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  1. Steve Kramzer

    FT: Rushmore Criterion

    Rushmore Criterion for trade, looking mainly for: Criterions: 8 1/2 Brazil (I'd throw in some extra $) Do the Right Thing Grand Illusion In the Mood for Love Solaris Sullivan's Travels - most wanted title WIld Strawberries Non-Criterions Three Colors Trilogy Avia Guide to Home...
  2. Steve Kramzer

    Question about dddhouse.com

    Had two questions for anyone who has ordered from them, 1. Are the transactions on your credit card done in US dollars? 2. About how long should I expect the shipping to be?
  3. Steve Kramzer

    A Day No Pigs Would Die

    www.revelationsent.com/film/day_no_pigs_would_die.html Always thought the book might make an interesting movie. I like Morgan Freeman as a star in it, but I don't know if I like him directing it. Book almost brought me to tears when I was younger, hope the movie hits on the same level. The...
  4. Steve Kramzer

    CES 2002 Apex

    I was just wondering if anyone attended the CES 2002 and got to see the Apex display. I read on a website that they plan to release among other hdtv sets, a 27 inch hdtv set. Anyways I was wondering if this was shown there, quality, and if they gave an estimate of price as no website I've found...
  5. Steve Kramzer

    Wtb: Pda

    Looking for either Palm IIIxe or Handspring Visor deluxe probably around 60 + 8 bux or so for shipping.
  6. Steve Kramzer

    Battle Royale

    Has anyone heard anything about this movie getting a region 1 release? It was one of my favorite movies last year, and I was hoping that maybe some smaller company like Anchor Bay or Criterion would pick it up.
  7. Steve Kramzer

    *** Official "K-PAX" Discussion Thread

    Just caught this flick early at a pre-release screening at my college. Its definitly better than most of the crap we have had to sit through all summer. I really don't want to discuss the plot as it would be too much of a spoiler, but I do want to say that it felt like the movie went in one...
  8. Steve Kramzer

    Another reason to avoid XP

    http://www.extremetech.com/article/0...3D16743,00.asp The little bit of trust I have for ms seems to disappear more every week.
  9. Steve Kramzer

    AB chat

    I enjoyed the chat on tues night, but I noticed alot of people were having the same problem as me, lots of lags and numerous disconnections. I was just wondering about the server you guys use for this. Looking at the registration info am I correct in assuming that the box is in teh netherlands...