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  1. Marc Alexander

    Cool-It/Cool-Plate Equipment Coolers

    As my Kenwood VR-2090 has gotten older, it has become more sensitive to heat. The symptom displays itself as a clicking in the speakers when the IR remote is used. I have relieved the problem somewhat by moving the center and rears to an external amp (unfortunately - no pre-outs for L and R). I...
  2. Marc Alexander

    How do I disable "SHOW SIGNATURE" by default on new posts?

    I can't figure out how to get Show Signature unchecked by default. I hardly ever remember to uncheck it.
  3. Marc Alexander

    Need 3-ch amplifier recommendations

    I have a Kenwood VR-2090 receiver which was Kenwood's top of the line a few years back. I am trying to upgrade the performance without replacing the receiver (I need it to control the CD-3280 dual zone CD jukebox). Unfortunately, this model does not have 5.1 pre-outs. It only has has pre-outs...
  4. Marc Alexander

    DVDs For Sale - Shipping $1

    All DVDs in Mint Condition soldDesperado/El-Mariachi (2-pack/Unopened) - $20 soldBram Stoker's Dracula (Unopened) - $15 soldTitan A.E. - $15 soldThe Big Blue - $15 soldAustin Powers: International Man of Mystery (Unopened) - $10 soldAir Force One - $10 soldCrimson Tide - $10 soldLove &...
  5. Marc Alexander

    How does Pal South Park look in Progressive NTSC w/Malata?

    I am considering a Malata/JVC (w/mod) for PAL/NTSC conversion. I am concerned with the reports of poor video deinterlacing of the mediamatics chipset. How does this relate to video based PAL DVDs?
  6. Marc Alexander

    The recent events motivated me to purchase The Siege - DTS

    When I saw this movie years ago, I found it mediocre at best. After the recent events, I haven't been able to stop thinking about similarities with this movie. Best Buy had the DTS version for $14.99 so I picked it up. Was anyone else reminded of this movie?
  7. Marc Alexander

    Buying HDTV online - BEWARE! My Panasonic Fiasco

    With all the excitement over the new 47" Panny, I thought this would be a good time inform you all of my experience (It pains me to think about it, let alone type about it). I would like all of you to be wary of Panasonic sets. Be sure you purchase from a local retailer who will accept a...