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  1. GrahamT

    How do you cut small circles?

    When flush mounting drivers I know that I have to use a rabbet bit but how do I cut a perfect circle first? It cant be done with a jigsaw so I assume it is done with a router but how? If it helps this is my router http://www.blackanddecker.com/produc...istByType.aspx Thanks for the help
  2. GrahamT

    What is a phase plug?

    I read that Adire is redesigning the "phase plug" on the new 4" XBL^2 driver to increase the high end frequency extension. I cant figure out what a phase plug is and have had no luck searching. Can someone please explain what part of the driver this is and how it affects frequency response...
  3. GrahamT

    sub amp question

    I am building a DIY Tempest. I have the sealed box (Q of 0.66), and am receiving the Tempest next week. I also have a sony sawm500 that I dont need anymore. Can I use the Tempest with the sony amp? The amp was originally designed to be used in a ported enclosure tuned probably to 30 Hz or...
  4. GrahamT

    Sony sub amp, Titanic driver

    I have a sony sawm500(150w, 12"), I am not entirely happy with it and am interested in DIY. I have already built a sealed box for the sony which was an improvement. Now I am wondering if I could replace the sony driver with a Titanic or Shiva. The sony amp is rated for 150W into 6ohms. If I...