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  1. Sean_J

    T2 ultimate edition case---how long?

    I have a question... was the Tin Case for the T2 ultimate edition a limited time... if so how much longer are the tin cases available?? Please help Coolen88 ps... despite hearing that the metal cases ruin the plastic case.... i still want a tin case :-)
  2. Sean_J

    The Monster Squad DVD

    I really want The Monster Squad on DVD!!!
  3. Sean_J

    The Monster Squad DVD

    Hello- Does anyone remember the movie THE MONSTER SQUAD from like 1987???? Does anyone know if this movie will be released to DVD? Any info about this on DVD would be greatly appriciated.
  4. Sean_J

    Screener FAQ...

    Hello; I was wondering is there a SCREENER FAQ.... of like how to contact companies to tell them you want screeners, etc...? I really wanna get a nice dvd site goin' but without screeners (previews of dvds) a dvd site is nothing.
  5. Sean_J

    HTF REVIEW: "Mystery Science Theater 3000" Volume 2 (with screenshots)

    The episodes being released on DVD have UPSET ME. I believe there are better episodes that should be on dvd (ie SoulTaker, Space Mutiny, Squirm)... The episode choices for the DVDs are poor. Plus, I wish they would release season sets (although there are alot of episodes and there would probably...
  6. Sean_J

    Child's Play 3

    Where could I get the R4 Child's Play 3??? >>>> Email me if you can't post a link.
  7. Sean_J

    Child's Play 3

    I know!!! I hope they RELEASE Child's Play 3 ASAP! It would be really cool to have a 4DVD BOX SET OF CHUCKY MOVIES! -Bride of Chucky -Child's Play 1 -Child's Play 2 -Child's Play 3 That would be an awesome box set!!!
  8. Sean_J

    Child's Play 3

    Hello--- Ne news on Child's Play 3 Coming to DVD? It's wierd every Child's Play is out except for 3.
  9. Sean_J

    Magazine...good price?

    Hello I was wondering where can I get DVD ETC for the cheapest??? Is there a discount for HTF Members??? I dont wanna sound cheap but I wanna subscribe.
  10. Sean_J

    True Lies I cant find it!

    Hello- I have been searching for True Lies and I can't find it at any "OFFICIAL" store websites like Dvd Planet and Dvd Empire... why don't they sell it??? Did anyone find it there before?
  11. Sean_J

    Any Dvd update? The Wizard...more...?

    Hello- I was wondering any new updates or anything about The Wizard (1989) or National Lampoon's Senior Trip (1994?) ??? Anyone that has seen these movies knows how awesome they are!!! :-) Unfortunately, both movies are out of print on vhs and you can't purchase them any more... hopefully...
  12. Sean_J

    Reciever recommendations needed

    Thanx for the recommendation
  13. Sean_J

    Reciever recommendations needed

    `Hello--- I was considering purchasing a reciever... I need suggestions for which reciever I should buy (RCA...?etc..) I want a reciever thats under $200 and has -DTS =AND DTS ES -Dolby Digital -MORE than 150 watts - IF Possible a remote.
  14. Sean_J

    Purchasing Home Theater Decor

    Hello- I have a question... Does anyone have any experience/recommendations as to where I could purchase "home theater decor"... i am looking for things like--- Movie Theme Carpet; Candy Stand; Posters; various things.... that relate to Theaters. Any help as to where I could find it would...
  15. Sean_J

    Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume 2 DVD cover art!

    Cool- but I have been disappointed my which episodes they choose to release on DVD... I really wish they would release like Space Mutany (MST episode) on DVD.
  16. Sean_J

    Super Mario Bros. RELEASE & PRICE

    Super Mario Bros. is an awesome movie! We can only hope it is in Widescreen & P&S!
  17. Sean_J

    Super Mario Bros. RELEASE & PRICE

    Just for any of ya that missed any previous info... I just found out Super Mario Bros. The Movie will come to DVD 6-3-03 and the MSRP is $9.99 and sells for around 6.99
  18. Sean_J

    Out to Sea...The Wizard...Super Mario Bros..?

    Yup Out to Sea is a great film---- so is Grumpy/Grumpier Old Men--- Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon are a great pair of actors.... ADAM_WM> How did you heard about Super Mario Bros. The Movie on DVD??? - Ne specs, pics, info? ---------------------------------------------------------- THE...
  19. Sean_J

    Out to Sea...The Wizard...Super Mario Bros..?

    Hello- My post is about a few movies. =OUT TO SEA =THE WIZARD (1989; Fred Savage) =Super Mario Bros (John L.) Newayz- has anyone heard about these movies coming to DVD? Thanks- Plz reply ASAP- Have a wonderful day- Coolen88
  20. Sean_J

    New Covers: Good Burger, In-Laws, High Society, Harriet/Spy, Main Event, Whats Up Doc

  21. Sean_J

    Obtaining Screeners

    Hello- I need some help. I was wondering how could I obtain screeners? How do I contact the companies or how do I get them to contact me and HOW do I get on the list of people who get screeners. I sure there are many other people in this forum, too, who would like to know. Thankz- Plz...
  22. Sean_J

    The Ring Preview?

    Thankz - Yeah Thats what i ment; I ment like someone who gets the disc early----
  23. Sean_J

    The Ring Preview?

    I dunno if I accidently missed the Ring Preview... or maybe there hasn't even been one-- but when can I expect a ring preview/review?
  24. Sean_J

    Beavis & Butt-Head, 9/24

    I really miss B&B I cant wait to it comes back; if anyone has ANY NEWS About the DVD. Continue to update news about the DVD.
  25. Sean_J

    Black Sheep DVD

    Hi- Does anyone have the Black Sheep DVD that was released Today? I was wondering if anyone had a dvd review for it and some pix of the dvd.
  26. Sean_J

    HTF REVIEW: "Speed" (Five Star Collection) (with screenshots)

    (I tried replying but my reply doesn't show up let me try again) Hi- Nice Review! I have always loved ur reviews. I would love to see one for the new Speed 2 (boxset) DVD.
  27. Sean_J

    HTF REVIEW: "Speed" (Five Star Collection) (with screenshots)

    Hi- Nice review! I love your reviews. I would love to see a review for the new Speed 2 DVD (box set). Nice job!
  28. Sean_J

    HTF REVIEW: "Speed" (Five Star Collection) (with screenshots)

    I am thinking about buy Both Speed 1 and 2; I would love to see a review of the new Speed 2 DVD. PS> I got my dvd profiler working hehehe YEAH!
  29. Sean_J

    What to look for ; recommendations

    please help me.