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  1. Marc Alexander

    Hitachi ...51s715

  2. Marc Alexander

    Hitachi Red Push

    Sorry guys, I thought I was at AVSforum. I haven't been at HTF in quite a long while. I don't know if MikeF frequents this forum or not. Later
  3. Marc Alexander

    Hitachi Red Push

    It is a tweak which can be done with a test disc like AVIA. It can be done by eye to some degree (to fix sunburned skin tones), but you really need a test pattern. Someone who has performed the tweak should be able to post their before and after values and it should prove very close for...
  4. Marc Alexander

    NBA Fans Rejoice

    Is the Xbox 2k3 plagued by the sluggish passing (alley-oop style) that the PS2 version suffers from? The 480p support is welcome on 2k3, but Live beats it out for me this year (for the first time in my book...the last Live I liked was on Genesis). 2k3 is a better simulator, Live is arcade...
  5. Marc Alexander

    Baby Boy; Movie Quote

    I want to know too...anybody? ;) ROTF
  6. Marc Alexander

    Is it better to buy online?

    I bought from OneCall, and my set died prematurely. OneCall is the best online retailer in my opinion, but they were able to offer me no help with my set (I even bought their extended service). They won't take it back even if you payed for shipping. You are forced to deal with the manufacturer...
  7. Marc Alexander

    5-channel amp upgrade

    Adcom and Klipsch are likely a bad combination. I would go with Parasound.
  8. Marc Alexander

    Bought a Kenwood Sovereign VR-5080

    I have a Kenwood VR-2090 which I thought was great. But I found that it's power ratings are not only for a 6 ohm load...but for 1 channel driven. With all channels driven, it was putting out probably less than 50W. I added an external amp (HK 5800) for the center and surround channels and the...
  9. Marc Alexander

    anyone have Coming to America?

    This non-anamorph is not bad...but was quite bland when I compared it to HBO-HD's presentation. But as always, its about the movie and this is a must own for me.
  10. Marc Alexander

    WTB: Mitsubishi Red Push Attenuators

    I have two attenuators that I no longer need (I have I2C fix now). Send me pm if you are interested.
  11. Marc Alexander

    Pros & Cons Mitsubishi VS. Toshiba HDTV

    Toshiba will not display native 480p signal. Upconversion to 540p softens the pic a bit. Mits will display 480p native.
  12. Marc Alexander

    FS: Klipsch KSW100 sub

    My best offer is $100 but that is undercutting your asking price quite a bit. Send me a message if you don't get a better offer.
  13. Marc Alexander

    Discovery HD Theater Goes commercial free

    I saw the announcement but I believe they meant no commercial interuptions. They did not say no commercials. There will likely still be commercials between programs. I don't mind, the commericials are worth it for the HD movie trailers! I still get chills everytime the Matrix trailer...
  14. Marc Alexander

    austin powers aspect ratio?

    Canadian release is cropped just like the US. You've got to go to Region 2 or 4 (PAL) for the OAR. Link Removed
  15. Marc Alexander

    10-12 away?

    VHS display shouldn't even be a consideration when purchasing an HDTV. Stick that VCR on a 27" off in a another room. It's not worth compromising enjoyment of progressive DVD and HDTV for a legacy format.
  16. Marc Alexander

    10-12 away?

    Definitely 53...I would recomend 55 or 65 but it is not on your list. I sit about 11' from a 65". I once had a 56" and am so glad I traded for the 65.
  17. Marc Alexander

    Cool-It/Cool-Plate Equipment Coolers

    no heat fins on the exterior...this is a Home Theater Receiver. There are some heat syncs internal but what your describing is not something I would even consider doing (it makes for an interesting story though).:)
  18. Marc Alexander


    deleted...I just read another thread where the post was deleted by admin. I was not aware comments regarding pricing were prohibited.
  19. Marc Alexander

    Cool-It/Cool-Plate Equipment Coolers

    Well...I tried hardwiring the thermoswitches...no luck. It appears as these are not simple switches but some sort of transistors. I was not able to force the fan on by opening or shorting any switch connections. In fact, shorting the trigger lead either of the other two leads (both grounds)...
  20. Marc Alexander

    Cool-It/Cool-Plate Equipment Coolers

    105C is damn hot! I thought about closing the 105C switch and letting the 65C operate normally. However, the schematics seem to reveal that the 65C turns the fan on and off and the 105C controls speed (slow/fast). Its too late tonight for me to try it (I've learned that lesson the hard way)...
  21. Marc Alexander

    Cool-It/Cool-Plate Equipment Coolers

    Well, after doing a little exploratory surgery and perusing the service manual, it turns out the fan is working as designed. However, the design for fan control is poor IMO. The fan has two speeds. Slow kicks on at 65 degrees C and fast at 105C, much too hot IMO. The speed is controlled by two...
  22. Marc Alexander

    Cool-It/Cool-Plate Equipment Coolers

    Well, I found a place where I can get the cool-it for about $120. I'm pretty sure the problem is heat related. There are no problems if I take and leave the cover off of the receiver. There is a built in fan but it seems to be controlled by volume level (-20 dB seems to be the threshold, normal...
  23. Marc Alexander

    Cool-It/Cool-Plate Equipment Coolers

    As my Kenwood VR-2090 has gotten older, it has become more sensitive to heat. The symptom displays itself as a clicking in the speakers when the IR remote is used. I have relieved the problem somewhat by moving the center and rears to an external amp (unfortunately - no pre-outs for L and R). I...
  24. Marc Alexander

    Can anyone explain why Scrappy Doo was created?

    I guess I'm in the minority. I love both Scrappy Doo and Scooby Dumb. The only one I hated was the female they added...Scooby Dee. I guess nobody remembers her.:D
  25. Marc Alexander

    The GHost and the Darkness is the best sound DVD!!!

    This is one of my favorite movies. However the Paramount DVD video is pretty poor (non-anamorphic and improperly flagged with alternating progressive/interlaced flags). Straw and grass fields really tax poor MPEG compression. Most DVDs look good on direct view sets, you start to see the...