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  1. Julian Reville

    Severe pixilation on Olympics diving

    Anybody besides me getting severe central area of screen pixilation on the Olympics diving events? I'm using an OTA rooftop antenna, an LG STB hooked via component cables to a fairly new ViewSonic projector, and I don't know if it's the signal, the STB, or the projector. The only other...
  2. Julian Reville

    Horrible experience with Best Price Cameras

    also apparently doing business as J & K Camera, and who knows what else. After finding their price for a Mitsu HC1500 on DidUPrice.com where they got the highest rating, I placed an internet order. They advertise factory fresh and full warranty. They called me back a few hours later and told...
  3. Julian Reville

    Better deal for $799?

    Mistubishi HC1500 or Optoma HD72 ?? Both of these have dropped in price in the last few months, and to me the specs look similar. Any consensus that one is drastically better? (I will be replacing a deader-than-dead SP4800)
  4. Julian Reville

    Pet Food Recall

    This one is really serious. I have already had 1 cat die at my clinic, and several more pets are sick. If you are feeding any canned or "meat in a pouch" type food to your dog or cat, please check the recall list ASAP. http://www.menufoods.com/recall/index.html
  5. Julian Reville

    new bulb for Infocus SP4800. Ouch!

    My 4800 blew it's first bulb on Sunday. Scared the heck out of me. :) Then I bought a new bulb from Infocus since I couldn't find one cheaper. Yeoow! That first bulb only lasted 1975 hours. :frowning: The dust screen wasn't very dirty, but I had never cleaned it, due to ignorance. Does...
  6. Julian Reville

    WTB: Pioneer Elite DD/dts receiver

    preferably one that has a built-in Laser Disc RF AC-3 input; like the VSX-39TX or VSX-47TX. Other models considered. Let me know what you have, please.
  7. Julian Reville

    Need new, refurbed, or B-stock receiver for under $1000

    that has PHONO inputs, and a RF AC-3 input for laser discs, as well as the usual veritable plethora of analog and digital inputs. Does anyone still make such a beast? (other than Yamaha's RX-Z9) Would like a refurbed Pioneer Elite VSX-47TX if anyone knows of a source.
  8. Julian Reville

    How to eliminate XP error message?

    Running XP Pro. Made a boo-boo a while back when installing the software that came with my Plextor CD-RW (kinda old). Anyway, the Adaptic software, now owned by Roxio, attempted to load "DirectCD" drivers, which XP won't allow, and it gives me an error message on the taskbar every time it...
  9. Julian Reville

    WHAT!!!!!! How is this possible?

    Iowa woman finds dead baby turtle in package of freeze-dried coffee The Associated Press AINSWORTH, Iowa — Marjorie Morris just wanted to pour coffee into a canister. What she found in the package of freeze-dried coffee left her shell-shocked. Morris, 77, of Ainsworth, found a dead baby...
  10. Julian Reville

    video analog to digital conversion question

    Please help, computer gurus, as I am ignorant. :) I want to video tape my golf swing with my VHS camcorder, then load the video into my computer for swing analysis. The camcorder is analog, so I need a video analog to digital converter. I found a couple, but: Question 1: should I get...
  11. Julian Reville

    Help with Photo Gallery

    Do I have to reregister to use the photo gallery? Is the user name supposed to be the same?
  12. Julian Reville

    will IR reflect off a mirror?

    Having bought a front projector, I am in the process of redoing my home theater. I got rid of my big RPTV and moved my 2 equipment racks to the side of the room, thus freeing up the whole front wall for the screen and 3 front speakers. BUT....now I'm having trouble getting my remote controls...
  13. Julian Reville

    Wierd little problem

    Last night while watching JAG , I noticed that when there was a flashback , and the picture composition changed drastically, my InFocus 4800 would lose the picture momentarily, then display the "setting up picture" box. This happened about 6 times last night and was kinda annoying. Something I'm...
  14. Julian Reville

    The Tour de Georgia whizzed by a little while ago....

    not 100 yards away from my front door. Those guys are so fast it was over in 15 seconds!!! I had time to get 4 pictures with my digital Nikon and that was it. The leader (Lance Armstrong?) was by me before I could even get the camera level. :) Absolutely amazing.
  15. Julian Reville

    Is this wierd or am I just naive?

