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  1. Gary_E

    KMart - Olevia 232V LCD HDTV

    On sale for $499.99 Good reviews and good price for 32" LCD with built-in ATSC tuner and HDMI input. Only drawback, there is no Optical Audio Output. http://www.olevia.com/jsp/products/detail.jsp?pid=232V -Gary
  2. Gary_E

    Opinions:Simpletech 2.5 External Hard Drives

    I was interested if anyone has any experience with Simpletech's 2.5 external USB 2.0 hard drives. I'm interested in archiving captured HD mpegs of this season of 24 on one of their 80 gig drives. I'm curious if HD playback performance would be impaired by connecting it to my desktop USB 2.0...
  3. Gary_E

    3 Pack 6 Ft HDMI Cables for $30.00 (was $18)

    SupermediaStore: 3 Pack 6 Ft HDMI High Definition Digital Multimedia Cable Male to Male Original Price: $51.97 Instant Savings: -$34.00 Sale Price: $17.97 - Free Ground Shipping http://www.supermediastore.com/hdmi-...meter-3pk.html -Gary
  4. Gary_E

    Juggling To The Beatles

    Incredible!!!! http://video.google.com/videoplay?do...640&pr=goog-sl -Gary
  5. Gary_E

    Capturing OTA - ATSC SD programming

    I’ve read many posts, both on HTF and AVS, concerning capturing digital and high-def programming. High-def captures do not interest me at this time because I do not have a PC connected to my HT, so viewing high-def captures is not possible. This kept my interest focused on capturing the higher...
  6. Gary_E

    Blank dual layer media deals

    Maybe this is the start of blank dual layer disc prices beginning to fall. Two deals this week: On-line: Supermediastore - Ritek Ridata 5 pack Double Layer/ Dual Layer 2.4X 8.5GB Discs with Free 1 pack Ridata 4X DVD+RW in jewel case for $19.50 after rebate...
  7. Gary_E

    South Florida Deal on LG 4200a

    BRANDSMART (Sawgrass) has loads of the LG 4200A HD OTA receiver for $148.00. Great price! -Gary
  8. Gary_E

    Casio thermal disc printer @ Office Max

    Yesterday while visiting Office Max, I noticed a Casio thermal disc printer (model CW-50) for $100.00. I had a coupon for $10.00 of my next purchase, so I decided to buy it. At checkout, I was told there was a $20.00 rebate available, bringing the final cost down to $70.00. The unit is very...
  9. Gary_E

    120gig external HD $158.00 w/$25.00 rebate

    Pretty good deal at NewEgg.com. http://www.newegg.com/app/viewProduc...144-334&depa=0 Western Digital 120 gig USB 2.0 external hardrive $158.00 on sale -$25.00 mail in rebate $135.00 total FREE SHIPPING
  10. Gary_E

    DVD Review: Jim Croce Live

    I was a sophomore in high school when Leroy Brown was a hit on the radio in the early seventies. A friend of mine lent me his album, You Don't Mess Around With Jim and I was hooked. As an aspiring guitar player, I was struck by the sound he generated, both from his acoustic guitar melodies and...
  11. Gary_E

    Concert for George on PBS in HD Wednesday night

    I noticed the tribute concert for George Harrison is on South Florida's local PBS HD channel this evening at 9:00 pm eastern. The DVD looks very good and has some outstanding musical performances from Eric Clapton, Jeff Lynne, Billy Preston, Ringo, Paul and others. PLUS Monty Python...
  12. Gary_E

    New DSS provider..Dish1Up???

    I heard a commercial for this company on the radio today and checked out their website. Seems like a pretty good deal and would appreciate any comments. http://www.dish1up.com I did a search and did not find this company listed. If this is duplicate info, moderator please delete this...
  13. Gary_E

    The BEATLES 40 years later

    I found this Beatle 40 year anniversary tribute site from a local newspaper. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/broadband/theedge/ If any other local papers have links to other Beatle tributes please post them. Regards, -Gary
  14. Gary_E

    200 CD-Rs @ Office Max $2.99 after rebates

    From this week's Office Max local weekly sales flyer: Value Disc 200 Pack CD-R. $49.99 Instant Rebate: $7.00 Mfr’s Mail-In Rebate: $20.00 OfficeMax Mail-In Rebate: $20.00 Net cost: $2.99 I've been using these discs for quite a while and they are very good quality. The discs are...
  15. Gary_E

    My experience with transfer of 8mm film to DVD

    For the past 6 months, I have been working on a family project tracing my family's lineage from my grandparents’ immigration to America, up until present day. I've been restoring old photographs, recording interviews with family members and shooting video of locations we lived in or visited...
  16. Gary_E

