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  1. ryan_m

    DVD conversion PAL > NTSC

    My company puts out music dvds, a lot of which come from overseas. Companies will send us a production copy of something in the PAL format. We can watch these but what we'd like to be able to do is have the ability to burn a few copies of these for our sales staff and have them be NTSC so they...
  2. ryan_m

    FPTV - w/ cable TV and some lights on??

    I'm moving next month and the new house has a room that would be perfect for a FP set up. This room would not just be used for movies though, this would be our main place to watch tv/movies and play PS2 and generally hang out. I'm curious to hear from people with FP systems whether or not it is...
  3. ryan_m

    what happened to "The Howard Stern Radio Show"?

    Does anybody know what happened to Stern's CBS show? I haven't been able to listen much in the morning in the past 6 months so if he mentioned it I never heard it. I'm assuming CBS just pulled the plug on it, but I was wondering if Stern talked about it or if anybody had any details. thanks...
  4. ryan_m

    need help with making a fan (electrical question)

    I want to use a computer fan to cool my receiver. I have a 12v DC fan and an old power cord (from a lamp). What do I need to be able to plug the fan into the wall outlet? I'm assuming there is some part I can get at Radio Shack that will go between the fan and the cord? Also, I have a Outlaw...