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  1. dave_brogli

    BLu-Rays - PS3 Games and a 360 Game - PAypal

    Hey guys.. all movies sold in my last thread are out and were square... ive got a few left that Id like to sell and just shoot me a pm! I take paypal only (its nice then I can print shipping labels off of them) I got really confused cause peopel were shooting offers left and right! I had way to...
  2. dave_brogli


    Lol Guys Im sorry..... Yeah I got holy bombarded with PM's There was mass confusion....!!! Then ive been a busy bee this week! Lol All is well now... movies are out.... and anything sold has been sold!
  3. dave_brogli

    Sony Blu-Ray Player for Sale - NEW

    I have a Blu-ray player I got as a early xmas present from mom! Problem is mom doesnt know the ps3 is a bluray player! lol And I have a ps3... So here I am with a 300.00 brick! lol I am selling my Sony -BDP-s350 - Retails 300.00 You will receive the bluray player - cables and remote! ALL...
  4. dave_brogli

    Lot of 4 Harry Pottter BluRays 4Sale - Sealed

    Like the title says Ive got the first four Harry Potter Blu-Rays All Sealed Youll get Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire I prefer money orders only ! I would like 55.00...
  5. dave_brogli

    Guitar Hero 2 - XBOX 360 Review - Opinions

    What an awesome game. I have picked up my electric guitar countless times to try and play. needless to say i fail miserebly each time. then i get guitar hero 2. A port of the PS2 game with added songs and hidef graphics. WOW! What an awesome game. 70+ Songs, tons of venues and different...
  6. dave_brogli

    6 Sealed Blu-Ray DVDs for Sale

    Alright, Ive got a lot of 6 Sealed USA region 1 blu-ray dvds THE DEPARTED -Nicholson - Damon - Dicaprio - 22.00 Shipped TALADEGA NIGHTS - Will Farrel - John c Reilly - 22.00 Shipped SUPERMAN RETURNS - Brandon Routh - 22.00 Shipped THE GUARDIAN - Costner - Kutcher - 22.00 Shipped CLICK -...
  7. dave_brogli

    Windows Vista ! Hard Drive Install Problem!

    Last night I bought and installed Windows Vista Home Premium Upgrade(over xp) I installed it on my 40gb C Drive This morning I said boy i sure should have a bigger hd So I bought a 160gb and hooked it up. HOW DO I TRANSFER MY VISTA INSTAL INTO THE BIGGER 160gb "D" Drive I thought copy...
  8. dave_brogli

    How much is my 360 setup worth? Help!

    Hey guys (and girls) I am thinking of buying a ps3. Have always liked Sony and I have a sony bravia tv so it just seems right lol. Anyways would you guys help me and give me a estimate price on what this is worth in ebay prices if i were to sell it......... All is NM-Mint condition...
  9. dave_brogli

    My electric bill is way high..... why?

    I live in a 2 story 3 bedroom apt. I do no laundry (at my house atleast) 3-4 Showers (family) a day 1 dishwasher a day 2 lcd screens computer 1 tv 40 degree weather, so a little electric heat but not much........ im somewhat uneducated as to electric bills. They were always for my...
  10. dave_brogli

    ELECTRIC Ranges Question - I got electricuted??

    ok in my apt. there is floor board heaters. I had one hand on the heater, and one hand on my electric guitar. no wetness or anything. I got shocked in both hands. is this normal. I obviously wont do it again, but is it safe?
  11. dave_brogli

    WANTED -- Wake Up Ron Burgundy -Anchorman Bonus Disc

    Hey Everyone! Im looking for the bonus disc that cam with anchorman when it first came out. Its called Wake Up Ron Burgundy. Can Paypal ty
  12. dave_brogli

    Sony LCD as Computer Monitor Help!

    Hi, Ive got a computer with video card to 15 lcd monitor and a geforce 128mb video card to my sony 32 LCD Of course my computer monitor is fine, but the TV all I get is a desktop the picture works and eveything looks awesome but its not cloned or whatever to what I see on my computer monitor...
  13. dave_brogli

    XBOX 360 "Core" 4 Sale! Coem Check it Out

    Ive after failing 3 times on ebay by deadbeat bidders winning my auctions, have decided to try and sell this with you guys. Sealed XBOX 360 (Including Receipt Bought on 1-1-06 In hand and boxed ready to be shipped. Shipping on this is like 25.00 US Im selling it for 380.00 SHIPPED...
  14. dave_brogli

    36 Tube TV is Dead What to do?

    Ive got an RCA 36 HDTV CRT. Its about 4 years old. When i went to turn it on the other morning it powered on, and 2 seconds later turned off. It repeated itself about 5 times and I unplugged it. I plugged it back in and now have no power. no sound inside telling me the tvs trying to work...
  15. dave_brogli

    My hard drive is missing????