    Last week I took my Montero Sport in to the dealership for routine service. Last night I got a call from one of the salesmen who said they have someone who wants to buy it. It's 2001 XS 3.5 4WD with only 19,000 miles, in very good condition, so I could understand someone wanting to buy it...
  16. Julian Reville


    I'm changing from a large RPTV to a ceiling mounted front projector, and if I want the room to look right I'm going to have to: 1- remove my ceiling fan 2- relocate my 2 A/V racks, which means buying about 6 sets of longer video/digital/analog cables 3- figuring out where to put the racks...
  17. Julian Reville

    cell phone tower lease

    Anyone have any experience with negotiating a cell phone tower lease? My mother has been contacted by a company who wants to put a tower on some land we own.
  18. Julian Reville

    What kind of projector do I need?

    I finally got my first laptop :); it's a used ThinkPad T22 I got off of eBay, and I really like it. Now I'm developing some slideshow presentations, and I need a projector to hook to the laptop, and I haven't a clue as to what I need. The laptop has a S-video out and a computer video out. I...
  19. Julian Reville

    Concert pianists should have their mouths duct-taped shut OR

    Can anyone recommend a HiRez version on Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No. 3 to replace my CD version? Last night I was listening to this CD, the RCA Red Seal David Helfgott recording, on headphones. I've listened to it a thousand times through speakers, but this was the first time through...
  20. Julian Reville

    Patches the Horse

    he he patches the horse
  21. Julian Reville

    Procrastination.......it's a disease

    Help! After months and months of pleading, writing letters, calling everyone I can think of, I have finally gotten the Army to "consider" granting me an age waiver for a commission in the Army Reserve, as a Veterinary Officer. The trouble is: they want a frigging RESUME! Actually...
  22. Julian Reville

    I swear, people are getting stupider by the minute

    Police: Bull mutilation suspects wanted steak Web posted Friday, December 10, 2004 By Josh Gelinas | South Carolina Bureau AIKEN - The five people charged with mutilating a bull and leaving it dead in the road had planned to eat the animal, authorities said Thursday. But there were...
  23. Julian Reville

    Laptop advice for a laptop dummy, please

    I have never owned a laptop; all of my 15 (!)computers have been desktops, so I need a little advice on what to buy. I need one that will: Read CD-ROMs and CD-Rs/CD-RWs, mostly containing PDFs. Video out for displaying on a separate monitor. Modem. Sound, via ear phones would be OK...
  24. Julian Reville

    Anyone ever write to your favorite (living) authors?

    I read a good bit, usually 4-5 books a week; usually novels, sometimes histories or biographies. This week I got through reading all of James Webb's novels, and finally realized that one character, "Wild Bill" Fogarty, was central in 2 of them, "A Sense of Honor" and " Something to Die For". The...
  25. Julian Reville

    Speaker replacement in Montero Sport

    I've got a 2001 Mitsubishi Montero Sport with the standard non-Infinity CD player and speakers. The speaker in the right rear door has just developed an annoying distortion, I guess it's blown. According to Crutchfield, this is a 6.5-6.75" speaker. Recommendations, please on a decent pair...
  26. Julian Reville

    omnidirectional TV antenna

    Has anyone tried one of the outside TV antennas that look like giant Frisbee? Are they any good? Channel Master 3000 http://www.solidsignal.com/prod_disp...p?CAT=Antennas TV&PROD=ANC3000 My basic cable picture sucks and I'm tired of paying for it. I need an either an omnidirectional...
  27. Julian Reville

    Science Fiction (book) aficianados- help me out here

    I'm trying to remember the title and author of a book I read years ago (I need it as ammo in an argument.) The only thing I can remember about it is that electronic voting for everything was mandatory, you had to use your ID card to vote, and if you didn't vote "correctly" it was recorded...
  28. Julian Reville

    What's going to happen when the Social Security Administration runs out of numbers?

    Remember the great Y2K computer scare? A lot of us who were using PCs for work & business had to buy new hardware & software to ensure we could keep operating, just because some bozos couldn't concieve of the date changing. That's nothing compared to the goat-f**k that's going to happen when...
  29. Julian Reville

    How long should it take for a Congressman to answer a letter?

    I wrote a letter to one of my Congressfolks a few weeks back, asking for an answer to a question and a minor favor, and so far I haven't heard anything back, not even an acknowledgement that it was received. I know these folks are really busy trying to get re-elected doing important guvment...