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  1. Ryan Schnacke

    Finally built a new sub (now whelmed)

    "The sub was sitting out in the middle" "I know it will give some more impact in a corner" Its also a good idea to eliminate the obvious problems before you ask for help troubleshooting. Take 5 minutes to drag it to the corner.
  2. Ryan Schnacke

    Need Help building a better sub than my AV15

    How much more powerful do you want it? 3 cuft seems pretty dang small for a 15 inch woofer and I think that woofer can take more than the rhythmik amp (350 watts, right?) has to offer. A bigger box and more powerful amp might get you 3-4dB.
  3. Ryan Schnacke

    Avalanche 15 hellllllp

    John, I think Brent has correctly identified the problem. Its not that the Ava or the amp don't have enough power ... its the high-pass filter in plate amp - set way too high. For this sub I'd move it down to 18-19Hz to regain 1/2 octave of extension.
  4. Ryan Schnacke

    Help With Enclosure for Two 12" Eminence

    These Eminence woofers are not the right woofers for you. You are right to be concerned about the very low excursion. And by using them as an isobaric pair, you're throwing away 1/2 of the output in order to fit a smaller box. They'll exceed Xmax with only 150 watts at 35Hz. A single Quatro...
  5. Ryan Schnacke

    Amp for Sub project

    For an EQ, look for a Behringer Feedback Destroyer DSP1124
  6. Ryan Schnacke

    Amp for Sub project

    First, I would generally consider the Buttkicker amplifier to be a better deal than the PE 1000 watt sub plate/rack amps. It generally sells for a good bit less and it claims to be stable outputting 2100 ohms into 2 shakers wired in parallel for a ~2ohm load. I don't know if the impedance curve...
  7. Ryan Schnacke

    Impressions of HSU Turbocharger

    When I bought an SVS 25-31PC I found that I was happy with extension down to "only" 25Hz. But because of all the flap I see on the net about getting the last octave I've upgraded to subs with more extension - first a DIY sonosub tuned to 21.5Hz, now an IB sub that's flat to below 20Hz. What I've...
  8. Ryan Schnacke

    Phonic XP5000 Dj Pro Amplifier

    Thanks for the support Arthur. Fargof, at this point I don't have much more to add. I did find it strange that the amp review you linked to discussed only the features and physical dimensions (weight) of the amp. Didn't say anything about sound quality or robustness (cooling effectiveness...
  9. Ryan Schnacke

    Phonic XP5000 Dj Pro Amplifier

    From Phonic's website (regarding the XP 5000): "The variable speed fans effectively cool the amp and protect against overheating." "Weight 34.000 Kg; ( 74.956 lb )" I'll say it again - its worth your time to do some research (or at least some fact checking) before you start dropping...
  10. Ryan Schnacke

    Phonic XP5000 Dj Pro Amplifier

    Here's an example of what I'm talking about. (This is not a specific recommendation since I don't have enough experience with pro audio gear to give rec's): http://www.musiciansfriend.com/produ...fer?sku=600412 They tend to have very high sensitivity and high power handling. This is what...
  11. Ryan Schnacke

    Phonic XP5000 Dj Pro Amplifier

    If you're really just after SPL at the expense of low end extension then I would still recommend a different route - pro audio subs and speakers. But at any rate you certainly don't have to apologize to me.
  12. Ryan Schnacke

    Phonic XP5000 Dj Pro Amplifier

    No idea about that amp. But I can say that it would probably be worth your time to look around the DIY area for a while and look at some of the recommendations that have been given for subwoofer projects. The woofers you're considering all seem to be heavily focused towards car audio...
  13. Ryan Schnacke

    Can you IB a guitar speaker?

    Yeah, I thought you were talking about a single IB to be used for movies, music and guitar sessions.
  14. Ryan Schnacke

    Can you IB a guitar speaker?

    IB's are really cool but anything that requires cutting holes in your house should be done RIGHT. So its a good thing you asked first. Better would be to read as much as possible at www.infinitelybaffled.com A single woofer IB is never recommended. Dual 15's are generally considered the very...
  15. Ryan Schnacke

    $125 subwoofer kit

    This is a very difficult budget to work with. He might find someone still looking to part with a used SVS ISD woofer (after upgrading to the NSD woofer) for around $50 plus shipping. But even with that (terrific) deal on the woofer, he won't have enough left over for an amp that can really drive...
  16. Ryan Schnacke

    Subwoofer head ache

    With the same woofer, you're wondering if 1 sealed woofer (SB12plus) will be equal to 2 ported woofers (PB-12plus/2)? The answer is a resounding NO! You'd probably need 6 of the SB12plus's to match the PB-12plus/2 to get the same output in the lowest octave.
  17. Ryan Schnacke

    Ideal sealed box for Dayton DVC12???

