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  1. ChrisAG

    Marantz 7300 OSE noise - is there a fix?

    A couple of years ago there was a lot of talk in this forum about a high pitched whine coming from the centre channel of the SR7300 & OSE models. I forgot about this issue when I picked up a used OSE a couple months back. Unfortunately, the unit I have exhibits this problem. Basically, when a...
  2. ChrisAG

    Marantz Neo-6, CS-II?

    I'm comparing these modes to DPL-II on my 7300 OSE. I've only had the 7300 for a few weeks (bought used) to replace my 6200 and haven't reached many conclusions yet. On the 6200 the differences between CS 5.1 and DPL-II were obvious, with CS giving greater separation. With the 7300 its a little...
  3. ChrisAG

    SR8400 on Marantz NA web site

    Looks excellent, but as I feared it loses one video input. That's a strange omission given the imminent popularity of DVD-R... those of us that may keep the old VCR, plus have progressive scan DVD, LD & DSS will have to buy an external video switcher. Based on the 7400 chasis rather than the...
  4. ChrisAG

    Marantz SR7400

    Just for laughs I went to Google and typed "Marantz 7400." Lo and behold, a few UK sites have it listed, with preliminary specs. Updates over the 7300 include 7.1 channels, DTS 96/24, and what looks like a very nice remote. It doesn't look like a FireWire port made the cut, unfortunately. I...
  5. ChrisAG

    Convert Real Audio to MP3 for car playback?

    I asked this in the Computer area, but given that many of you play MP3's in the car... Is there any software that will do the conversion to MP3 without degrading the sound quality of the original files?
  6. ChrisAG

    Convert Real Audio to MP3?

    I have some RA files I'd like to convert to MP3 for playback in my car's CD player. Is there any good software that can do the job without compromising the original file's sound quality?
  7. ChrisAG

    Change input names on Marantz x200?

    I thought this was possible but I can't find any reference to it in the manual. Anyone try it?
  8. ChrisAG

    Does bass extension matter for rear (80 vs. 120Hz speakers)?

    I'd like to expand my 6.1 system to 7.1, for which I would purchase a pair of dipoles for the sides to compliment the monopole rears. The choices, to match my fronts, would be Mordaunt-Short 903S bipoles or 506 THX dipoles. The delima is that while the 903S' cost less than half as much and...
  9. ChrisAG

    Mass loading tower speakers

    Among those who have done this, has it made a difference for bass response? Also, for those in the Toronto area, is there a source for lead shot that you've found? I have tried numerous sporting goods stores, but they don't sell in bulk.
  10. ChrisAG

    Sony SCD-C222ES discontinued in Canada

    I visited the local Sony store today to check the latest pricing and availability. The last price was $1099 CDN, but stores no longer have it in stock. The C555 is still available, but at $1499 (plus tax). I'm all for supporting the local economy, but when it costs $500 CDN more after taxes...
  11. ChrisAG

    Sony SCD-222ES - Anyone think mods are advisable?

    I don't have this unit yet, but it is the best player I can get in my budget of about $350 US. I realize the superior performance of the 555ES can be had for only about $250 more, but shipping to Canada and the extra taxes involved jack the difference up beyond a comfortable level ($1100 CDN...
  12. ChrisAG

    CD player using digital out: player quality irrelevant?

    For two-channel audio, I understand that if you are using the analogue output, the quality of the CD player's internals matters a great deal. However, if the receiver is doing the digital audio conversion, does the quality of the player matter?
  13. ChrisAG

    SACD changers: quality at a decent price?

    I'm looking to buy one of these in the near term, but I'm wondering if a decent model can be had for under $800 CDN or $500 US yet. I've read good things about the Sony 555ES but that one is still expensive. Will going cheaper comprimise quality by much? Should one wait till more models come...
  14. ChrisAG

    Yamaha RX-V1300 / 2300

    I was just at their web site and saw these new units... isn't it a little soon after the 1200/2200 release? Are we seeing lines revamped every eight months now? Crazy.
  15. ChrisAG

    Blown VCR

    After a neighborhood power outage my circa-1996 JVC VCR stopped working - completely dead, no clock or other lit indicators. Do these components contain any fuses that I could replace?
  16. ChrisAG

    No new formats?

