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  1. Mike Strassburg

    Port Question

    My old sonotube had (2) 6" x 22.5" ports. I'm going to throw a few Tempests into a ported box, same volume as the sonotube, but will be using 8" ports as they're much easier to find and cheaper. I used a basic volume calculator and it comes up with a 8" x 12.75" being the same as the old 6"...
  2. Mike Strassburg

    Free Sonosub

    Just built an IB sub, so I have a 480L enclosure that housed 2 Tempests and was tuned to 17Hz. All I did was remove the speakers. Yours for the taking if you're near Beach Park, IL
  3. Mike Strassburg

    Klipsch KLF-C7

    I have an Oak KLF-C7 center channel about two years old, used as a rear center, in excellent condition with original box/manual. $300 + shipping, or will deliver to Chicago/Milwaukee area. Thanks...Mike
  4. Mike Strassburg

    FS: Tempest

    I have a Tempest I bought last year, put in a box for my car, and it over-powered my other speakers/amp, so I put the Bazooka tube back in. Maybe played for one week, excellent condition. It's still in the box, sitting in my basement. $100, shipping included to anywhere US. Please PM...
  5. Mike Strassburg

    FS: Klipsch, Tempests, Denon

    Lost my job a few months ago and $$$ is very scarce right now, so I've got no choice but to sell off my speakers.Send offers to my e-mail account, [email protected] Located near Chicago and would prefer local pick-up as UPS has a reputation for damaging them. Digital pics available upon...
  6. Mike Strassburg

    3802 Troubleshooting

    Returned home from a business trip today to discover that the ON/STANDBY button is flashing. According to the manual it's either over-heating, which can't be the case since it hadn't been played recently, or one of the speaker connections is shorted. I disconnected ALL of the speakers from...
  7. Mike Strassburg

    Tempest as Car Sub

    A new kid started at work last week and is looking to upgrade the stereo in his car. I offered to help him build a sub based on a Tempest, so I need some help as I have NO idea on how to make them work in a car. Obviously like all young guys he wants MAX SPL, plus it's gotta go low. What size...
  8. Mike Strassburg

    Dual Tempest SPL Measurements

    FINALLY got my lazy butt motivated enough to dig out the RS meter and get some readings. Had some issues calibrating which I posted in another post. Here's the corrected numbers: FREQ - SPL (comp) 16- 83.5 18- 86.0 20- 85.5 22- 84.5 25- 86.0 28- 88.0 31.5- 88.0 36- 93.5 40-...
  9. Mike Strassburg

    HELP: Calibrating...Is This Correct??

    As you can tell by the title I'm not having a good HT day. VERY confused and hoping someone can shed some light on this for me. I've done a bunch of searches but am still in the dark. Here goes. I have a 3802 with a 6.1 Klipsch Legend set-up & dual Tempest sonosub. I'm using the Sound &...
  10. Mike Strassburg

    FS: Klipsch KLF-10's

    I've changed directions and moved my C7 to the back center, so I won't be using the 10's. Rather than just having them sit around I'd prefer to sell to another Klipsch lover who'll enjoy them. I picked them up about 3 months ago. Medium Oak in excellent condition. Original manual/boxes. Prefer...
  11. Mike Strassburg

    DIY KLF-10CC in Action

    Had to build a stand to raise the CC above the TV to eliminate magnetic interference. Sound is incredible. Nothing like dual 10's and a big horn! I also added a pic of the C7 that I moved to the rear. I could NOT be happier with the audio portion of my HT. Now if only I had room for a 65" TV...
  12. Mike Strassburg

    Pics of my HT

    I ended up making a home page to post the pics. It's a pretty basic HT set-up, but the family and I really enjoy it. I currently can't use the DIY KLF-10 CC as it's causing interference with the TV even though I used bucking magnets. It's sitting atop a pair of KLF-10's that will be my back...
  13. Mike Strassburg

    How to Post Pics??

    I've finally got some pics of my dual Tempest sonosub, HS500 amp enclosure, and DIY KLF-10 CC, but I don't have a web space to copy them to. What can I do to post them here? They're .jpeg's around 60-80kb. TIA...Mike
  14. Mike Strassburg

    HS500 Question

    Is anyone familiar with the "bass boost" on this amp? Right now I've got it turned all the way down. When I'm done calibrating is this something I can use if I need to boost the bottom end a little or better off not using it?? TIA....Mike
  15. Mike Strassburg

    Dual Tempest Sonosub: First Impression

    Well, the beast is finally alive. Build-up was pretty straightforward. Ran into a few minor snags that required a little thinking to fix. Also got help up waiting for the HS500. Sub is per Dan W's recommendations: 480L 28" x 54" sonotube 6" x 20" ports dual Tempests triple MDF endcaps...
  16. Mike Strassburg

