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  1. Jacob_St

    Networking an Imac and a PC

    Warning! This post is VERY long winded and I apologize in advance. Hi. I have an Imac and PC (with WinME) in the same house. I use roadrunner cable internet on the imac and dial up on the PC. I am now in the process of connecting both computers to share the cable service. Roadrunner told me...
  2. Jacob_St

    Using WinMe standby.

    I have a Dell Dimension 8100 (pentium 4)with WinMe preinstalled. My problem is with the "stand by" function. Whenever I put the machine in stand by the hard drive turns off but the fans keep going. Is this normal for Dell PC's and WinMe? I'd rather just put my computer in standby then having to...
  3. Jacob_St

    Kate and Leopold the directors cut

    On the VHS screener for this movie it says the DVD will have both the theatrical version and a directors cut. I wonder if it will use seemless branching? I hope it does because maybe it will persuade other studios to do the same with future DVD's.
  4. Jacob_St

    Looking for an ethernet card.

    I'm looking to buy an ethernet card for my Pentium 4 PC and am wondering if they all are basically the same. There are two computers in my house (an IMAC and my PC) and both will be using the same cable internet connection via a hub. Is there a special card that I should use? I know I need a hub...
  5. Jacob_St

    Pearl Harbor DC packaging is incredible!

    There's an ad for it in this week Video Store Magazine and I have to admit the packaging is borderline brilliant. It comes in a fold up simulated leather wallet, with a simulated leather pouch to hold the four DVD's. It also includes an exact replica of the Presidents letter to Congress...
  6. Jacob_St

    Tues April 16th rental recommendations

    For those who rent, "The Deep End" starring Tilda Swinton and "The Man Who Wasn't There" starring Billy Bob are coming out tommorrow. Both are very good off beat suspense films and are superior to their mundane competition "Domestic Disturbance" with John Travolta. John really hams it up in this...
  7. Jacob_St

    imac and hewlett packard printer compatibility.

    My parents just bought an imac and the salesman said Hewlett Packard printers don't work on them. Is this true? They really like Hewlett Printers and would prefer to get one. The salesman also told them that they needed a special 60 dollar USB cable to hook a printer up to the imac. Is any of...
  8. Jacob_St

    Warning to fellow DVD renters

    Spy Game is being released in seperate Full Frame and Widescreen versions. My video store will only be carrying the FF. I hope this isn't a very good film because now I won't be able to watch it. I hope other renters have better luck at their stores.
  9. Jacob_St

    DVD-18 making a comeback?

    I just noticed that MGM's Bandits DVD out Tuesday is a DVD-18. Does that mean replication problems for this type of DVD have been solved and studios will start using it?
  10. Jacob_St

    David Cronenberg's "Spider"

    Does anyone have any idea when or if this will be released in the U.S.? IMDB has a release date for the UK but not here. I hope it doesn't become a direct to video release. Cronenberg's films have rarely been successful at box office in our market.
  11. Jacob_St

    Warner's A.I. packaging.

    Here's a link to Warners Region 2 alternative to Dreamworks domestic release. I wonder if we'll start seeing Warner 2 disc sets similar to this in the U.S. soon? Link Removed
  12. Jacob_St

    Suzanne Vega and Toms Diner

    I'm a fan of Suzanne Vega and am trying to find a paticular mix of Tom's Diner. The one on her album is accapella (sp?) and I'm looking for the one I used to hear on the radio with music in it. Usually I'd hear it on A/C stations and I remember she sings the (duh duh duh) in between the song...
  13. Jacob_St

    Bose 3 2 1 gets negative audio review.

    I figured I'd add to the overflow of Bose threads. Here's a link to the only review I could find for this "revolutionary" new system. Eventhough the reviewer was polite it was obvious he wasn't impressed. Link Removed
  14. Jacob_St

    David Cronenberg or David Lynch

    Which of these directors do you prefer? I can't really decide because I guess I like them both about the same. Their films are usually weird and disturbing but in different ways. Which weird and disturbing style to you prefer more?
  15. Jacob_St

    Dead Ringers Criterion vs Anchor Bay

    I have the Anchor Bay Dead Ringers and I'm wondering if the picture and sound on the Criterion is good enough to warrant a repurchase. I love this movie but 30 bucks is alot to pay unless there's a big improvement.
  16. Jacob_St

    Renting options for Harry Potter.