    DVD-R and DVD+R media @ Office Depot

    From today's Office Depot newspaper ad in South Florida: Buy 1 Verbatim DVD+R/-R DATALIFEPLUS MEDIA 15-PK, Get 1 of the Same Item FREE $32.77 Per Pack Reg. $33.99 thru Jun 6 Fully compatible with DVD-R recorders as well as DVD-ROM drives and DVD video players Coupon Code 64788709...
  17. Gary_E

    The Beatles Anthology DVD special on CNN

    I received this e-mail today and thought I'd pass it along. Regards, -Gary This weekend CNN are broadcasting a special on The Beatles Anthology DVD on their "The Music Room" programme. The programme will be aired from tomorrow, Friday 2 May, and gives an insight into how the DVD...
  18. Gary_E

    Presidental encounters

    Since I've been watching the war coverage, I began to think about the fact I've seen two presidents in person during my lifetime (I'm 45). When I was 10 or 11, while visiting my Grandparents on Long Island N.Y., I saw Richard Nixon during his first presidential campaign. He was riding in a...
  19. Gary_E

    Feeling patriotic?

    Give this a go. http://doody36.home.attbi.com/liberty.htm -Gary
  20. Gary_E

    Help with program to auto start cd-rom

    I have an AVI (one file only) on a CD which I would like to have start playing after insertion into the drive. I did a google search but I'm just not sure what I'm looking for. All I need is something that will put a graphic on screen which says PLAY and after pressing graphic the AVI will...
  21. Gary_E

    A Timeline of Audio/Video technology

    While listening to McCartney's Band On The Run DTS CD today, I remembered reading that this album was originally recorded for quadraphonic playback. I became curious as to the advent of quad sound and during my research I came across this article. I thought some may find it interesting. A...
  22. Gary_E

    Bon Jovi's HT on Stern

    Today Howard had on Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora. Howard was talking to Bon Jovi about the new house he built in New Jersey and asked him what was his favorite part of the house. Jon answered without hesitation that it’s his theater room. He said he has a 35mm projector and an 18 by 10-foot...
  23. Gary_E

    FOX Double Feature DVDs

    Today at a local BJ's Wholesale Club (a clone of Costco/Sam's Club)there were a series of enormous standing displays of discounted DVDs for sale. MGM, Warner, Disney, Universal and Fox were all represented. There were many interesting titles for $13.99 and less. The FOX display was most...
  24. Gary_E

    Question Re: Nero of files on mixed CD?

    I'm attempting to burn a mixed CD with 20 audio tracks followed by 1 data track. The default settings place the data track first on the CD and when inserted into a CD player the disc spins playing the data track but no audio is heard. With the default settings being the way they are, it...
  25. Gary_E

    200 CD-Rs $4.99 @ Office Max

    I saw this deal on Office Max's website: http://www.officemax.com/max/solutio...kOID=536967539 200 700MB CD-R Regular price - $59.99 Instant rebate - $20.00 Mail in rebate - $35.00 Net cost - $4.99 I've been using these for a while now with excellent performance. They're the...
  26. Gary_E

    Avery 'AFTER BURNER' CD labeling system

    Has anyone used this new CD labeling system from Avery? It has a unique applicator and the labels can be printed full face with only the small hole in the center being removed. I've used Avery labels for quite a while, applying them with tabs, using the jewel case itself but I've never used...
  27. Gary_E

    Review: Bryan Adams UNPLUGGED

    I was never a big Brian Adams fan, although I did like his top 40 hits and I do enjoy his unique sounding voice. I’ve always enjoyed the settings and atmospheres that MTV UNPLUGGED portrayed to the audience and anxiously await more UNPLUGGED releases. So on those likes I bought this disc. I...
  28. Gary_E

    What's your favorite electronic 'toy'?

    For me it has to be my ARCHOS 20gig Jukebox/Recorder. I find myself enjoying MP3s more and more and the flexibility of the ARCHOS is amazing. The ARCHOS's ability to record any audio source (live, analog or digital) as an MP3, directly to itself without using a PC, is it's coolest feature. You...
  29. Gary_E

    Next year WB and UPN in HD

    I didn't find this during a search, so if it is repetitive please close it. Was reading this over at AVS. http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...hreadid=142373 The WB has announced 4 hours of HD during prime time next season.....including SMALLVILLE This is GREAT news. -Gary
  30. Gary_E

    Review: The Hustler

    While aimlessly wandering the aisles of a large, national, retail department store today, my eyes scoured through a rack of DVDs for $14.44. Just as if seen through the cross hairs of a riflescope there stood The Hustler. I pulled the trigger at the checkout counter and came home to see how Fox...