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  1. John Gates

    ART 351 EQ

    Hi everyone! I'm temporarily dismantling my home theater as I prepare for a big move. Up for sale is a very mildly used ART 315 EQ. Extremely helpful for taming those bass peaks and valleys in your home theater. This unit was just pulled from my rack, it's used but in like-new...
  2. John Gates

    Donation Needed: PJ for Costa Rican Mission

    Hello everyone! A friend of mine is serving the poor (read: desperately poor) people who live in refugee slums in Costa Rica. He was having a terrific turnout for "movie night" for many months, but recently someone broke into his place down there and stole his cheap portable projector. So, no...
  3. John Gates

    Donation Needed: PJ for Costa Rican Mission

    Hello everyone! A friend of mine is serving the poor (read: desperately poor) people who live in refugee slums in Costa Rica. He was having a terrific turnout for "movie night" for many months, but recently someone broke into his place down there and stole his cheap portable projector. So, no...
  4. John Gates

    What happened to PB12-Plus/4?

    I haven't been around here for a while, been very happy with my gear for many moons. I have always dreamed of the B4+ (PB12-Plus/4), but now I notice SVS doesn't carry it anymore. Is it out of production? If so, why? I'm assuming maybe folks are opting for the PB-Ultra/2 instead...
  5. John Gates

    Movie cars for auction

    http://www.butterfields.com/cgi-bin/...ySearchResults Wow... check out some of the lots. Owning a piece of American Graffiti would be very cool.... Lot 811, the Green Hornet's car. :-) Lot 812, the original Bat Cycle. :emoji_thumbsup: Lot 848, the Skyline from 2F2F :D Which is...
  6. John Gates

    Human Finger found in Wendy's Chili

    Can you imagine? Ick! A woman apparently found a human finger cooked into her fast-food chili. Link here: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/articl...3/finger23.TMP Nasty.... I wonder if the medical examiner will get a fingerprint and be able to identify the "owner"? John
  7. John Gates

    Hybrid cars

    Anyone here own a Hybrid car? Honda is producing a 2005 Accord Hybrid that should run about $30K. I have test driven the Civic Hybrid and was fairly impressed, though at $21K you'd have to drive a lot of miles to make up the cost difference vs. a standard Civic EX. I'm very interested...
  8. John Gates

    Settlers of Catan!

    I have been playing Settlers of Catan for the last several months after buying it. What an amazing game! Never the same game twice, requires adaptive strategy, lots of player interaction. This is a wonderful game. How many here play it? Does anyone pursue primarily a development card...
  9. John Gates

    International Adoption

    My wife and I are preparing to adopt two daughters from Colombia, South America. We've been in the process since February of 2003, and we have about a year to go. Currently, our application was just approved by the Colombian government, and now the search for a pair of orphaned girls can begin...
  10. John Gates

    Any serious board gamers here?

    Hi all, I've been into (non-computer) strategy board games for a long time. What are your (non-computer) favorites? I'm looking to buy some new games soon, and I'd like to know what you think is good. Here are some of my favorites: Star Fleet Battles (Converted to Starfleet Command...
  11. John Gates

    HTPC Video Card choices

    Hi all, I built my HTPC about 2 or 3 years ago, and I believe I'm using a Radeon 7200, which was a great card for the purpose a couple years ago. I'm coupling the card with a Windows XP OS and a Sony 1272Q CRT projector and am generally very happy with the results. What is the...
  12. John Gates

    Vertigo vs. St. Elmo's Fire

    Ok, I know it's a strange subject line, but it got your interest, eh? This is JohnG's wife, Stacie. We were truly enjoying Hitchcock's Vertigo tonight & noticed a very strong resemblance between the woman who plays Midge (Barbara Bel Geddes) in Vertigo & the gal who played Wendy (Mare...
  13. John Gates

    Programmers Beware!

    You've got some new competition: http://www.newtechusa.com/PPI/main.asp
  14. John Gates

    Tipping in restaurants

    My wife and I have an ongoing tiff about how much to tip the wait person at a restaurant. I am much more strict, and tip for service. I tend to calculate a strict percentage. My wife insists on a couple of bucks, even if the bill is very low, sometimes resulting in a very high percentage...
  15. John Gates

    Undercover Brother!

    This looked pretty dumb, but I got a ridiculously low price at Blockbuster on a pre-view, so I picked it up. Watched it by myself a couple of nights ago AND I WAS ROLLING ON THE FLOOR! This movie is hilarious. It was just what I needed, some ridiculous low-brow humor, after a tough week...
  16. John Gates

    nOrh Le Amp 2 monoblocks

    Just announced by nOrh! I have the original Le Amps and am very impressed with them at the pricepoint. I'm looking forward to hearing these new puppies. Le Amp 2 is going to have 180 watts into 8 Ohms at an introductory price of only $195 each (no typo). The nOrh folks are going to be...
  17. John Gates

    ISF calibration for Sony 1272Q?