    It seems that for the past six years or so new formats were coming out fairly regularly, fast enough to make equipment obsolete very quickly. Examples, the order that I remember them: DD DTS DD EX DTS ES / ES Discreet DPL-2 DTS 96/24 Plus of course other enhancements such as dual rear...
  17. ChrisAG

    Marantz 5/6/7200 test tone mode

    I'm able to engage Automatic test tone no problem, where the reciever cycles through all channels in in turn with the test tone. However, I'm not having much luck with the Manual mode. I want to hear each channel for a longer period of time (especially the sub), but clicking OK on the remote as...
  18. ChrisAG

    Marantz 52/6200 DAC 192 kHz?

    The owners manual and early literature for these models states that the front L/R channels incorporate 24-bit 96kHz DACs, while the latest literature and Marantz's Web site quote them at 192kHz. Does this mean the earlier brochures had a misprint, or that the units coming off the line now have...
  19. ChrisAG

    Sub setting when mains set to Small?

    Given that there is always some overlap with these settings, If the LFE is sent to the sub with your mains set to Small using the receiver's fixed crossover of 100Hz, what sould the sub's crossover setting be? I understand that subs work best with low crossover settings - asking them to...
  20. ChrisAG

    Bookshelfs on a bookshelf?

    I realize this would degrade the sound somewhat and would definitely be a bad idea for fronts, but what about rears? "Soundstage" is not as important for the rears, so is there any harm in placing bookshelf speakers in a bookcase? The bookcases in question do not have a back, so the rear-ported...
  21. ChrisAG

    Placed floorstanders on 2" concrete slab - less bass

    Due to unavoidable room layout, one of my Mordaunt-Short 906 towers was partly obscured by a couch arm, which completely hid the bottom woofer and partly hid the midrange. Sound was definitely compromised because of this, though the speakers sounded good otherwise, with decent bass. They have...
  22. ChrisAG

    Do most subs have adjustable high-pass crossover for mains?

    Most if not all subs have the ability to accept speaker wire from the amp and then send a signal to the mains, giving you a choice of a full range signal or one that is crossed over at some point. Sould the crossover to the mains be adjustable? What subs have this feature, if any?
  23. ChrisAG

    Anyone purchase Marantz x200 in last 2 weeks?

    Looks like my original thread on this topic was lost. Marantz claims problems have been fixed, including the popping and vertical sync when using S-video (digital audio dropouts seem to be a universal problem and likely have not been fixed). I went to my dealer yesterday and they don't have...
  24. ChrisAG

    Anyone purchase Marantz x200 recently?

    This applies to the 5200, 6200 and 7200. If you've purchased one in the last two weeks, have the bugs (popping sound, S-video sync with bright flashes) been resolved?
  25. ChrisAG

    Anyone have their Marantz x200 S-video repaired?

    I'm not talking about the severe vertical line interference present in the early production run, but the vertical sync problem that happens when viewing bright flashes via S-video sources. Marantz repair reps have claimed the problem was fixed at the factory and customers with older units can...
  26. ChrisAG

    Marantz x200 S-video sync issue allegedly fixed

    I just got off the phone with the Canadian Marantz distributor, who said that the new units coming off the line have a modified video board that is supposed to fix that annoying vertical sync issue whenever there are particularly bright flashes in the program material. He also mentioned that...
  27. ChrisAG

    When will 50" plasma be <$3000?

    $3000 US seems to be the affordability threshold for high-volume big screen TVs these days... Any estimates as to when Plasma might sink to that price?
  28. ChrisAG

    Adire Rava - Canadian source?

    Have any Canadians purchased this sub? If so, is it available only online?
  29. ChrisAG

    How long do speakers last?

    I'd assume that the rubber surrounding the drivers eventually breaks down, after 15 years or so. Can this be prevented by applying silicone rubber protector? What else can go wrong or wear out?
  30. ChrisAG

    Increase height of floorstanders?

    I have a pair of Mordaunt-Short 906 towers that are about 34" high. One of the speakers is partly obscured by the arm of a couch. With my room layout it is impractical to move the furniture, so I'm wondering if anyone has ideas on what to use to raise the speakers by about 2-3 inches. Does...