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  1. Ron Etaylor

    King Crimson gone for good?

    I was thinking about King Crimson the other day, and when I popped into BB with a $10 coupon I thought I might pickup a cd or two from their catalogue. Except there wasn't even a plastic divider card in their racks. I stopped by Borders on the way home and there was ONE cd...the first album...
  2. Ron Etaylor

    Superbowl DVD

    Saw it at BB today and although the back cover stated it contained the "Ameriquest Halftime Show" it didn't say a thing about the McCartney segment. Is the Paul set on there?
  3. Ron Etaylor

    Dylan SACDs going away?

    A friend told me the Dylan SACDs are being phased out and the remasterers are being issued as redbook cds. Any word?
  4. Ron Etaylor

    So what if I get burn in?

    I think I just had an epiphany. As much as I want an LCD/DLP/Plasma, they are out of my price range. Why not grab a giant CRT for the time being. I'll have the blacks, and by the time the prices come down on the other technologies, I can move the CRT to a bedroom. If it has burn in at that...
  5. Ron Etaylor

    The Dark Horse Years

    Just got the George Harrison boxed set this morning. At first glimpse/listen, here are some observations: They didn't do much to restore the videos on the DVD The box and book are very nice Bonus tracks on the CDs are mediocre and there aren't enough of them The Live in Japan SACD...
  6. Ron Etaylor

    Buying for the long term

    I have a 32 inch direct view (about 10 years old) that looks good, but is not HD, and I'd like something bigger. I'm entertaining the idea of a Sammy DLP at around 4k. The thing is, that would be the most expensive anything I've ever bought other than a house or car. I'm not certain my wife will...
  7. Ron Etaylor

    How long will you use your big screen?

    My decision on which big screen to get is especially tough because if I'm gonna drop 4 or 5K, it by god better be the right choice for a LONG time. What about those of you who have "pulled the trigger" knowing that in a few years there will be something better for less money? Are you going to...
  8. Ron Etaylor

    Chicago stores with good hi-rez selection

    Can anyone recommend any Chicago music stores with an exceptional selection of SACD's and DVD-A?
  9. Ron Etaylor

    Sweet acoustic guitar concert last night

    I saw two killer acoustic guitar players last night at a small theater. Laurence Juber played in Wings in the late 70's, the other guitarist was Muriel Anderson. WOW!!! They played everything from original music to classical pieces, to a little bluegrass, and some Beatles songs. I don't know if...
  10. Ron Etaylor

    What is Ultimate Electronics all about?

    We're getting a one of their stores here at the end of October. How does it compare to BB or CC? I'm hoping for the best.
  11. Ron Etaylor

    Song Remains the Same, only better

    I was recently lucky to acquire the Zepp catalog on cd. I had the boxed sets, but hadn't heard all the original cd remasters. Reluctantly, I put on a disc of The Song Remains The Same, and I was surprised at what I heard. Mind you, the last time I heard this material was on vinyl which seemed to...
  12. Ron Etaylor

    Kipsch vs. Velodyne sub-worth the extra?

    I'm considering a Velodyne CHT-12 sub at CC for $600, or a Klipsch RSW 12 for $1250. I could also consider the Velodyne CHT 15 for about $100 more. I have Altec Voice of the Theater fronts. I'm about 65% music/35% movies. Your thoughts would be appreciated.
  13. Ron Etaylor

    Magic Christian in stores?

    Did anyone see the dvd of The Magic Christian in stores today? It's a great piece for Beatle fans with Ringo in it and a soundtrack featuring some excellent Badfinger stuff.
  14. Ron Etaylor

    VCR recommendations

    Anybody happy with their VCR? I know it's not a sexy HT item, but one of mine gave up after 16 years last night. I want something with good sound and optimum picture quality(I'm not ready for digital yet). Anything good left out there? TIA.