    Hey guys! i keep all my programs and files on my c drive i keep all pics music and movies on my d drive went to look at some pics yesterday and my d drive is missing! it isnt recognizing it. i cant find it. all my stuffs gone! i use windows xp. anyone know of any culprits?
  16. dave_brogli

    Sony "Green Ring" problem

    A buddy of mine at work has a 42" Sony HD monitor (dont know which model, one of the newer ones) Anyways last night at his house I noticed a green ring about 12" in diameter right in the center of his screen. Now this was really faint but you could see it definetly in light/white scenes. Any...
  17. dave_brogli

    For Sale! Dtc-100 HD Receiver + Free Dish!

    I have for sale a slightly used (for about a year) DTC-100 with remote, and card. I also have the three lnb oval dish for sale which I will include for free!! All you have to pay if you want the dish is the extra shipping charges, if not dont worry! I am asking 120.00 shipped. Pm me here...
  18. dave_brogli

    For Sale DTC-100 and More!

    I have for sale a mint condition (about 1 year old or so) (switching to voom) RCA DTC-100 with Access Card and Remote The complete package I would like 180.00 for. I paid 500 for it all new. I will entertain all offers! Have a Powered Subwoofer (under 100 or so) I can do a partial...
  19. dave_brogli

    For Sale Some Games and a Futurama DVD

    I have for sale Gamecube Legend of Zelda Collectors Edition (4 in 1 promo classics) 33.00 Shipped Xbox Project Gotham Racing 2 22.00 shipped Ghost Recon and Ghost Recon Island Thunder (whole Package Only) 20.00 shipped DVD Futurama Volume 1 22.00 Shipped Thanks Guys PM me...
  20. dave_brogli

    for sale a bunch o dvd's

    Well not a bunch but some. I prefer payment via paypal. All prices include shipping! All movies are mint and complete (only watched once) Fear and Loathing Criterion......... 22.00 Gothica .......... 12.00 Futurama Season 1......... 23.00 The Hours (fullscreen) 7.00 :frowning: maybee more...
  21. dave_brogli

    My dad needs help w/directv dvd hook up!

    Hey guys. Yesterday I went over to my dads house to hook up all his stuff. He has Standard Cable antenna Directv DVD VCR A/Video Switch 2 in 1 out 1 Composite AV Hook Up on TV How do I hook it up? He wants to be able to tape DTV and OTA Cable. Can you guys help us? THanks...
  22. dave_brogli

    WTB Powered Subwoofer for Cheap

    Im looking for a powered subwoofer that someone wants to get rid of. I have 80.00 in Paypal and a ton of dvds for trade (if needed) Im looking for anything really. Give me your old one in the closet. whatever! I only have 80.00 to cover this (including shipping) and movies. Thanks...
  23. dave_brogli

    Which Video Card is Better

    Alright I recently bought a computer with an "Integrated Extreme Graphics Card with 64Mb available memory. Is that card better or worse (at gaming) than a 32mb Geforce 2 Card?? Thats all I know on both of them. :) Im thinking of putting in the 32mb one from my old pc into this new...
  24. dave_brogli

    Directv CBS-HD Questions

    I looked on my channel list and now have 80 and 81 (i think) CBS East and West Anyways it says for me to call 721. How do I find out if im eligible to get those channels. am i? Do i have to live a certain distance from somewhere or what> Id like to catch the game tonight... Thanks guys!
  25. dave_brogli

    For Sale D-Link PCI Adapter 802.11g

    I have for sale a sealed in box PCI wireless etherent card. Retails for 80.00 Ill sell it for 42.00 shipped.... D-link DWL-G520 Thanks for looking guys! (will also look for a partial trade/cash fora decent PCI Video Card.)
  26. dave_brogli

    For Sale or Trade 64mb DDR AGP Card

    I have for Sale or Trade MadDog AGP Card Heres my thing. I bought it at office max 2 days ago, lost the receipt and opened it. Noticed it was an AGP and not a PCI so now I have a pretty cool graphics card that I cant use with my PC. Office max wont take it back :frowning: I am looking...
  27. dave_brogli

    Best Computer Under $800

    I am in the market for a new comuter. Ive only got about 800 to spend after rebates. I will use this mainly for internet, gaming, and dvd video editing/burning. Im gonna be getting a digital camcorder so I need to be able to hook this up easy, firewire? How is the Dell 2400? it has...
  28. dave_brogli

    WWII Aerial Photo Archive to Go Online

    How absolutely cool is this. 5 Million pictures! LONDON (Reuters) - More than five million detailed aerial photographs from World War II go onto the Internet from Monday, giving the public their first views of some of the most dramatic and grisly moments of the conflict. Yahoo...
  29. dave_brogli

    DIY Sub Where to start??

    Ive searched a bit and found pretty much nothing. Ive got a 10"jbl car sub... can I use it? Ive got a 4X6 Sheet of MDF board. Ive got speaker wire. What do I need? DO I really need to make it powered? Or can I just run it staright from my receiver? Or do I need drivers and all that other...
  30. dave_brogli

    FS Digital SPL Meter

    I have a Radio Shack Digital Sound level Meter it has only been used for about a half hour and is in absolute mint condition...... here is a link Sound Meter Asking 30 shipped to your door. Thanks for looking!