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  1. Jeff Rosz

    Wal-Mart's meat dept?

    i know i'm leaving a wide open door for ya'lls jokes(let them fly if you must, pun intended), but really, im serious. ok so now you know, i eat dead animals. and most of you do too, dont lie. so whats up with the meat at walmart though. what do they do to it. it looks like its plastic coated...
  2. Jeff Rosz

    tumult: fill in the blanks

    from those of you who have their tumults, can you take a minute and help out those of us who dont. can you fill in the blanks here:[list=a]diameter of the mounting flange=15 1/2" or 15 1/4" w/o gasket flush mounting depth(rabbet)=1/2"flush mounting depth with gasket=3/4"diameter of baffle...
  3. Jeff Rosz

    LT sheet at FRD site updated

    just a heads up for yas.
  4. Jeff Rosz

    one diy cable question and i'm set.....

    hi folks, so is it really really necessary to use the Canare TS-5C stripper to correctly cut cable for the Canare RCAP connectors? its 3 cuts to a certain depth each on some coax. is this rocket science? i cant do the same thing with my home depot (RCA brand) cable stripper? ok sorry, that...
  5. Jeff Rosz

    STEAL of the year, (Patrick Sun, drop that soldering iron)

    if ya'll need clamps, now is the time...clamp sale here 12" bars for $3 24" for $4 (my fav) 36" for $5 you guys can wait a day or two so as to not back-order my shipment, mkay? ;)
  6. Jeff Rosz

    RIOT not Quiet Riot

    hello folks, i need yas to dig really deep for this. say early-mid 80's, or about the time Bon Scott died, bands like Ratt and Triumph (Rik Emmett still tours) were popular then, its all kinda fuzzy now. i dont know why. :crazy: anyway, there was a band called Riot. not Quiet Riot. they were...
  7. Jeff Rosz

    spring tune-up

    spring is here. lots of building is going on. so go out and tune-up those tools. i found the anti-kickback device on my table saw wasnt in alignment with the blade. my chop saw wasnt aligned at the 45 deg presets. dust cakes were found clogging air vents on motors. go buy some new dust masks...
  8. Jeff Rosz

    Adire Kit 81 ?'s

    heya folks, i am building some of these for my buddy next door as a gift for helping me out around my place. i cut the panels yesterday, now i am ready for the holes. btw, with god as my witness i wont ever use mdf again. but anyway, hopefully very simple questions: 1) does the vent kit...
  9. Jeff Rosz

    FYI:front baffle pebble-grain finish

    i hope this helps anyone who is looking for this same type of baffle finish. in a post a few months back i asked where i could get this stuff and the common answers i got were wilson art and formica. well some time went by and now i'm at the stage in construction where i need this stuff, if i...
  10. Jeff Rosz

    help, i need the name of a paul newman movie?

    heya folks, i'm looking for the name of the movie in which paul newman plays the part of gov. long of louisiana. i cant remember which of the longs he played ....earl k long or huey p long, but i am leaning towards earl k long. does anyone know? thanks, jeff
  11. Jeff Rosz

    need help finding the this......

    hi folks, can anyone tell me the names of any female singers who recorded "Jambalaya (On The Bayou)". you know....."oh me oh my oh, son of a gun we'll have big fun on the bayou". a hank williams sr. tune i believe. i did find a version sung by lucinda williams but i'm not sure its her version...
  12. Jeff Rosz

    response testing room?

    hello folks, i've been thinking about this for some time and want to sponge some knowledge off you guys. besides, i thought this would be an interesting discussion... if you had the money and the room, how would you set-up a driver/speaker system evaluation room? what hardware, software...
  13. Jeff Rosz

    front baffle material help

    hello folks, does anyone know of a source for the black pebble-grained plastic sheeting that you often see on front baffles? i really really want that kind of look for my sub currently under construction. thanks for any links or phone numbers you might provide.
  14. Jeff Rosz

    ported HE15 revisited

    ok, im opening up this can o worms again. feel free to add your 2 cents, but please explain your 2 cents too. music and HT are getting closer to 50/50 from mostly HT. my room is about(from memory) 12x20x7. im using BB6pro and here what i have so far: Vb=10 ft3 Fb=16 Hz 1 6" vent @ 21"...