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  1. Anders Englund

    What's the next number...

    1 10 11 22 14 45 Edit: I screwed this one up. The series should read: 1 10 11 12 14 24 I leave the orginal to show you how dumb I am. :b --Anders
  2. Anders Englund

    PDA OS problem

    A friend of mine has an IPAQ 3630, which he wanted to upgrade to Pocket PC 2002. Unfortunately, the installation was interrupted, and now the IPAQ wont start (it starts, but the screen just shows red vertical stripes). He can't restart the installation, because ActiveSync wont recognize the IPAQ...
  3. Anders Englund

    Another bloody addictive game

    Gridlock Currently, I'm stuck on level 25... --Anders
  4. Anders Englund

    Famous House Whisky?

    A guy mentioned to me that he was looking for a whisky called Famous House, which I didn't recognize. At first, I though he was refering to Famous Grosse (not sure about the spelling), but he assured me that he was not. I can't find anything about this and my current though is that he read...
  5. Anders Englund


    An oldie, but fun: a = 1 b = 1 This gives us: a = b Now multiply both sides by a: aa = ab a^2 = ab Subtract both sides by b^2: a^2 - b^2 = ab - b^2 The conjugate rule now gives us: (a + b)(a - b) = ab - b^2 Extract b on the right side: (a + b)(a - b) = b(a - b) Divide...
  6. Anders Englund

    What to get

    Having promised my wife not to buy that many DVDs this year, I'm a bit limited to what I can buy. This also mean that some of the things I want have really piled up. I'm thinking I can probably get away with buying one or two of these this month, so what do you think: Die another Day Star...
  7. Anders Englund

    Tom Lehrer concert?

    Does anyone know if any filmed concert material with Tom Lehrer is available (at all), and who should be pushed into releasing it? I find his lyrics quite hilarious, and since much of the avialable material is live, one could always hope. Of course, it's so old that nothing may be available...
  8. Anders Englund

    So, I'm thinking about getting a new tattoo...

    My current thought is this across my back. Whattcha think? --Anders
  9. Anders Englund

    Totally irrelevant car question

    How many of you actually keep gloves in the glove compartment? --Anders
  10. Anders Englund

    Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter

    Well, what can you say? The story was awful. The dialogue was totally pointless, and poorly dubbed. The fighting scenes made Steven Segal seem like a talent, and there wasn't the faintest trace of any acting talent. In other words, I loved this movie. The title alone make sure there is no way...
  11. Anders Englund

    Another what's-this-movie

    It's a comedy, probably 80's, about three fat guys hired as nurses for some old guy. The old guys son wants him dead, so he hires the fat guys as nurses, since he figures they're so bad at what they do, they'll probably kill him. Ring any bells? I remember it being funny as hell when I was...
  12. Anders Englund

    The origins of Gollum...

    Over The Hedge --Anders
  13. Anders Englund

    What's this series

    I remember watching it a couple of years back on TV. It was about a vampire. Not really an evil one, as far as can remember. There was also this female ghost which apparently haunted him, but I can't remeber what it wanted with him. Ring a bell to anyone? Is this available on shiny discs...
  14. Anders Englund

    Just finished TNG

    What a rush. Having watched the whole series during a period of 7 months or so gives a great overview of it as a whole. I truly love it, and it makes me even more eager for DS9. Now, I do have a tiny question as well: Patrick Stewart is described as a "Shakespearean actor", a term which I've...
  15. Anders Englund

    Quicktime trailers

    I've been thinking about something: Why is it just about every trailer is only available in Quicktime format? Is there some conspiracy to make us (me) install yet another software that will be used for one purpose only? Or is there an actual reason for this? --Anders
  16. Anders Englund

    What's this movie?

    It's a childrens movie about a robotic dog, built to fight burglaries. It was along time ago, so it's hard to remember many details, but I do remember that you gave commands to the dog by saying numbers. Particulary, the number 100 meant that he would attack. So, what's the name of this...
  17. Anders Englund

    Pac-Man the Movie?

    I just read that a comapny called Crystal Sky have aquired the movie rights for Pac-Man. Apparently no actors, directors or writers have signed up yet. Hollywood Reporter What do you guys make of this? --Anders
  18. Anders Englund

    Does canadian Jason X have bilingual cover?

    Guess the topic covers it. --Anders
  19. Anders Englund

    Whaaaa, what's this movie?

    The only thing I remmeber is a guy (possibly a monster in disguise), sitting in an armchair, dipping worms and eating them. --Anders
  20. Anders Englund

    I think I'm falling in love...

    ... with my wife's best friend. Yea, it sounds like Ricki Lake, but I'm serious. And I feel pretty bad about it. My wife and I don't have a great relationship. I still love her, but the feeling is not mutual. We also have two children. We don't fight all the time, we actually get along much...
  21. Anders Englund

    Over the Hedge

    I happened to run into Link Removed at IMDB today. Apparently there will be an animated movie based on the comic strip Over the Hedge. According to the Tree-That-Knows-Stuff, Jim Carrey will be doing the voice of RJ. I can't wait, though it looks like I have to. Does anyone know something more...
  22. Anders Englund

    My mind wanders

    Last night, I finished my shower, got out and put on my robe. When I grabbed a towel to dry my hair, I suddenly realized that I'd forgotten to rinse the conditioner out. I just don't know what I'm thinking sometimes. --Anders
  23. Anders Englund

    Is this wrong?

    Being that everyone was very willing to discuss the morals of exchanging DVDs in another store than it was originally bought, here's another moral dilemma: My wife feels I buy far too many DVDs (I probably do). As you're all aware ST:TNG season 3 was released a couple of weeks ago. Is it...
  24. Anders Englund

    The art of movies

    Ok, this is probably not all that interesting to people in the US (or anyone outside Sweden), but some might find it interesting. Swedish filmmaker Vilgot Sjöman has filed charges against the swedish channel TV4. Why? Because his movie Link Removed (about Alfred Nobel) was shown... with breaks...
  25. Anders Englund

    Beta testers wanted!

    Been working for a while now on a new version of MoCaSys (possibly a competitor to DVD Profiler, but probably not a threat to them :) ). It holds info about all kinds of movie releases, (DVD, LD, VHS, VCD, etc). Well, I'm gonna release version 3.3 now, and it'd be most helpful if a bunch of you...
  26. Anders Englund

    Oppinion on MoCaSys...

    Yea, I keep promoting my own (movie) tracking software, MoCaSys, but noone seems to care. :) I must be doing something wrong.... Anyway, I'd like your oppinion on the layout of the online version. The information will be presented in the same way as in the downloadable version, so any...
  27. Anders Englund

    The "correct" way to face a box set?

    Ok, I know this is a bit anal, but... a well, you all are: :) Which is the "correct" way to face a box set in the shelf? I've personally always prefered the spines of the discs out, but moving towards changing that... What do you say? -Anders
  28. Anders Englund

    Buffy Season 3 R4 trade

    I currently have Buffy season 3 R4, which I would like to trade for the R2 UK version. Any takers? OR: I might also be willing to trade a sealed Army of Darkness (2 disc LE) for the UK Buffy S3. --Anders
  29. Anders Englund

    Hellraiser III aspect?

    I recently picked up Hellraiser III on DVD (canadian), which unfortunately turned out to be 1.33:1. My question is, what's the orginal aspect? And is the 1.33:1 an open matte or a pan & scan? --Anders
  30. Anders Englund

    Region code scans

    Need your help again, guys: I'm looking for scans of the region code ions. You know, the globe with the number, for all regions. Does anyone know where to get these? --Anders