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  1. Chris Rein

    Is Jet Li's "Hero" worth a blind buy?

    My comments about being visually stunning goes to the cinematography, not the transfer of the disc. All based off the theatrical release. Just to be clear.
  2. Chris Rein

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).

    I got the 301 as well. Hate the case, only because it doesn't match the previous two. Guess they figured Dumbledore's character changed, so should the discs! :angry: The EX flag didn't pick up, but I forced it into EX mode. I watched all three yesterday, and the first one the EX flag...
  3. Chris Rein

    DD-EX & DTS-ES encoded movies listing

    I'd double check that Harry Potter: POA Besides the damn casing being different than the first two, the audio listing is also different. There's no "EX" after 5.1 on the back of POA. I'm going to fire it up tomorrow and see if the flag is there. If they are, count that as one more nick in...
  4. Chris Rein

    The Rock/Armageddon - Why the Criterion treatment?

    Why Criterion continues to exist is beyond me. They were noted for their laserdiscs as being full of features and other things that you couldn't get anywhere else. It's so random what they put out, and if you ask me, should really be used for classics only (sort of like if AFI were to do...
  5. Chris Rein

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).

    Okay, I'm surprised this isn't talked about more... So to my surprise I picked up HP:POA today and was pissed that it wasn't in the cases like the previous two. Well, okay, I can live without the case. And then I look on the back and I see 5.1 Hmm. Where's the EX like the previous two. Who in...
  6. Chris Rein

    Is Jet Li's "Hero" worth a blind buy?

    Hero is amazing. It's visually stunning too. The story was pretty damn good, and the action sequences are just beautiful. Another disc that I can't wait for!
  7. Chris Rein

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Daredevil - Director's Cut

    Must. Own. This. Disc. Consider me in the minority when it comes to the theatrical release of Daredevil. I really enjoyed it! I actually liked it better than some of the other comic book movies out there. Anyway, I'm glad to see that justice is served this time around. And I'm glad to see the...
  8. Chris Rein

    DVD Review HTF Review: The Happy Gilmore / Billy Madison DVD Collection

    Funny how they chose these two movies since his company is "Happy Madison" :D
  9. Chris Rein

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The Terminal (1-disc)

    I bought this site unseen as my wife and I really wanted to see this movie. I picked up the 3 disc version today and I am extremely glad that I did. The transfer was fanstastic. It just looked beautiful up on on screen and I didn't notice any artifacts or edge enhancement. My DVD player via...
  10. Chris Rein

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Bad Boys II Superbit

    MUCH improved on the Superbit version!! :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup: I sat there going "Holy SHIT!" this thing sounds real! The DTS track on the Superbit version of S.W.A.T. is awesome. It's very open, and everything was placed correctly. Dialogue was dead on, and when the shit hit the...
  11. Chris Rein

    Dawn Of The Dead Remake R1 Director's Cut censored?

    It would be funnier than all hell if the Theatrical Cut on DVD had the boobage in it. Has anyone confirmed the TC having boobies yet? What if they mixed up the discs? TC got the UR and the UR got the TC?!?!? I am sensing BTTF all over again. If this were Columbia, we'd get a new...
  12. Chris Rein

    The Fifth Element SE (CONSOLIDATED THREAD)

    Here we go with the triple/quadruple dips! But not for me! The "best" version is already out for both films according to CTHV, Superbit, so there's no need to make another one. What a waste of time and money on their part. They are just trying to milk the DVD cow as hard as they...
  13. Chris Rein

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Bad Boys II Superbit

    Just curious myself on how much better the Underworld DTS track is over the first one and the Director's Cut for that matter! I thought the audio on the first Underworld was insane! With three versions to choose from, which one gets the nod?
  14. Chris Rein

    *** Official STAR WARS DVD Glitch Thread

    WOW! After watching all three films, and witnessing how GORGEOUS and AMAZING the picture and sound was for these movies, and all the changes that were made, I have to ask myself on question... Why in the hell could they have not fixed that glitch/frame in A New Hope where R2-D2 whips out his...
  15. Chris Rein

    Who Still Has Their Original 1997 Release DVDs?

