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  1. David WS

    Directv,Tivo want HDTV

    Paul, thanks for answering Ronneil questions. I've been MIA for a few weeks, busy at work. ;-) BTW. Comcast and Tivo have finally signed a deal. The belief is that in late 2006 Comcast will roll out software supplied by Tivo for the Moto boxes. If they get it right, it will be the best of...
  2. David WS

    Directv,Tivo want HDTV

    I'll second Paul's statements! I switched from 6 years of DirecTV (4 with DirecTivo) to Comcast a few weeks ago. The deal breaker was when Comcast released the Motorola 6214 (Dual Tuner HD DVR). The interface is not as nice as Tivo but it does perform all the basic functions and many of the...
  3. David WS

    HD-DVR from Cox...how is it compared to TIVO?

    Thanks for the response Andrew! Since my kids have basically taken over my DirecTivo with copies of The wiggles, oobi, sesame street, power rangers and pokemon, I'll probably end up upgrading the HD reciever connected to my PJ to a HD dvr once I decide if I like the comcast HD DVR. :D I...
  4. David WS

    HD-DVR from Cox...how is it compared to TIVO?

    I just ordered a HD PVR for my "family" system (as well as a HD tuner for my theater in the basement) from Comcast. I've been using a DirecTivo for the last 4 years or so. I love it but with three HD ready systems I wanted more HD options. I have a used Samsung SIR T150 STB that works great when...
  5. David WS

    Samsung DVD HD841 Firmware Surprise

    That "hold your breath" feeling you get whenever you do firmware upgrades is a strange thing. I just upgraded a Samsung SIR t150 HDTV STB last weekend. I had to make a serial (db-9) to stereo phono plug cable and run the update. Once it started, the STB emitted a very high pitched squeal. Talk...
  6. David WS

    Samsung DVD HD841 Firmware Surprise

    Thanks! I hope my BS in computer science will be enough to get me through... :D
  7. David WS

    Samsung DVD HD841 Firmware Surprise

    Chuck Solo I have the same Sammy and love it but have not heard about this firmware upgrade. Where can I get it? Is it via CD/DVD? thanks, Dave
  8. David WS

    What in wall speaker wire is everyone running?

    I used CL3 (in wall rated) 14 gauge 4 conductor (when twisted together = 11 gauge) from here. Home Theater Direct
  9. David WS


    They have it at Home Depots up here in the northland.
  10. David WS

    Home Depot RCA Brand Speaker Wires (rip them out o' the wall?)

    The Home Depot stuff is just fine. There are some people that would suggest higher quality cables. Since you have done all the install work, leave them in. They will work just fine. Worry about something else, spend your money on something else. Just my $.02 Dave
  11. David WS

    Framing against block wall

    In my city you are required to have a vapor barrier. XPS is a insulator and vapor barrier in one. Hence the need for foil tape to seal the joints between sheets. I can see the issue with mold growing inside of fiberglass insulation. The thing that I don't understand is why mold won't grow BEHIND...
  12. David WS

    Framing against block wall

    I used a product from Menards call UGL (?) dry-lock. (I think that was the name) It comes in a 5 gal bucket and goes on real thick. It is designed to soak in a 1/8 inch or so and then seal up. It really did the job.
  13. David WS

    Framing against block wall

    The studs are right up against the wall. The vapor barrier is between the studs and the drywall. bloack Wall -> paint/sealer - > studs -> insulation(between studs) -> vapor barrier - > drywall. I didn't leave a space between the blocks and the studs for two reasons. 1) I didn't want to...
  14. David WS

    Basement Ceiling Insulation

    I'd put the insulation in. I'm working on the doors and trim in my basement/theater right now. (Hung the doors last night.) I insulated the ceiling in my basement and can already hear the difference. The sounds from upstairs are MUCH quieter. I used r-13 unfaced which left a small space in the...
  15. David WS

    Framing against block wall

    I used a paint/concrete sealer on my block walls first, then I framed with 2x4 studs, insulation, vaporbarrior (8 mil poly) and finally drywall. My basement is noticably more comfortable. I've read that as much as 1/5 of your heating costs can escape through cinderblock basement walls. Do what...
  16. David WS