    Hi everyone, In your opinion, does a professional ISF calibration do much good on a Sony 1272Q CRT projector? I have done basic focus and calibration myself, and the picture looks very good, but how much better can it be? Are there secret and arcane things an ISF tech can do that will vastly...
  18. John Gates

    In-wall subwoofers?

    OK, DIY guys, here's a bizarre question for you: Can I design and install subwoofer drivers into the front wall and get good results? I am getting ready to upgrade my system (currently running 2 SVS 20-39's with original drivers), and I am looking at: 1. SVS B4+ 2. SVS Ultras (dual)...
  19. John Gates

    WTB: SVS Ultra Pair

    Hi all, I'm definitely upgrading my subs, and I am strongly considering the CS Ultra line. If anyone out there has a pair of these they'd let go that are in good condition, please let me know. I know some of you are upgrading to the B4+. I'm also considering: B4+ VMPS Larger Subs...
  20. John Gates

    Money Moving spam?

    I've been getting lots of weird SPAM lately, and I'm wondering if anyone else here has been getting similar e-mails? The e-mails always involve some high-ranking foreign government official (sometimes Africa, sometimes Asia) pleading for my personal help to move large sums of money. For some...
  21. John Gates

    My Nowhere Man appreciation thread

    "My name is Thomas Veil, or at least it was. I'm a photographer. I had it all: a wife, Alison, friends, a career, and in one moment it was all taken away. All because of a single photograph. I have it, they want it, and they will do anything to get the negatives. I'm keeping this diary as proof...
  22. John Gates

    Citizen Kane

    I just read that Citizen Kane was again rated as the #1 movie of all time by Sight and Sound. I saw this movie a couple of years ago in a nicely restored old movie theater. I'm going to be blunt: I thought it stunk. It was ponderously slow. I could see why some might like this film, but the...
  23. John Gates

    Peeve: Costco checking the receipt

    I have a peeve: Costco checks my receipt on the way out, causing me to wait in yet ANOTHER line just to get outta the store. There's a sign by the door that basically says they are checking receipts to insure I got all the items I paid for. WHAT A LOAD. They are checking to make sure I didn't...
  24. John Gates

    Alabama Meet?

    I'm fishing for interest in an Alabama meet. I'm in Birmingham, and I'd be very willing to host if there is enough interest. I'm thinking late September might work out very well and give enough time to plan. Who's interested? John G
  25. John Gates

    DVDs with "Rewatchable" value

    What DVDs do you consider to have the BEST re-watchability? Which ones can you watch over and over and over and over and over? My collection is full of DVD's I'd only watch once or twice. In the future, I'd like to spend more $$ on DVD's I could watch several times per year. My short list of...
  26. John Gates

    DTS audio discs on HTPC?

    Last evening, while working on my HT, I tried to play a DTS audio CD in my HTPC (my audio CD player won't do DTS, and my DVD player has been moved to another part of the house since the HTPC arrived). I expected this to work, but the DVD software (PowerDVD) didn't recognize it since it's not...
  27. John Gates

    DTS software deals

    Forgive me if this is "old hat" information, but I just stumbled onto this site: http://www.dvdpricesearch.com/cgi-bin/dvdsearch2 It lists all of the DTS software titles and tells you where the current cheapest online deal is. I found it by going to dvdpricesearch.com (also an excellent...
  28. John Gates

    Using HTPC for pre-movie audio/video show?

    Hi Everyone, I've been thinking it would be cool to set up my HTPC to do a slide show or some kind of audio/video show before the movie starts (as guests are arriving). I'd like to sync up some music and slides (movie trivia, picutres and instructions, Coke advertisements, maybe some kind of...
  29. John Gates

    "THEY LIVE" SE Version?

    They Live, along with Escape from NY, is among my alltime favorite movies. I've heard that Roddy Piper and John Carpenter have recently recorded their commentary for a new SE release of this fantastic movie, but I haven't heard any word from anyone in the know about when it'll be released...
  30. John Gates

    65" RPTV: Toshiba or Panasonic?

    I'm just beginning my research for a 65" 16:9 HD RPTV, and I thought I would post this question. Where can I find good research and reviews on sets this size? Which brand has the best reputation and features, and why? If it were your money, what would you buy and why? If both sets are...