    HS500 Arrived Today

    HS500 arrived today and of course I road my bike to work, forgetting that it was coming in. Strapped it to the back with a couple of bungee cords and road slow. Unit looks VERY nice: solid and well built. Tomorrow I'll build a box for it and FINALLY get to audition my sonosub!! I'll have to...
  17. Mike Strassburg

    Dual Tempests with Samson or QSC

    My dual Tempest sonosub has been done for a week or so and Adire is still having problems getting the HS500's. I'm willing to give Dan another week, but I want to hear my sub already. I'm considering a QSC1450 or the Samson 1000. Heard the fan can be loud on the QSC, but I can isolate it in...
  18. Mike Strassburg

    Klipsch tower= DIY Center Channel

    Not sure if I've ever heard/seen this done on this forum, but several at the Klipsch forum have done this. I recently converted my JBL HT to a Klipsch Legend set-up with the requisite C7 for a center channel. I was intrigued by the guys who had converted a tower into a center for even better...
  19. Mike Strassburg

    Sunfire True Subwoofer Jr

    Guy at work was bragging about this sub today. Read about it in S&V at the health club. Told me if I looked into it I would have "buyer's remorse" because of the dual Tempest sonosub I'm building. Here's the specs from the ad: 1200 watt powered subwoofer 22 Hz to 100 Hz at 107db 9x9x9 107db...
  20. Mike Strassburg

    Caulking Endcaps

    I glued/screwed in the top endcap last night and today went to run a bead of caulk around the inside edge. Of course I have about 8 layers of batting spray glued to the inside of the tube and the glue ran into it...... Long story short, I'm having a little problem getting a nice clean surface...
  21. Mike Strassburg

    Sonosub Finally Started...

    I FINALLY started on my Sonosub today. Picked up a 28" x 60" piece of Multi Tube and got out the tools. Here's how I cut the tube to size and made it square: drove a screw into the tube about 2 inches from the end and used my carpenter's chalk line to make a nice purple line around the tube...
  22. Mike Strassburg

    Sonotube in Illinois

    Just wanted to give a quick mention to anyone looking for Sonotube near the Chicago area: Multiple Concrete Accessories 20284 N Rand Rd, Palatine, IL 60074 Phone: (847) 438-2000 They have ALL sizes from 8" to around 44". They sell Multitube brand. Very nice with 1/2" thick walls...
  23. Mike Strassburg

    HS500 vs QSC RMX850 + ???

    I've had an HS500 on order from Adire for about 6 weeks and am getting a little impatient. This will be for a dual Tempest sonosub. If I go with the QSC RMX850 I can wire to get 300WPC, correct? So I'm the same or a little more power wise, but what else would I need for EQ, Bass Management...
  24. Mike Strassburg

    WTB: Klipsch KLF-20' or 30's & C-7

    Prefer black, but will take Oak for the right price. Midwest location would be nice as I'm near Chicago and would like to pick them up vs shipping them. TIA...Mike
  25. Mike Strassburg

    JBL S-Center: Large or Small??

    Curious as to how others who use the center channel are running it. I "assumed" it had to be set to Small and never considered trying it set to Large, until I read a post where someone else was doing that and liked the male vocals better. I plan on trying it out tonight to see if I notice a...
  26. Mike Strassburg

    Denon 3802 - child proofing

    Are there any kind of "parental control" settings on this receiver.....like an access code you can program or anything like that? I need a way to keep my oldest son from using it when I'm not home. So far I'm looking at building a cabinet to lock it in, but hope someone has a better...
  27. Mike Strassburg

    nORH 4.0 vs DIY for Back Channel

    Current set up is: Denon 3802 JBL G500's & S center across the front Denmark towers for rears small KLH's for the back channel AudioSource sub....soon to be dual Tempest sonosub I'm totally into 7.1 surround and am happy with everything but the back channel....could use more/cleaner...
  28. Mike Strassburg

    Dual Tempests & 4ohm's

    I'm building a sonotube with dual tempests. Dan said parts will ship in a few weeks. Will be powered by Adire's HS500 amp. Can I wire them to run at a 4ohm load? I've been searching for diagrams but no luck so far...TIA....Mike
  29. Mike Strassburg

    Dual Tempest Sonotube Questions

    I'll soon be putting together a dual Tempest sonotube powered by a HS500 amp (running at 4ohms). I want to build it along the lines of the Adire Alignment (50% HT & 50% music). I'm looking for tight, accurate, LOUD bass that hits you in the chest. Not as concerned with going REALLY low. Dan W...
  30. Mike Strassburg

    Weird Noise from Sub...

    I'm currently using an AudioSource 12" sub with the built in 150W plate amp. I've replaced the driver with an MBAcoustics W128 which is a DVC car sub...alum/poly. It was inexpensive so I went with it, only $40 from a friend. I'm happy with the bass it puts out (but will build a dual Tempest...