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  1. ilyak

    Pioneer 59TXI NIB

    Not even opened, but due to loss of job must sell at a quick sale price. This is pioneer's flagship receiver. Specs can be found here: http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/pn...448491,00.html Retail: $4,500 Asking $2,300 plus s/h you won't find a better price anywhere! Please email me at...
  2. ilyak

    19YR needs your help to go to CES

    Hi everyone! I am planning on attending my first CES show in Jan! My problem is that i am only 19 yrs of age and have found that hotels won't rent to anyone under 21! what am i to do! i am in need of your help. If you can help me please shoot me an email at [email protected] Thanks...
  3. ilyak

    NEC XG, Swan Diva, HTPC, 23" LCD

    Upgrade time: NEC XG 110: HDTV-ready with 2500x2000 maximum res The projector has 4500 hours and light 4x3 wear on green and blue, and very little on red. The image is still stunning and has thousands of hours of enjoyment left!!! If you have any questions or would like additional...
  4. ilyak

    Swan, Arcam, Pioneer elite, Hsu, taralabs, NEC

    Due to a recent impulse to upgrade, I've decided to sell off my current audio/video setup. It consists of the following: Nec XG110 (amazing projector): 4800hrs on tubes, slight 4x3 wear on blue and green. Manufactured in 1997. $2200, have box to ship. Pioneer Elite DV-47Ai...
  5. ilyak

    Philips HD 42" Plasma

    some info: The 42FD9954 Flat TV offers advanced Plasma technology, HD Connectivity, and unique design form to compliment any room. This Flat TV offers a 42" a High Resolution Monitor and 30Watt Integrated Sound System for outstanding picture and sound quality. At just 3.6" panel depth, the...
  6. ilyak

    wtb: speaker cables and digital coax

    lmk what you have, not too expensive, looking for 8m cables for my surround speakers, maybe new front speaker cables (10ft), center channel, 8m digital coax, 1m digital coax (FOUND), 5m or so subwoofer cable...budget is $350
  7. ilyak

    Liberty av cables

    have some high end video cables and conncectors here: *12' 5bnc+2rca's on both ends $50 shipped *12' 7rca's + F on both ends $50 shipped * have bunch of bnc to rca connetors *bunch of bnc connectors
  8. ilyak

    acoustics in L shape room

    hey everyone, im in need of some major acoustical advice, i dont know what to do with my room, its sort of an L shape, yet it has 2 partial walls...i think the pics describe my situation best. i was thinking about finishing off my walls all the way to the ceiling...how important is that? will it...
  9. ilyak

    Monster component cables 6m

    all sold
  10. ilyak

    wtb: arcam avr200

    if you got one for a reasonable price, drop me a line at [email protected]
  11. ilyak

    calibration in mn

    im just a poor high school student and spent all my money on a nec xg110...and am looking for someone to help me out setup my nec properly,,,i will mount it to the ceiling and would appreciate if someone could come and calibrate it....i have it setup on the floor right now, but im sure someone...
  12. ilyak

    htpc vs standalone

    i have a 47ai and was woundering if its worthwhile to build a htpc or go with a scaler. i have a nec xg110 so i would prob be scaling pretty high. The question is, if i spend $300 on a scaler,,,will that matched with my pioneer outperform a radeon based pc?
  13. ilyak

    ft: nec xg110

    i think im going to switch over to dlp/lcd projector for i can't fit in a crt into my hometheater. the projector has wear on the green and blue tubes but the red looks mint. hours are 3800. would also sell for reasonable price
  14. ilyak

    apollo 60x60 screen

    laying around, used several times, just to small for dedicated room....sells for $100...looking to get $70 shipped...heres linky: http://www.officedepot.com/shop/cata...RAUX6Q83&PP=14
  15. ilyak

    auralex roominator kit

    now up on ebay, would take $280 to buy it off the bat: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...tem=2518615059
  16. ilyak