    I need a new vcr

    Paul, thats a good bet. Tape format will evenutally go away. DVD-R is catching on, better encoding systems are being developed and DVD-HD is on its way with recordable versions to follow. We simply won't need the "large" storage capacity of tapes in the future. There are even companies working...
  17. David WS

    I need a new vcr

    JVC is just about the last "brand name" company that makes VCRs. SVHS has higher resolution than regular VHS. You need to buy special blank tapes to take advantage of the SVHS features. These tapes will NOT play in a regular VCR. The JVC SVHS players will allow you to us a special option to...
  18. David WS

    Not enough component inputs!

    You could also look at the products from This company. They are of very high quality (from what I've read) but you also pay for it.
  19. David WS

    Insulation in an Below Ground Basement.

    What is the R-Rating of the stryfoam walls? I read recently that 1/5th of the heat loss in a home can come from exposed concrete walls in a basement. If you have r-13 or better I wouldn't add any more. Do you have one of the foam/concrete systems that use the foam as forms and fills the...
  20. David WS

    speaker wire question

    If you are new to this hobby I wouldn't worry too much about fancy botique speaker cables quite yet. Many people will say the using terminations on speaker cable is not the ideal because you are breaking the signal path more. I'd just get a good quality 14 or 12 gauge wire cut it to length...
  21. David WS

    Partial 4805 website now up.

    So this is an ED projector? For $1700 you can get a LCD HD projector. How many of you feel that DLP's pluses (ie black level) will outweigh the higher resolution of an LCD projector for nearly the same price. Also, since this DLP has a 6 segment color wheel, will the rainbow effect be reduced...
  22. David WS

    Looking for a projector. Widescreen on 4:3?

    Jack, The link you added to the X1 trial needs to start "HTTPS:\..." not "HTTP:\..." The form on that page takes a credit card number and without the "S" people could submit a credit card number over the internet without encryption. :angry: Please Update your post. Dave
  23. David WS

    FS: Sherwood Newcastle AVP-9080 DTS/DD Pre/Pro

    I can't find any info about this model. Could you provide some photos of the front and back pannels? I might be interested if I could get some details. Thanks, Dave
  24. David WS

    Most of Fox's NFL Games will be in High-Def this year!

    I got a STB about three weeks ago so I could watch MNF in HD next fall. Then I hear that my Vikes will be on Monday night again after two years of no mondays. Now I'll be able to watch them in HD when they play on Sunday. THIS ROCKS! Best $150 I've spent. I can't wait! Finally fox is going to do...
  25. David WS

    DVDs Bought out of Childhood Memories

    Gotta mention School House Rock! BTW, I'm totally shocked at how much my 4 1/2 year old son loves it. It's very strange to listen to him singing the songs from the episodes.
  26. David WS

    DVI Connection

    DVI-D is the best common connection format we have in consumer video right now. Since the digital signal from your source is not converted to analog until it is being displayed, the data is as pure as possible. You may not be able to see a difference, it will all depend on the quality of the...
  27. David WS

    HOT Price on the NEC HT1000!!!

    Zenas is right. There really is no reason to have HDMI on a projector other than you can have a longer HDMI cable than a DVI cable before you run into performance issues. The price on HDMI cables SHOULD be lower when they become more popular. You can buy converters for HDMI to DVI because DVI is...
  28. David WS

    WTB - Outlaw ICBM and DVDO Ultra Scan Pro

    Here is one option. This Sale
  29. David WS

    WTB - LD player in MSP area

    Colin, I have a Pioneer CLD 502 (I think, I'm at work and can't remember the exact number.) that I've been considering selling. It has autoflip, manual, Karokee mic, remote and original box. Heck I even have the original receipt from BestBuy on Robert Street in West St. Paul. It has AC-3 RF...
  30. David WS

    Which DVI cable do I need?

    Actually you'd be safer with a DVI-D cable. The "I" version will have extra Analog pins added. If either your TV or STB is "Digital Only" the DVI-I cable will not plug in. There are also DVI-A cables but they are very rare as they are Analog only (what's the point? just use a vga cable.) This...