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    How do you explain your love of physical media in an era of streaming?

    To be honest I am older and though I do stream I find that DVD are better. I bought angels had fallen and saw it in blu ray. Next night I found it on Netflick and I could see and hear the difference. I also saw air force one the same way and on DVD the sound was better
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    Besides movies what are your other hobbies?

    I read comic books. Have a huge collection. Also excerse since I am in my 60's I also use to play several instruments. I also go to the movies that way I can compare my home theater to how it sounds in the movies, Most times my home theater sounds better
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    General Discussion Streaming Frustrations

    Hook up to HDMI for fire stick in a yamaha 3070. HBO max is hook up by opitical cable to my comcast box but it is thru my receiver
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    Besides movies what are your other hobbies?

    I collect comic books though not like I use to. Been doing it since I was 9(yes I have the first XMen, Avengers, Iron man, Fantastic 4, and Static) I also collect albums and CD since I have a nice system. I read a lot since I am retired a year. I also love astronomy and bought myself a...
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    Why I Own So Many Movies.

    I had about 240 DVD until I moved. Now I have about 100 since I moved and left some of my stuff alt my old place. my blu ray collection is growing again and in 4 month have about 100. I always found with a physical collection I can watch the movie anytime I want
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    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    Years ago. The Bionic Woman the second version. And Knight Rider the second version. Some of the shows mention I can see streaming
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    General Discussion Streaming Frustrations

    My FireStick does 5.1 for certain channels Disney Plus, Amazon Prime. Also Netflick which my TV and Comcast cable does. Any other is very bad stereo. Comcast cable does it very well and I only have it hooked up to a toslink. HBO Max is the issue. 5.1 is spotted sometimes just stereo. Now the...
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    SVS PB-1000 Pro Review

    I have the SB 1000 and boy does it go down low.I listen to Battle LA and it took everything the movie threw at it. The couch rocked
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    Blu-ray Review The Marksman Blu-ray Review

    I bought that and was disappointed in the surround also. Next time I buy a DVD I am going to read you first.
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    Blu-ray Review Wrath of Man – Bluray Review

    I have the blu ray and it gave my sub woofer a work out
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    Yamaha amp goes into protection mode

    My 3070 did that too to the point that the light did not come on. I ended up calling Yamaha and they directed me to a place. (Best Buy sucks). It turn out it went into protection mode because I went a year without using it. They had to put in a new processor and now it is good as new. In fact it...
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    Netflix loses 130k US subscribers

    I have Netflix only for the Marvel shows and the CW shows of last season. Once I see the last of Jessica Jones I am cutting Netflix. To me streaming is horrible. Only through comcast I am seeing netflix
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    Sony introduces $599 premium UHD Blu-ray player

    I know they last long. I still have the first blu ray Sony put out. Still looks good
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    Upgrade/Sidegrade Recommendations from Denon AVR-X4200W

    I am about to buy a 3080 now How is your receiver sounding. Replacing the A750 which died 2 weeks ago. First Yamaha that I have that died
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    Advice needed - $599 Yamaha vs $999 Denon (discounted to $599)

    I am looking for a receiver too. A mouse got on top of it and my cat didn't get to it and some how shorted it out. I had a Yamaha a750. It sounded good but I felt like it did not do the sourrounds well like my 1200. Plus I had to remember which input was what when I had to switch equipment...
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    Your latest LP (Vinyl) purchase

    New Aretha Franklin greatest hits. Old Roy Ayers Serchin
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    Who is getting back into vinyl records or has already gotten back into vinyl records?

    I went cd crazy for a while but got a sony turntable and played it for years. There use to be this person who use to sell records at RFK stadium in D>C I upgraded to a technic turntable and there are several places in the D,C arear that sell it. I still buy CDs but I can buy albums cheaper
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    Introducing Samsung TV Upgrade: Get a new TV every two years

    My first HD T.V lasted 5 years and my girl friends lasted 3. I am a little lerry of Samsung T.Vs. My Panisonic is still going strong
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    The Future of Barnes & Noble--and what it may mean for media purchasing

    I live in Maryland and the only place I can rent a video is a RedBox. I miss the days were I can go to a blockbuster and browse the video and get one with my girlfriend. That is why my DVD/Blu-Ray collection is huge?. What state are you in so I can move. Maryland has no rental places
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    Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    In the comic everybody dies except Dr.Strange and the Silver surf but everybody was brought back
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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Justice League -- in 4k UHD Blu-ray

    I thought it was okay. I have a lot of movies to catch up on for my home theater so I will see this one in maybe May on my equipment. I am still trying to figure out 7.1 on my Yamaha a750 but I might have to retire my blue ray. It is almost 8 years old. But Justice League is one of the few I...
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    Is this normal on my yamaha rx681

    Yes My Yamaha adventage 750 does the same thing