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  1. Norman L

    JBL in Wall Speakers as Rears

    Does any one have an opinion about using the HTI6 JBL in wall speakers as rears. The set up includes S38II as fronts, S CenterII, and maybe the JBL HTI6 as rears. These in wall HTI6 include: High-Frequency Driver: 1" Pure-titanium dome with EOS™ waveguide and swivel mount Low-Frequency...
  2. Norman L

    SVS - PCi vs. PB1 -ISD

    SVS - PCi 25-31 vs. PB1 -ISD other then the way they look is their any difference in performance.
  3. Norman L

    Toshiba 42HDX82 Black Lines Differ

    When watching a DVD in Wide Screen 2, which should have the smallest black lines. The bottom black line is very very small but the top black line is wide like Wide Screen 3. All other Wide Screen choices WS1, WS3, Full have the same size black line top and bottom , only WS2 has wide on top and...
  4. Norman L

    Digital Cable Box vs. Analog Cable Box

    I have the Toshiba 42HDX82. My cable company is offering Digital cable this month CABLEVISION. Is the picture much better? S-Video , component on the Sony box. The new box has digital sound to go through my A/V receiver which is great. Do they broadcast in 5.1?
  5. Norman L

    Toshiba 42,50,57,65 HDX82 Picture Setting Help

    Toshiba 42,50,57,65 HDX82 Picture Setting Help What are your setting for: Contrast, Brightness, Color, Tint, sharpness, ALS, Flesh Tone, SVM, and Color Temp. I would like opinions
  6. Norman L

    Toshiba 42HDX82 vs. Sony 34XBR800

    Size vs. Quality: What are the opinions on small Rear Projection TV (42HDX82) compared to CRT TV 34XBR800. Both are 16/9 42 Projection or 34 CRT? Another choice is the CRT 34XBR800 (16/9) or the 36XBR800(4/3)? When the 36 is in 16/9 mode is larger than the 34" 16/9 TV. Then why 34...
  7. Norman L

    Yamaha M-65 Power Amp - Use for Main Pre-Outs

    Yamaha M-65 . This amp sold for almost a $1,000 new. It is perfect in every way. Has gold connections and the Specs: 170 true watts per channel 195 watts at 6 ohms, 230 watts at 4 ohms Auto class A operating range. Red leds to show your channels or you can turn them off. Will operate a & b...
  8. Norman L

    Tivo and Prologic II or Neo 6

    Why do I lose PLII or Neo 6 when my cable box is connected to Tivo? Can I bypass Tivo by splitting the cable?
  9. Norman L

    B & W Dm1400

    2 - DM1400 bought in 1990 and are in very good condition. These are 31" tall, 10" wide and 11.5" deep and weigh 42 pouund. Frequency Response is 30Hz to 22kHz. Bass response is -6db at 45HZ with flat third octive, response to 35Hz with asymmetrical room loading. Low- Frequency system- Accoustic...
  10. Norman L

    JBL SP5 or SP6 as Rears

    I am working on my master bedroom, I am considering the JBL S-Center, S36 as mains, the rears might have to be in wall or ceiling. How are the SP5 or SP6 as a match for the front combo?
  11. Norman L

    Energy e:XL 16 vs. JBL S36II

    Any opinions between these two speaker sets: Energy e:XL 16 vs. JBL S36II Energy e:XL Center vs. JBL s-Center II
  12. Norman L

    How bad is .2% THD

    The Pioneer 811S is rated with .2% THD How bad is .2% THD? Do you hear distortion at only high volume? Do you hear hiss at high volume or moderate volume?
  13. Norman L

    db Level and Hearing Problems

    I have had my reference level at 85db and have been listening 10db below reference. The peaks have been 20db to 30db above (95db to 105db). After watching Saving Private Ryan with the long ending chapter my ears were bothing me. If reference is set to 75db and volume is set 10db below...
  14. Norman L

    LFE Settings for DTS

    I seem to receive conflicking views. Is the LFE higher or lower on DTS 5.1 DVD's than Dolby Ditigital 5.1? Do you raise or lower the LFE for DTS? My receiver has a DTS - LFE adjustment from 0 to -10. I can not raise it only lower it.It seems as if LFE is raised on DTS software. If my...
  15. Norman L

    Software for Cataloging DVD's

    What software is available for cataloging DVD'S?
  16. Norman L

    Cheapest DVD's on Internet

    Who is the cheapest seller of DVD's on the Internet?
  17. Norman L

    Cooling Fans for Power Amps?

    Can some advise me what and where to find a cooling fan for my power amp that has only rear ventilation. A shelf above the amp gives it 1/2" of clearence.
  18. Norman L

    Sound & Vision Wattage Chart

    Does anyone have a LINK or can tell me about Onkyo 600 or formally the 595 true wattage for all channels. The specs on the 600 say 80Watts x 6, 80 watts 2 channels driven. What is the max on the other 4 channels.
  19. Norman L

    Center Speaker: Sensitivity Hi or Low

    What are the advantages or disadvantages of Center speakers that are 87dB, 91dB, or 93dB. Should that make a difference in sound clarity? I have an 80watt per channel amp 6.1.
  20. Norman L

    SVS Coupon

    Does anyone know how to get a coupon for a discount on SVS Subs?
  21. Norman L

    Top DTS / Dolby Ditigital Movies - Sound

    Just installed a 6.1 System. What are your top Movies for SOUND Top DTS / Dolby Ditigital Movies
  22. Norman L

    Digital Coaxial Cable be used for Subwoofer

    Can Digital Coaxial Cable be used for Subwoofer cable? Subwoofer cable has RCA ends and top grade cable. Is it overkill to use digital cable? Must Subwoofer cable be RCA-75 Ohm- RCA? Is AR Performance Series Subwoofer cable OK? It is not CoAX.
  23. Norman L

    SVS 25-31CS vs. SonySAWM40

    I bought the Sony SAWM40 before I knew about SVS. My decision was based on reviews, that the Sony for the price, was as good as any $500 Sub on the market. Has anyone upgrade from the Sony to an SVS or heard an actual comparision? Your comments please, since I have 20 days left to return...
  24. Norman L

    Advice Needed: SVS 25-31CS or PSI

    SVS question: Should I get the 25-31CS since I have a spare seperate AMP (Hi-End Tamberg from 1986 150Watts/8 Ohms per channel) or the 25-31PCI? What are the pro's or con's on the CS with an existing Amp or the PCi? Should I use a Preamp with the Amp since the Amp has no volume control...
  25. Norman L

    OLD Tanberg Amp 3006A for SVS

    Doe any one know or how can I find out the power in Watts of a Tanberg Power Amplifier model 3006A from the early 1980's. I want to use it for a SVS subwoofer. Please provide a web site or something.
  26. Norman L

    A/V Receiver that can produce 5.1 DTS, Dolby in two Rooms

    Which A/V Receivers can produce 5.1 DTS, Dolby in two rooms? Can I use one receiver in the Family Room and the Bedroom without buying two receivers? It would be used one room at a time? Would it have two sets of 5.1 Speaker outs?
  27. Norman L

    Looking for a Value Sub - AR-S108PS or Sony SA-WM40 or ?

    Looking for a Value Sub - AR-S108PS or Sony SA-WM40 or Paradign PDR8 or Polk. Any comments on Phase Technology or Audio Pro? Please share your evaluations, comments or other Subs choices.
  28. Norman L

    Which Receiver - Denon 1802, Marantz 5200, Onyko 595 or New 600

    I ma trying to choose between Denon 1802, Marantz 5200, and the Onyko 595 or replacement 600 coming out in April. Please help me decide.