    I haven't seen this movie but I was definitely planning to rent it. Since BB and Hollywood will only carry the P&S version for rent I'm wondering if there are any other options besides Netflix for 20 bucks a month? Are there any other online places that provide widescreen for rent? I really hate...
  17. Jacob_St

    Come Back to the 5 & Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean

    According to IMDB Viacom is the copywrite holder so I guess I should direct this towards Paramount. Please release this Robert Altman film.
  18. Jacob_St

    Oxygen is unwatchable!

    We just got a new station on our cable subscription called Oxygen. I can't watch more than 30 seconds before flipping channels because the composition is so poor! There's a huge black bar blocking the bottom of the screen! If the rest of the networks go to this format I'm just going to stop...
  19. Jacob_St

    WIn 98/ME and PC games.

    Now that XP is out will future pc games no longer be compatible with Windows 98 and ME? How long do you think it will take for game designers to drop the Windows 98 platform and go exclusively XP? I bought one of those Intel wireless gamepads several months back and it's software is not...
  20. Jacob_St

    Weird memory discrepancy on my computer.

    I bought a Dimension 8100 P4 computer last August and Dell seems to be wrong about how much RAM it can hold. It's supposed to have only two DIMM slots but there are four. The first two slots have memory in them and the other two have blank cards in them. I'm told by DELL reps that I can only...
  21. Jacob_St

    The Grinch P&S kicks widescreens butt.

    DVDFILE has the full story. It outsold the widescreen 2 to 1! DVDFILE brings up a good question. Do all the DVD's that Blockbuster and Hollywood buy for rent part of the total?
  22. Jacob_St

    The title of Mariah Carey's new song.

    It's called "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life". I can't think of a more retarded (and desperate) title for a song. It reads like she wrote it during her recent lock up. I almost want to listen to it once just to experience how bad it is. I wonder if it mentions padded cells anywhere in the chorus?
  23. Jacob_St

    I can't figure out DavidLynch.com

    I don't understand how to get into the site. I click on modem connection and the phone comes up and wherever I click on the screen I get the message "hit dial tone". The windows hourglass has disappeared so I know it's finished loading. Is the website not up yet or I'm missing something that's...
  24. Jacob_St


    Is HDTV going to remove the PAL-NTSC barrier we have with Europe when we jump to HD-DVD? I know that's a long way off but I'm wondering if the signal for HD used overseas is the same one we use in the states.
  25. Jacob_St

    Fox, thank you for improving the X-files season 4 box

    Thank you for listening and redesigning the hubs which hold the DVD's. For season four they pop out very easily and no longer require the old "tug and pull".
  26. Jacob_St

    American Pie 2 Unrated is 6 minutes longer.

    If this is old news then I apoligize but I just saw an ad for this in Video Store Magazine. It lists the unrated version's runtime as six minutes longer than R rated DVD. I remember there were some complaints when American Pie 1 came about there being little difference in the two versions. If...
  27. Jacob_St

    Help needed with Soundblaster Live 5.1 MP3

    I'm having a problem with the software that came with the above card. The Playcenter that came with the card no longer recognizes audio cd's when I put them in my computer. This is strange because my Windows Media player is still capable of playing cd's . I have the playcenter as my default...
  28. Jacob_St

    Another HTF article in Video Store Magazine

    This weeks VS magazine has an article about the anger here about blockbuster and hollywood video carrying only P&S titles of the Mummy for rent. They contacted both rental outlets and Universal for comment on the issue. Blockbuster said their market research indicates more of their customers...
  29. Jacob_St

    Is INTEL the BOSE of the PC processor industry?

    I own a Pentium 4 processor and am wondering if I made a stupid choice. It's too late for me to return my computer but my curiousity is peaked. According to places like Arstech.com and other computer forums I've visited the P4 seems to be considered a joke. Signatures like "Intel inside idiot...
  30. Jacob_St

    Uprgrading RDRAM

    I have a P4 computer with 128 mb of non-ecc RDRAM. I have to have two sticks in at all times. My question is, do both sticks have to have equal amounts of memory? For example, can I leave one of my 64mb sticks in and then buy just one stick of 256? That would leave me with 320 total which is...