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  1. DannyS

    The official BLADE RUNNER SE thread. (Check out page 8 and #790.)

    wwhhiooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew this day would come!! :-) :-)
  2. DannyS

    Blue Thunder SE

    this isn't april 1st is it? I LOVE THIS MOVIE! I won the score on vynil, cd, japanese programmes, posters.. MAN! Best news all year!
  3. DannyS

    Worst DVD covers!

    I love this thread!
  4. DannyS

    My Star Wars laser disc definitive trilogy arrived today!!!

    I have Se7en Criterion and nothing to play it on......:frowning: :frowning: about those star wars DVD R's? I have to agree.... (They are amazing...) :) It's just a shame George has made fans do this.....
  5. DannyS

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Stella Street

    This isn't Stella Street. It's the TV movie that was made recently, which isn't a patch on the ACTUAL 4 SEASON show that aired on the UK's BBC2 since 1997. Try and get hold of them.. they are comedy Gold. see here
  6. DannyS

    DVD Review HTF Review: Shaun of the Dead (Very Highly Recommended)!

    This is a fabtastic film and if you haven't seen "Spaced" you haven't lived ! :D :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup:
  7. DannyS

    DVD Profiler Version: 2.3.1 QUESTION..HELP

    I upgraded yesterday... works great!
  8. DannyS

    Bill to make skipping ads on DVD's illegal?!?

    My 4 year old Sony DVP536D Can skip through anything. I think it's part of the multimod I had done. There is a company in norway that still provides these mods.. good on em!
  9. DannyS

    A few words about....Blu-Ray

    well, you can't build rome in a day!
  10. DannyS

    A few words about....Blu-Ray

    I think I'll pass on Blu Ray
  11. DannyS

    DVD Review *** Official HTF REVIEW & Discussion Thread: Star Wars Trilogy, pt. 1

    NO NO ! Lapti Nek ROCKS!! I much prefer it to the hamster song....
  12. DannyS

    DVD Review *** Official HTF REVIEW & Discussion Thread: Star Wars Trilogy, pt. 1

    could somebody please tell me who this is? It says "No explaination neccessary" . Well, I need one. ANyway.. The discs.... I am going to hang on and watch my Brothers copy on my system. The ACC clips are truly enlightening...
  13. DannyS

    84 Charlie MoPic on DVD?

    oh please oh please oh please ! It's funny... Whilst in work, a bunch of guys were talking about their favoutite Nam picture.. "Platoon, Hamburger Hill, Full metal jacket...?" And I said "84 Charlie mopic!" Blank Stares all around..........:frowning:
  14. DannyS

    Will Predator: CE have a new transfer?

    I wited 2 years for the US edition because of the awful coverart and PAL speedup over here. IT ROCKS! Well worth the wait. Buy this now.
  15. DannyS

    Fire In The Sky coverart and extras?

    WOHWEEEEE!!!! At last! Itching to see what the print will be like and whether there will be any supplementals.....
  16. DannyS

    U2 ZOO TV on dvd

    I saw this on BBC2 in the UK. wonderful "multi media" show. Loved it.
  17. DannyS

    Should I get a multi-region pal/ntsc DVD player?

    http://www.dvdcompare.net/ And... Just go get one... We got some good stuff here!
  18. DannyS

    A uk criteron disc ???????

    mine too! :-)
  19. DannyS

    Movies that truly are frightening

    why has no one said Session 9 ? truly creepy, even the supplementals are creepy!
  20. DannyS

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Angel Heart

    yes.. but we loose the cock fight. weird. anyway, is this new release a mish mash of new material and the "Directors Chair" UK version with the lovely diary book?
  21. DannyS

    Why is DONNIE DARKO so popular? (includes DIRECTOR's CUT disc.)

    funny... One Of the main reasons I liked this movie was Drew Barrymore. ANd..If it wasn't for her, the movie wouldn't have got made. It is a masterpiece. And I won't hear a word said against it. Mind you, No one I know wants to see it anyway..:-(
  22. DannyS

    My So Called Life - DVD Boxset Release Details

    probably. my wife is still waiting for hers.. :frowning: She still finds it hard to look at the box set sitting on the shelf. Worst part is.. It was myself that mentioned the show to her in the first place...
  23. DannyS

    The Game

    I wish this would be a criterion so so much! I love the movie and it really deserves this. Considering the high regard Fincher is held in now, and even Alien 3 has had a Special edition... I honestly believe its a matter of when not if.
  24. DannyS

    Worst DVD covers!

    :) :) :D :D Spot on! Why on earth they don't go with the original art is beyond me! Retro classic! :D
  25. DannyS

    DVD Review HTF Review: Love Actually - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! MUST SEE!

    loved it. part of me wishes that the entire film was centred around Billy Mack though! That would have been brilliant. Oh, and I know one of the cast.... The er.... "movie actress".... :b although she probably won't remember me... we were in a national youth theatre. Just checked out IMDB.. she...
  26. DannyS

    Some "Blade Runner" info from Alan Ladd (producer)

    Where there is hope...... Ah well, this just give the bootleggers more fun :-( I am watching and waiting.......
  27. DannyS

    Ever edited your own version of a movie?

    ok. Great thread. I am trying to do a recut of Alien 3, replacing the oX burster with the Dog. I have a PC, not a mac.. What tools do I need?
  28. DannyS

    The Rocketeer

    Epcots fountains were still using the score as of April 2003. The R2 is anamorphic and the print is great, as is the 2.0 sound! I would love to see this as a vista release. what I would love to see on a vista release is something relating to this.. from the IMDB:
  29. DannyS

    Miramax is releasingTrainspotting and others: CE - June 1st

    I mocked this one up or this one
  30. DannyS

    Question about Terminator 2: Ultimate Edition

    nope. Apparently the 2 discer is quite rare. I have one. It's the 1 disc version spread over 2 discs. It happeened as I think the Factory couldn't produce 1 disc versions on time or something.