps from Cadence. http://www.cadencestore.com/ProductC...ge=&ipagesize= small but has tons of power.
  6. Mark gas

    Mac mini or iMac?

    I would hold off until Apple switches over to Intel CPU's.
  7. Mark gas

    Source for long PC audio cable?

    25 feet long http://www.cablesforless.com/index.a...OD&ProdID=1699
  8. Mark gas

    Small monitor sugestions

    Instead of building an active xover why not just buy an adjustable active xover like something from Behringer or a cheap car xover with a wall wart for a power supply? That way you will be able to adjust xover points n the fly.
  9. Mark gas

    Atlas 12 or 15

    but what about the box size will 4 cubes be enough?
  10. Mark gas

    Atlas 12 or 15

    What would be better for movies in a 16 x 20 room? A 15 inch Atlas sealed (up to 4 cubic feet) with 350 watts or a 12 inch Atlas ported( up to 4 cubic feet with 350 watts?
  11. Mark gas

    Over fireplace mounting

    I'm doing the exact same thing tomarrow. Your TV should be at least 4 to 6 inches from the mantle.
  12. Mark gas

    Dorm Room Suggestions: MMG or Paradigm?

    Why not go for some over kill. http://www.pssl.com/bitemdetail.tpl?...04122101084468
  13. Mark gas


    I have a pair of SR 80’s and they really show how bad some music is recorded. Some songs I used to listen too all the time I have to skip because the sound so bad with these headphones. If you get a good pair of headphones make sure you have good source material to go with it.
  14. Mark gas

    Is there Dolby Digital encoding software for consumers?

    http://www.surcode.com/ does it automatically and there is a trial ver in adobe remier pro. Steinberg's Nuendo lets you place tracks in the left, right, center, rear channels. There are some more out there but thats a start.
  15. Mark gas

    Flat panel screens with animated menu at a restaurant??

    There is no need to use three video cards you can do it with just one triple head video card. I have done a three wide setup before and it looks killer when done right. The Sony piece seems nice but is pretty expensive and you would need three to do it three wide and you would have sync issues...
  16. Mark gas

    News on Adire product changes.

    Finaly I can get a D4 Brahma so I can use my MTX 81000D.
  17. Mark gas

    Any good deals on blank DVD's?

    I have had no problems with them in my LG burner.
  18. Mark gas

    Extremis 6.8 in a car?

    You can always go active. Thats what most car audio guys are doing when they use cars from Vifa, Dayton, ect.
  19. Mark gas

    Any good deals on blank DVD's?

    25 pack of 4 speed for $6.43 http://www.us.ncix.com/products/inde...c%20Technology
  20. Mark gas

    Help me name my PC

    Qizmo,or Dark wing duck
  21. Mark gas

    Cheap Head Unit

    Kenwood is always good on a low budget. here are 2 http://www.ikesound.com/product-product_id/2043 http://www.ikesound.com/product-product_id/2556
  22. Mark gas

    Kicker L7 HT sub

    http://www.pssl.com/bitemdetail.tpl?...04122101084468 or http://www.pssl.com/bitemdetail.tpl?...04122101084468
  23. Mark gas

    WTD: Behringer DSP 1124 or 1100

    Check out axemusic.com there from Calgary and have good prices.
  24. Mark gas

    New sub 3.25" mounting depth!!!

    http://www.aespeakers.com/phpbb2/vie...hp?p=1441#1441 Made by Acoustic Elegance formally known as Stryke audio.
  25. Mark gas

    Making M&K S-150 THX system 7.1

    But the 8 ohm speakers will also see less power than the rest of the speakers, the amount will be dependent on amp/reciver used.
  26. Mark gas

    Teaser Picture :)

    What are you using for power?
  27. Mark gas

    Head Units with built in hard drives

    The HDA-5460 has software problems and had been recalled. I would not use it.
  28. Mark gas

    Radio and antenna for am

    any help?
  29. Mark gas

    Radio and antenna for am

    I am looking for radio and Antenna so my parents can get better am reception. I have picked this radio GE Superadio III Now I need to pick a antenna. Witch would get the best reception? Terk Pi Indoor Powered AM/FM Antenna Terk AF-2500 AM/FM Indoor Antenna (AM/FM+) Terk AF-9330...