    I built a 1.3 cu ft sealed and stuffed box for my DVC 12. It was okay. I eventually put it in a vented sonotube enclosure instead. If I were to try sealed again with this woofer I'd either try going larger or using some form of EQ to add boost and pick up a little more extension. It went almost...
  18. Ryan Schnacke

    New SVS Sealed Sub

    Yeah, we're all getting pretty tired of the SVS guys taking flak for no good reason. What I'm seeing is that SVS's goal was to build a small, affordable sub with high accuracy and output down to about 25-30Hz while your ideal seems more like a cost-and-size-no-object sub with "perfect"...
  19. Ryan Schnacke

    New SVS Sealed Sub

    Squashing opinions? I thought you were arguing the design schedule for the SB12plus. So now schedules and timelines exist within the realm of "opinion"? I still find it more difficult to conceive the _disadvantages_ of active filtering.
  20. Ryan Schnacke

    New SVS Sealed Sub

    Just so I get this straight ... 1) Designing a subwoofer = slapping a woofer in a box 2) HP filters are naughty little rascals that deserve a paddlin' Did I miss anything? Sometimes I still wonder why those filters are so evil. But don't worry, I'll be sure to swat any that come my way.
  21. Ryan Schnacke

    JL Gotham 13"x2 sub!!

    Actually I thought they included some of the most revealing specifications: Effective Piston Area: 214.70 sq. in. / 0.1386 sq. m. Effective Displacement: 773 cu. in. / 12.7 liters That's a little more displacement than my 4x15 IB has! To get 12.7L out of these 2 woofers they're...
  22. Ryan Schnacke

    Sub Amp problems

    Brent, you nailed it. Everything changed. Could be a flaky connection somewhere. I get this occasionally with my CD player. Sometimes after reworking the wires I don't get any sound out of the left speaker when playing the CD player. I fiddle with the RCA connection and poof - it works ... at...
  23. Ryan Schnacke

    Sub Amp problems

    Please give us a little more detail: What have you changed since it was last working properly? When you say you have to crank "the volume", do you mean the volume of the receiver or the level control (gain) on the sub amp? As you crank "the volume" way up, does the volume increase in a...
  24. Ryan Schnacke

    I want to make a subwoofer ( I need Help ) Thanks

    There's a world of difference between 20Hz and 40Hz. If it was deemed useful only to 40Hz, there's very little chance it will give you any reasonable output to 20Hz without bottoming. Plus there's no way to know what box size or tuning to shoot for without any data on the woofers. I don't...
  25. Ryan Schnacke

    Need Sub Help

    I don't consider adding EQ to be a serious or expensive modification. You can get a used BFD for under $100. FYI, eliminating box leaks is good, but there's other things to consider too. Like leaks around the woofer gasket and proper bracing.
  26. Ryan Schnacke

    10" sub good enough for strong 20 hz reproduction?

    Also, I'd consider buying one of the used SVS woofers now that people are upgrading from the ISD and the old Plus woofers.
  27. Ryan Schnacke

    10" sub good enough for strong 20 hz reproduction?

    With most 10's its not worth trying to get 20Hz output. You'd sacrifice too much SPL. I didn't model the TC-1000, but the numbers look pretty good and Xmax is a whopping 24mm each way! So chances are it will work. But note that there are some good 12 inch woofers that have the same or more...
  28. Ryan Schnacke

    Need Sub Help

    I'm sorry but I don't think you're approaching this correctly. If you add some sort of baffle that's significant enough to impede airflow then you're certainly going to affect the tuning and performance of the sub. But how would you predict the effects? Would it really prevent bottoming? Would...
  29. Ryan Schnacke

    Need some DIY sub help!!!

    Well, you could try the Titanic ported. It might be a little peaky around 50-60Hz, but WinISD says its only a 1dB peak. The bigger problem will likely be port air speeds. The 85L vented Shiva box plans on the Adire site used only a 3 inch port. At least it was flared. But really a moderate...
  30. Ryan Schnacke

    stop the subwoofer madness

    These kind of statements are made all the time (oops, I mean "lots of times") around here and its a rare instance that we call somebody to the mat for it. I think he meant no harm. In a professional publication this would have been inappropriate. But here ... well, when it comes to free advice...