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  1. Larry Gardner

    Disney Titles - need help on OAR info!

    I've figured out that Widescreen presentation - means an LD transfer - Letterboxed. However, there are a few titles I'm trying to determine their original OAR. One of these is Blackbeard's Ghost. Currently released in Fullscreen DVD. Cannot find any information on www.imdb.com on OAR...
  2. Larry Gardner

    Aussie's - Harry Potter - just love them!

    Very cool! http://www.news.com.au/common/story_...55E421,00.html Maybe now, Warner Bros will start to listen to REAL statistics and not biased retail chain stores that only order P&S. This should start some rumblings in Warner Market Research. Sounds like someone is doing their job - or...
  3. Larry Gardner

    Latest Skinny on Disney - latest tech phone call info

    It is 4:00 PM EST Tuesday 4/23. Just got back from Best Buy where I purchased Behind Enemy Lines (2 copies), Angels in the Outfield, and Thin Red Line. I knew there was a question on whether or not AITO was anamorphic - so that is the first thing I watched. BTW, I already have this on...
  4. Larry Gardner

    Studios: re: Tv Product - provide a Play All option

    Please provide a play all option when producing TV episodic DVD product. This feature is sorely needed when trying to watch the entire disc without having to continue going back to the Main Menu and chosing the next episode. Especially Star Trek DVD product. Definitely wanted! Thank you!
  5. Larry Gardner

    Universal starts psuedo rental pricing

    According to www.dvdfile.com Universal will release On The Edge in May at a new psuedo rental price window of 32.95. Extras are the basic for an Universal title - trailer, cast and crew, production notes. Even will price reductions - this disc will be over 20.00 maybe even 25.00 at retail. I...
  6. Larry Gardner

    Universal: why non-anamorphic on re-releases from your earlier Goodtimes titles?

    New article on www.dvdfile.com has Universal reportng of re-releasing Richard Pryor's titles previously released by their Goodtimes leases of Brewster's Millions and Which Way Is Up. Both titles have been reported to be being re-released in non-anamorphic 1:85.1 versions. Hasn't Universal...
  7. Larry Gardner

    CTHV - Metropolis Pocket DVD (3 inch)

    Columbia/TriStar will be placing extras for the Metropolis DVD on a Pocket DVD - 3 inch DVD. See complete story: www.videobusiness.com
  8. Larry Gardner

    Roots: 25th Anniversary DVD - Beautiful but ...

    For a 25 year old mini-series - this DVD looks awesome. Just seeing all of the actors is outstanding (since a lot have passed away). However, I was all set to watch this miniseries this weekend and am somewhat annoyed that Warner Bros has decided to release them on flippers. Episode 1/2 -...
  9. Larry Gardner

    FOX: M*A*S*H TV - Please reconsider menu design for Season 2

    Finally, got MASH TV - Season 1. Great - except for the DVD authoring of the menu design. You cannot 'Play All'. Everytime you finish with an episode it returns to THAT episodes menu for setting the language, subtitles, and selecting chapters for that episode. It should return you to the...
  10. Larry Gardner

    Evolution: trailer missing

    Don't know if this was intentional by Dreamworks or if the trailer is in some Easter Egg, but there is no trailer present. This is just odd for a Dreamworks release. Also, this is a Dreamworks/Columbia DVD distributed by Universal with DTS. Only in Hollywood!!!!
  11. Larry Gardner

    FOX - What are we going to do about you (applaud!)

    Fox: Just bought my sister and broither-in-law a DVD player for Xmas. Thought I'd buy them some DVDs to go with them. This is what I got: Die Hard 5 Star Collection Planet of the Apes Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Alien Legacy Moulin Rouge (on order) Castaway Simpson's Box Set Omen...
  12. Larry Gardner

    Security Stickers - Zhivago/Ad Stickers - Shrek!?!

    I've just about had it with these ?!?**!!! stickers. First I just about destroyed Shrek by trying to remove the underlying X-Box square sticker. Now I purchased Dr. Zhivago and the damn barcode sticker on the top of the box is not the removable kind. Trying to remove it rips the entire box...