    Well, in the stores around me it was! :D Actually, it was the one that really showed off DVD at the time. My guess was that pre-release copies were sent to pump up the format before release. That's what I meant by the comment. Seemed like every store I went to had Eraser playing. It was a damn...
  16. Chris Rein

    Who Still Has Their Original 1997 Release DVDs?

    I have 33 of them since day one in 1997. Eraser was the first one out (and the demo disc in the stores that first carried DVD) and I still have that one! Here they are according to DVD Profiler: Eraser 1 A Time to Kill 2 Batman 3 Batman Returns 4 The Long Kiss Goodnight 5 Batman...
  17. Chris Rein

    Crimson Tide and Enemy of the State SEs due 5/4 (but POSTPONED)

    If they bring an Unrated King Arthur... Their Mickey Mouse Ass better bring the unaltered version of Scream in full 16x9 glory. ;)
  18. Chris Rein

    Daylight - THX?

    Neil, I think you are correct on that one. If I remember correctly, that's the reason I ditched the DD version and went DTS.
  19. Chris Rein

    Are DVDs getting cheaper to buy?

    Um, dude, they were never $30, not even at the specialty stores. Warner (pretty much the leader) and MGM's discs were never expensive. They were cheaper than the VHS tapes I was buying at the time. **Edit** Okay, maybe $30 RETAIL, but who pays retail? (see online purchasing in the good ole days...
  20. Chris Rein

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Highwaymen

    Was it the same movie? There are a couple of movies out there with the same name as this one. Just FYI.
  21. Chris Rein

    Daylight - THX?

  22. Chris Rein

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Stir of Echoes (New Special Edition)

    A great movie indeed. Loved every minute of it and the sound on this new disc is awesome. Very enveloping and never overdone. Now, what I LOVED about the first release was the back, "16x9 Fullscreen" LOL! What in the hell is that? Maybe 16x9 1.85:1 ? I didn't see any complaints on the...
  23. Chris Rein

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Chopping Mall

    Loved the movie when I was growing up. Figured I'd buy it since it was cheap. Watched it and left the room smelling like a Velveeta Factory. Pure Cheese! ;) Man, at times I thought to my self, "I liked this back then?!?!?" Anyway, it did give me a few good laughs, and one thing I can't...
  24. Chris Rein

    From LIVE to Artisan and now Lion's Gate?

    Cool. Thanks for the reply. I didn't know about the debt or the buyout for that matter. So, will we get new Basic Instinct and Total Recall transfers with DTS ES tracks now? ;)
  25. Chris Rein

    Stopping DVD purchases or upgrading dvd library to High Def.

    Well, take a step back and look at us now. I had a player at launch of DVD and am to this day replacing what was then "Reference" to what is now "Non-Anamorphic garbage", and sometimes they STILL can't get it right (See "Ransom"). Remember, we also had players at that time that couldn't do...
  26. Chris Rein

    From LIVE to Artisan and now Lion's Gate?

    I couldn't help but notice that the new release of Stir of Echoes has a Lion's Gate Film logo on it. Then I look at the insert inside and notice that most of Artisan's titles are listed in there with now Lion's Gate logos. So my question, did Lion's Gate merge with Artisan or did they buy them...
  27. Chris Rein

    Club Dread Unrated - September 28th

    Is this movie better than Super Troopers? As much as I wanted to enjoy (read laugh) at this movie, I simply couldn't. I think the best part in Super Troopers where I actually laughed out loud was the speed trap/five knuckle shuffle bit. Anyway, after hearing how funny Super Troopers was, and...
  28. Chris Rein

    Will Predator: CE have a new transfer?

    True, but if the compression quality has improved, hopefully the image (maybe sound) improves too. Haven't opened it yet, and not sure about the ugly MF quotes. Guess I'll have to check that out!
  29. Chris Rein

    Will Predator: CE have a new transfer?

    I see all of these complaints about film grain and I just can't wait for Collateral to hit so we can strike up the debate on grain once again. :D Seriously though, the extras, movie ticket (if you get one...see other thread) and the new transfer (confirmed by The Digital Bits) sounds like a...
  30. Chris Rein

    Tentative current box-office DVD Release dates that you may or may not know of.....

    No kidding about Collateral! Awesome movie. And half the ones mentioned here I skipped to play in my HT Room when it hits disc. Looks like the holidays are shaping up for me!