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  1. AlexKunec

    FS: GR AV2, Adire HE10.1, Labhorn complete or drivers

    Adire Audio HE10.1: Approx 2 years old, speakers built with baltic birch, and lacquered with semi-gloss. Completed speakers: $250 obo (make an offer, I have to get rid of these). GR-Research AV2 with sonicap upgrade: MDF enclosure, painted black and specklestoned. Will sell complete...
  2. AlexKunec

    Active speakers - using different amps

    Im about to build some active speakers and use a Bryston 4B to power the mids and a adcom to power the tweeter. Now, on linkwitzlabs.com it says "The amplifiers must have identical voltage gains" (for active crossovers). I really doubt that they (Bryston and adcom) do have identical...
  3. AlexKunec

    which capacitor for active crossovers?

    Im about to make a purchase from digikey so i can build some active crossovers. Should I use metallized polypropylene, polyester (mylar) or polypropylene capacitors? Im trying to keep costs down so can i maybe use the metallized polyprops or mylar as bypass caps or bass or something...
  4. AlexKunec

    Getting started with active crossovers

    Hi, The latest active crossovers thread inspired me to build some myself. I went to this website and thought that would be perfect for me. $75 for all the parts I need to build and test 2 3 way speakers. However, I emailed the author, and he hasn't responded. So I was gonna put together a kit...
  5. AlexKunec

    Adire HE10.1 crossover mods

    Has anyone ever modified the HE10.1 crossover so that the horn tweeter plays louder? I read a couple years ago of someone that did that now i think i want to. It seems that the high end is alot quieter then most other systems i heard. Someone mentioned modifying a resistor value in it. Thanks
  6. AlexKunec

    Best DIY Speakers

    I was just wondering what you guys think are the best DIY speakers ever? Thanks
  7. AlexKunec

    Eminence LAB 12 for HT

    Last year I built a LAB BASSHORN. Its too big so me to use now, so im thinking of taking out the drivers, and putting then in small sealed boxes. How would these drivers perform in HT sealed box, even though they were designed for a hornloaded enclosure?
  8. AlexKunec

    Shiva sub not kicking as hard as i want

    I built a sub around a shiva driver. its 100l and tuned to 21hz with a 4inch vent. I notice that when my friend plays his sub (energy 12" ported) it plays a lot louder. There seems to be alot more midbass and kick. I was just wondering if there is anyway to make my sub sound like that?
  9. AlexKunec

    Calculating Q

    How do I calculate Q of a sealed sub, given the volume and T/S parameters of the driver?
  10. AlexKunec

    Tempest or 15"DVC

    Im gonna build a couple of subwoofers that will act as stands for some gr research av2s. Each stand will have about 75 liters of internal volume. I put either a 15"DVC or a tempest in each of them (sealed). I love output and i love midbass kick. which of these drivers would be better for these...
  11. AlexKunec

    Dayton Quatro 10" sub

    Has anyone heard anything about the Dayton Quatro 10" Sub. I need a sub for music only, so low end extension isnt necessary. I want lots of punchy midbass, even though most of you guys dont really recommend it. (Im still a teen and love the kick.) I plan on building 2 subs each with 2 quatro...
  12. AlexKunec

    Adire HE10.1 for sale

    Anyone interested in Adire HE10.1 speakers? They are built out of baltic birch and finished with a golden oak stain and a glossy finish. I can email pictures of them at your request. They are 8 months old and sound great. Im being relocated to a new job in 4 months and I have to get rid of most...
  13. AlexKunec

    Acitve DIY Speakers

    Why arent there any active speaker kits? I keep on hearing all the advantages of active crossovers, and i just wondered why noone is selling any active kits because i would be really interested in purchasing one. thanks Alex
  14. AlexKunec

    Bryston 4b with preamp

    i recently bought a bryston 4b nrb i dont have a preamp yet. I hooked my soundcard (m-audio revolution 7.1) directly to my amp. When my soundcard is turned up all the way (there is no volume control on the bryston) the amp isnt putting out nearly what it is capable of. I asked a friend if i...
  15. AlexKunec

