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    Mounting speakers in older home

    The setup is a Yamaha RX-V385 5.1 with Klipsch R-25C center, R-41M bookshelves for front and sides and R-100SW subwoofer. The setting is a rectangular 12x28 living room with the tv on a short wall, close to the corner and the usual sitting area diagonal from it, on the long wall. The mood is a...
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    Crossover frequency for full range + tweeter

    I'm building a set of five speaker cabinets each with a full range driver and a tweeter. Drivers are a GRS 8FR-8 full-range 8" speaker, 8 ohms, 39 to 16,000 Hz and a Goldwood GT-302/S 1/2" Mylar Dome Tweeter, 8 ohms, 4,000 to 19,000 Hz. A separate sub woofer will handle that end of the spectrum...