    35ft wide screen

    i am able to get ahold of a 35 by 25 ft screen....i dont know how much its worth, but i guess you have to post a price...so say $2,000? will get more details. it was taken out of a movie theater. might also be able to get drapes....exit signs... just checking interest if anyone has use for this
  17. ilyak

    sony viao laptop grx550 1.6ghz

    selling my beloved sony laptop....amazing machine. can get pics if you email me. doesn't come with battery, lost it somewhere...grr...also no disks ( could actually prob make some copies from my friends viao), works flawlessly, just moving to standalone pc for my home theater project...would...
  18. ilyak

    projector, your opinion

    whats the seleco svd500....it seems to be an expensive one but it says only 800X600 for crt...i dont understand, very low res...is it still any goood, i have a deal on it here, was woundering how much you guys think its worth....also a question about jvc dila....whats with all the...
  19. ilyak

    Nad amplifiers

    Selling 2 matched NAD 902 stereo amplifiers. The NAD 902 is an exceptional quality 2 x 30 watts power amplifier bridgeable to 90 watts continuous which, despite it modest price, offers a standard of circuit design and build quality equal to its bigger brother, the 906. Use the 902 and a...
  20. ilyak

    amc 2100

    selling amc 2100, moving up to single 5 chn amp for ht. Great sounding, very simmilar to nad. Looking on getting $230
  21. ilyak

    nec sg750 for $2400? good deal?

    is a mint, no burn, 3000 hour nec xg750 worth 2400, there is one local by me, thanks
  22. ilyak

    anyone from IL

    hey, im looking to buy a crt projector, and there are a bunch on gov auction site: http://www.govliquidation.com/auctio...sername=GL_IL4 i was woundering if one would be willing to check out the condition of theese projectors. thanks
  23. ilyak

    help me choose!!!

    im in a position to decide for my audio electronics, my budget is aprox $1200,,,already have diva 6.1,5.1,and center,pioneer 47ai sacd/dvd/dvda player. (i have a 2ch amc 200watt solid state amp? should i just get another amc and stick with that?) I am mostly looking for audio quality, not ht(but...
  24. ilyak

    wtb sony ta-p9000es

    looking for a sony ta-p9000es for a reasonable price
  25. ilyak

    help me find a deal on crt!

    im looking to get a deal on a pj, the cheaper the better i guess, but i want a descent picture, looking to spend between $1000-$2000. One that doesnt require too much crt knowldege, this is my first. I have a controlled lighting atmoshpere. If you have seen a good deal, please let me know...
  26. ilyak

    wtb: crt projector

    im looking to get a deal on a pj, the cheaper the better i guess, but i want a descent picture, looking to spend between $1000-$2000. One that doesnt require too much crt knowldege, this is my first. I have a controlled lighting atmoshpere. If you have seen a good deal, please let me know...
  27. ilyak

    wtb: pro-logic preamp

    looking for a pro-logic preamp
  28. ilyak

    fiber optic lighting!!!

    hey, i have some leftover stuff from my lighting project....i bought a full spool of 1mm cable(jacketed)and couple light sources that i got a good deal on. the cable can be seen here: http://www.fiberopticproducts.com/da...=jacketedfiber its the first one on the list, they charge $480 for 3,200...
  29. ilyak

    infocus projector

    hi, i am selling my infocus projector,upgrade bug in me, wounderful projector, 1024x768, 800lumens, 300:1 contrast, 500 hours on the 2000 hour bulb. have a new one on its way, so looking to sell asap, $1200 or make me a reasonable offer, you can email me at [email protected]
  30. ilyak

    diva 5.1 and 2.1

    looking to sell EITHER one of my speaker pairs because i feel that the 7.1 just doesnt sound right and i like 5 speaker sound better. looking to get $300 for the 2.1 and $600 for the 5.1 plus shipping. all are mint, with boxes and warranty, and can send pictures if interested, you can email me...