    HE 10.1 Measurements

    I finished building some adire HE10.1 about a month ago and I just tested them with an RS digital SPL meter. Here are the results (at listening position): Fq SPL (Db) 10088 13088 16087 20094 25091 30085 40092 50087 60085 70094 80089 100088 120090 140087 160086 200096 240090...
  16. AlexKunec

    xovers for diy drivers in car

    im thinking about making a decent stereo in my car using peerless and possibly tangband drivers. For the crossovers, can i just buy some premade 3rd order xovers from partsexpress?? Im not educated enough to make a proffessional crossover so i was wondering if buying these premade ones will...
  17. AlexKunec

    cheap amps in thailand

    My brother is going to thailand right away, and i was wondering if amps would be a lot cheaper there. Im looking for something like a bryston, krell, or rotel or anything similar. I heard that most electronics are cheaper, but i just dont know about the high end audio market.
  18. AlexKunec

    m-audio revolution 7.1

    Does anyone have this card or has something to share about it? Seems like a heck of a card for $100 and I love m-audio. Thanks, Alex Kunec
  19. AlexKunec

    DIY car audio

    has anyone used DIY speaker drivers in car audio applications?? I was thinking about getting some pheonix gold speakers for my car but i thought it would be a better idea to get some peerless or focal drivers instead. I know this is a little off topic but can someone refer me to a place...
  20. AlexKunec

    Shiva porting idea

    Im about to build a ported shiva sub and I have an idea. What if put female pipe coupling on the box, and then put a male adapter on various length pipes so that I could tune it to a diff frequency by just screwing on a different pipe length? Or make it sealed with an endcap? Would that work?
  21. AlexKunec

    Efficient, lively speaker kits

    Im planning on building some speakers in a couple of months and I need to find a speaker kit (pair) following this criteria: 1. Dynamic 2. Lively - I want them to give me a feeling that im at the concert. So far, I havent heard any speakers that gets me as dazzled as being at a live...
  22. AlexKunec

    HE10.1 or Klipsch

    Im thinking about building some Adire HE10.1 speakers, when i noticed some klipsch speakers on sale. I dont remember the model, but they cost $500 and had a rated sensitivity of 98db, along with 100w power handling. As far as I know klipsch seems to build some nice speakers. How would the...
  23. AlexKunec

    PE 250w plate amp into 3ohm load?

    Has anyone driven the PE amp into a 3ohm load? I was thinking about doing this butI thought I should check what you guys say first.
  24. AlexKunec

    Parts Express Delivery Time

    On December 2nd, I ordered 2 eminence lab drivers from parts express. I got them to send it through USPS airmail to Edmonton,Alberta, Canada. Do you guys think it will arrive before christmas? Anyone else from Canada order through parts express and got it delivered through USPS airmail? If...
  25. AlexKunec

    Finishing Baltic Birch

    Can someone refer me to some sites where they made speakers out of baltic birch, and just stained/varnished them? I once saw some speakers where the plys of the plywood was all exposed and it looked great.
  26. AlexKunec

    Dan Wiggins - HE10.1 with XBL^2 release

    When can we expect the HE10.1 with XBL^2 tech. to be released? How much would the specs change?
  27. AlexKunec

    Good receiver to power my av1+s

    Can you guys recommend a good receiver to power my gr research av1+s? How much should i spend on a 5.1 receiver with the following speakers? av1+ Mains av1 center av1 surrounds Adire Tempest w/ 250w amp Thanx
  28. AlexKunec

    Designing/Building A bass horn

    Can anyone refer me to a good website about designing or building a basshorn. I need extension down to 30hz and am looking for an extremely efficient design.
  29. AlexKunec

    Speakerbuilding books

    Can someone recommend some good books on speaker building? Right now i know the basic concepts of designing speakers, such as building basic xovers (Butterworth), building xovers for speakers of different efficiencies etc.... I somewhat understand baffle step compensation. I would like a...
  30. AlexKunec

    Would this work?

    I get 12" - 14" sonotube 8' long. On one end have a shiva sub, on the other, a shiva sub wired out of phase. Should this give me more output or less? I now that there should be some more cancellations, but the drivers are so far away that i wasn't sure. I figured that if they were in some kind...