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  1. MikeAF

    Sherbourn 7/2100 vs. ATI 2007 vs. Adcom GFA-7807 amps

    Hello all, I'm in the process of simplifying my system for my wife so I'm getting rid of my 2 and 6 channel amps and buying a 7 channel amp, now that there are some good ones out there. The Sherbourn 7/2100 has been at the top of my list for awhile but looking around today I found the ATI...
  2. MikeAF

    New JMLab Sib speakers

    If anyone who has these, or has seen these new satellite speakers from JMLab, either at CES or at their local dealer, could please answer a question for me. Can the Sibs be mounted on the ceiling? It appears from their website that they can but I want to make sure before I seriously consider...
  3. MikeAF

    Phoenix Area HDTV owners - need help

    I know there has to be other HDTV owners in Phoenix area who have recently purchased their sets and will be wanting a good ISF calibration done in the near future, around April or May. Gregg, a moderator on this forum will come to Phoenix but I need at least one or two others who will need his...
  4. MikeAF

    Pioneer Elite DVD47Ai or Onkyo SP800???

    I know both of these machines are fairly new but I'm hoping any users can give me their pros and cons of both machines to help me decide which machine to buy before the end of the week. Thanks! Mike
  5. MikeAF

    New Elite 530- Urgent need for Info

    Hello fellow HT enthusiats, Just wondering if anyone has a new Pioneer Elite 530 yet and what your impressions are? My wife has given me the go ahead to but a new TV and I have always had my eyes on the Elites. I will also be purchasing a progressive scan all-in-one DVD player but will...
  6. MikeAF

    Need Advice - All-in-one DVD player

    Hey all, My wife really wants to buy me a HDTV for Christmas --poor me:D I'm leaning toward the new Pioneer Elite 530 which will be a question in another thread, but i really want an all-in-one DVD-Video, audio and SACD player, etc. The Pioneer 45A would be at the top of the list but I know...
  7. MikeAF

    Tubular Bells SACD question...

    I just received this SACD yesterday. Can someone tell me if there is center channel material that is suppose to be played? I get sound from all the speakers except the center channel. Everything is set up correctly so I was wondering if there is no music from the center for this SACD. Thanks for...
  8. MikeAF

    Anthem owners I need help with Avia calibration ... please?

    I love the new AVM20 but had a few questions on calibrating with Avia. I calibrated using the AVM20 setup menu and it's test tones. I set the reference to 75db which put me at -7.5db. I then calibrated all my speakers with the test tones from the AVM20. They are all in the +4.0db area. When I...
  9. MikeAF

    New Anthem AVM20 owner with a question...?

    Just received my new Anthem AVM 20 today and spent the last couple of hours setting it up. I am having one problem I'm hoping other owners can answer for me. I played TPM pod race scene and the beginning of ToyStory 2 and everything works great except my right rear speaker. I have checked all...
  10. MikeAF

    Recommendations for rear in ceiling speakers

    I think I'm finally at the end of building the audio side of my HT. I just ordered the Anthem AVM20 and I need some good in-ceiling rear speakers to go along with my Diva 6.1's, C3, and R3's. I listened to some Paradigm SA-15R's today and was impressed. I also have some B&W speakers available...
  11. MikeAF

    Just joined the Anthem AVM20 list of owners.... yahoo!!

    Well, I've waited and waited for the Outlaw 950 but from the last email it appears I may be waiting awhile and since I have the budget, and a local dealer, I went ahead and ordered the AVM20 today. The only down side is it will take about 3-4 weeks before I get it :angry: Thanks to all of you...
  12. MikeAF

    Any Anthem AVM20 owners in Phoenix area?

    I was hoping there were some Anthem AVM20 owners in the Phoenix area who might be willing to have me over for a listen. I live in south Chandler but would be willing to drive a little ways. Also, I know that HiFi Sales is the only authorized dealer in our area. Did anyone buy their unit from...
  13. MikeAF

    Anthem AVM-20 Owners, What did you pay??

    I have a local dealer here in the Phoenix area and he said the price was $3199 and the upgrade price was $3499 or something close to that. I was wondering what others have paid for this unit at their local dealers? Thanks for the help. Mike
  14. MikeAF

    New Aragon Stage One or Bryston SP-1.7 pre/pros

    I know these new pre/pros are just making it to dealers and was wondering if anyone has had a chance to listen to, or actually play with, either of these 2 processors. I'm on the Outlaw list but didn't get signed up until February so I'm hoping I will hear some news on these other 2 pre/pros...
  15. MikeAF

    My Audio System is almost complete... Yes?

    Hello all you HT addicts, About 3 years ago I moved from Dolby ProLogic to a full Dolby Digital system. Of course, along the way upgrade fever hits and so the past 9 months I have slowly been upgrading to the point where the audio part of my HT/Music system is almost complete. Let me know if...
  16. MikeAF

    200/300 CD Changer Users please help!!

    I would like info from those that have one of these mega changers. What brand and model do you have and the pros/cons of your particular model would be nice. I hope to purchase one in the next couple of months and would like to know what to look for and what the better models are. I don't...
  17. MikeAF

    My HT Pictures are up - I hope!?!

    Since many other people have been posting pictures of their HT's I thought I would give it a go as well. I used the Yahoo!Geocities site and it only allowed me 4 pictures but I think you can get an idea of what my HT looks like. The WAF is very inportant so it may not be exactly as I would...
  18. MikeAF

    SV Subs finally arrive

    Add me to the list of SVS owners. My dual 20-39CS's and Samson amp finally arrived today. The UPS guy only brought the amp and one sub up to the door and I asked him about the other sub and he said it wasn't on his truck, boy was I fuming. Anyway, I said good-by and 30 seconds later he rings...